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Wells Fargo / stalking bank privacy and airline privacy trafficking

Amy albanese and paul albanese and silvio fiorillo showed up at wells fargo across the street from arthur belsomes office some time ago, in my america you cannot own people! I never lived with amy albanese or kathy fiorillo why do they know what bank I use? Why does richard scanlon of fort lee or karrie fiorillo of fort lee know what bank I use, I had to close the account!

Years ago anita bontibus and the fiorillos of 12 sharon court and bank of america I kept changing bank account numbers today I tried to do a stop payment they stalked me to the bank said give up donna that was my old name donna gnazzo..
We own you is what amy fiorillo said with her friends it is crazy! Do something! This is not about anything more then sex trafficking turned to labor trafficking.. Beg [censored] we own you! Jennifer lopez look alike says that.. Crazy!
And they went to the airlines and said they were my guardians - jet blue flight 644 west palm to newark and from newark to west palm karrie fiorillo flipped out so did myra soultron who lied I only lived with my son that the flight left early. Federal restitution should be awarded in the amount of millions murphy and christi cannot keep making this go away! Judge rosa would not take my rent, a forced eviction forced begging all trafficking!

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