Western Expressreckless truck driver

M Sep 01, 2018

Driver of truck 290179 was reckless on a Nashville highway in August 31, 2018 around 7:58am. The truck driver merged into the left lane causing the two cars that were next to him to swerve, almost hitting the highway barrier. Traffic was almost at a stand still when this happened so the driver was highly aware of the cars that were next to him. I honked the horn hoping he would stop, but he just kept on merging. If the people in the cars hadn't been paying attention they definitely would've been hit. I'm not sure how the insurance process works with this company, but there would've been a lot of damages caused by this driver and I'm sure there could've been a lawsuit. Something needs to be done about this driver and his carelessness for highway safety. I'm going to keep the picture I took of his truck for my records and will file a report with the county police if needed.

Western Express

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