Burger was made wrong and I could not eat it ( allergic to mustard) and on top of that it was cold. Was told they were out of rootbeer then sweet tea, then tea. No reciept with my change. Not an experiance I was looking for after working 14 hrs. Now going to bed hungry and very upset. If your going to be a 24 hr restaurant then have all options available or at least offer to take the drink off the ticket. I feel I didn't get a reciept because of the customer survey that is usually on the bottom of it. Not the first time my burger was cold from this location but dang, they didn't even try to get it right and truly wasted my money.



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      Oct 15, 2017

    I think everyone should never buy anything at Whataburger again...refusing police ???? The company says it was just one employee...what about the manager who backed the employee up? There is no way this would have happened if there were not a corporate attitude that disrespect for the police and other customers was acceptable...hire anyone, just so they make money.
    Read all the complaints of customers being disrespected...keep but their food just because it is convenient or a habit, and you are part of the problem. We all deserve better than that...where is your self-respect people ?

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