Western Dentallack of professionalism


Just do yourself a favor and go. Just go. Click on another dental services provider. You don't want to stay here. You won't survive it, I barely survived it! This place is horrendous! It's horrendous! It's ungodly! Unnatural! If a piece of crap took a crap and that piece of crap took a crap and that piece of crap took a crap and that piece of crap open a dental office, and that office took a crap, this is the what you would be dealing with! First off, it's a cattle drive. As soon as I walked in, there were about 25 - 35 people in the waiting room. Second, it looks as if they gather their clientele from the immigration/welfare office. They must take W.I.C., food stamp, unemployment, and all other kinds of insurance from people that get free hand outs. Third, it smelled like urine and body oder in the waiting room from the people in the waiting. Fourth is the quality of people working there. Have you ever been at home and watched daytime television and seen those commercials that tell you not to waste your time in a four year college, but instead go and study for six months for an exciting career as a dental assistant? And that they will also find a job for you after you finish their program? That is the quality of staff working there. They are rude, ungrateful, and unprofessional. Now thankfully there was a mix up and I got referred to an office and only had to wait and didn't have to have any work done on me. When I got there, I sat for an hour, went and said "What the he!!" They typed a few thing in their computer, and went "opps! She doesn't work here anymore. We'll refer you somewhere to a private office to get this done." Now thankfully they did fix it and referred me to a smaller, private office to get my oral surgery done, and I don't have to deal with those guys. Now I'm with CCPOA and have the premium branch of their services, and have my work done in smaller offices. But just having to wait in the waiting room for an hour was an eye opening experience.

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