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Ive been an employee for years i applied for a position which i felt qualified for and they give it to someone that has been an winco employee for 3 months i didnt even get an face to face interview i find it so unfair that ive asked to learn more things but feel only a slap in the face now im beginning to feel that winco treats the employees that dont kiss ### like ### but golden to the ones who do i feel l shouldnt be working hard because its getting m no where since winco foods wants to treats certain employees half ### then i should work half ### im completely vested pay me my money so i can find a better employer who appreciates ALL their employees not the ones who constantly kiss ###!!!


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    Brian Engleman Jan 07, 2016

    Out of curiosity, did your application for the promotion lack punctuation like this post does? If so, I think I know why you got passed over.

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