WinCo Foodsrosie and manager stephanie

C Jul 31, 2019

7-31 7:30am. I went into WinCo like I always do everyday to buy food. I asked people in the store about an employee named Darly. I always ask about him. He has always been nice to me and always made sure my experience there is a good every time. I went to check out and Rosie (cashier) asked for my I.D for one beer. I said "Ok no problem". She starred at my I.D for a long time, witch was strange. No-one has ever looked at my I.D for that long, it was for longer then a min, after she refused my service. I said "Ok no problem, I know why your not taking my service because I was asking about an employee named Darly. I will go to Safeway instead" then I walked out. I went to Safeway. I bought my food, then came back to talk to manger because I felt disrespected by the way I was treated. I waited for about 10 mins to talk to manger Stephany. She was on a break or something, idk. I talked to the self checkout guy named Dustin. He was super nice and we talked about his dog, and how he slobbers all over his toy when he brings it back to him. Stephanie Walks back into store around 7:45am I asked to talk to her about Rosie. I said to her that Rosie denied my transition. I told her I come in here every day to buy stuff. Your cashier Rosie denied my transaction. She said to me, "it's because she said your eyes were glossy" I said really that's strange due to me asking about Darly?" She said "yea I heard you" me "ok I've been coming here everyday to buy stuff so why wouldn't I ask about an amazing person that makes my day?" Stephany said again. " my employee said your eyes were glossy" I said " Really do my eyes look glossy now?" She said "no" I said "ok I was just in here 10 mins ago, so how does that change?" She didn't respond but look at me. I looked at her with anger. And said "Safeway took my transition" not to mention I told the checker that worker there about my situation. He said "We would never miss a sell no matter what". Not to mention he has seen me many times buying stuff from Safeway.

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