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Reviews and Complaints

Western Dental Servicesthey don't work with kids

I have three kids. 2 of them are twins and are 5 years old. In April of 2018 they went into the dentist to have their first check up. And because my kids would not sit still during xrays they did a visual only. Then said they had a couple of cavaties. They referred them to salida surgery to get complete xray. They put my kids to sleep to give them the xray! Then they had 2 cavaties filled. So today my 3 year old got the front of her teeth xrayed but because shes so young she wouldnt let them take a picture of her back teeth. So again they said it looked like a surface cavity so they referred her to salida surgery center. I flipped out! I explained then why did i sign all those forms about gas and i was ok with them using it to get them to relax at least. I told them that they referred me to salids surgery and they put my kids to sleep for an xray. My daughter is 3 years old and dental records are a requirement for her to go to preschool. I dont think this is necessary at all.
They say they are a kid friendly dentist..if that was true then they wouldnt send little kids off to be put to sleep for an xray.
My next complaint is this, you make your appointment and show up 10 min prior to appointment and forms filled out ahead of time.. My appointment was at 2:00pm. Thry didnt see me until 3:00pm that was just for xrays.. Waited agin 45min in the chair for the dentist to show up to give an evaluation of her teeth. My son had an appointment at 2:30 he didnt get seen until 3:35.. Then at 4:20 I had it at that point. So i was waiting from 1:50 til 4:20..ridiculous!!