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Ma Apr 10, 2019 Review updated:

Terrible reviews
My experience was horrible
They do not close accounts upon Customer request
This is to cook the books
All profits come from excessive fees
$35 pure profit for an overdraft fee
CEO lied to Congress recently about positive changes since caught red handed for fraud among other things
Class action suit settled
Same Wells Fargo
A den of theives

Wells Fargo

  • Updated by Mark Garrett, Apr 10, 2019

    Wells Fargo still hasn't returned $915: that was in my checking account when I closed my Wells Fargo checking account.
    A Den of Theives
    Mark Garrett, South Jordan UT

  • Updated by Mark Garrett, Apr 11, 2019

    Wells Fargo has poor to terrible customer service top down. I spoke with an Executive team member about customer service issues March 22 2019. She was rude and defensive. This is a corporate Wells Fargo employee. Not a minimum wage help line staff person. I requested my Wells Fargo accounts closed and my checking account funds returned. She promised a cashier's check in 2
    Days. It's April 10 2019. They have fraudulently left some of my accounts open. And never returned my checking account funds. It's akin to theft. And surely fraud on stock holders. Run don't walk from this fee
    generating mess of a business, top down.
    I am a disabled Veteran
    Trolls will post negative personal comments about me to distract from the Truth. Wells Fargo is a mess.

  • Updated by Mark Garrett, Apr 11, 2019

    PS: The Wells Fargo and other business Trolls who post here in response to complaints are paid to monitor consumer complaint web sites. It's a part of the Wells Fargo shadiness and fraudulent Business practices. Try Wells Fargo out for yourself.
    But research them first.
    They settled a huge class action lawsuit for fraud. It's a matter of public record.
    They admitted wrong doing.
    They learned no lessons.
    In my case at least they are still guilty of fraud and horrific customer service.

  • Updated by Mark Garrett, Apr 11, 2019

    What balderdash...You are a paid Troll for companies. It's also defamation. Next you will say I'm not African American and came from Mars. Get a real job.
    Wells Fargo is a fee generating profit making machine. The customer service is god awful at the corporate level. And with the 1800 number. In my case, Wells Fargo stole $ from my checking account. I closed the account and they kept my balance. They also kept other accounts open in spite of my requests to close the accounts immediately. Those are the facts
    Buyer beware.
    It's a den of theive: Wells Fargo

  • Updated by Mark Garrett, Apr 11, 2019

    You are a paid Troll.
    Get a real job
    Next you will tell me I am not black.
    My complaint stands on its own merits.
    Buyer beware

  • Updated by Mark Garrett, Apr 11, 2019

    Suck it Troll
    Let's discuss in person
    See who you really are
    Wells Fargo must pay you minimum wage to monitor this because you obviously have no Education or common sense
    Keep posting idiotic posts and defamatory BS
    Wells Fargo still is a terrible, unethical company that cheats people left and right and has god awful Customer service

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  •   Apr 11, 2019

    What does the same picture of the same three people have to do with anything?

    You still don't tell us exactly what is going on with the establishment that is ticking you off.

    Oh, they didn't roll out the red carpet because you are a marine.

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  •   Apr 11, 2019

    What does this picture have to do with anything? Is Mark Garrett in that photo? Cause I see three ladies.

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  •   Apr 11, 2019

    Suck it is not something a marine ever says. They are much more respectful than that.

    See. Keep on proving to me that you are not a marine.

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  • Ca
      Apr 20, 2019

    @Um is not an answer! You're a [censored]ing idiot, they don't call Marines "jarheads" for no reason. They aren't the ChAir Force. They are the first to fight to the death so your sorry, [censored]-ass-self and everyone else can enjoy free speech. "Suck it" is one of the most restrained insults a Marine could say, right before he makes you [censored] your teeth out from your festering [censored] (and no I don't mean your mouth, which [censored] also seems to fly forth from). Talk about respect, that which you know nothing about, pathetic [censored]ing loser. I bet you think Trump is a good president.

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  •   Apr 23, 2019

    @Carter_ Ummm. Where did I say jarhead? Why would I diss Marines when my brother in law is one? And he never curses.

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  •   Apr 23, 2019

    @Carter_ I [censored] can't [censored] understand what you are [censored] saying.

    Respect is earned, not given because you claim you should be respected.

    Respect is also a two way street.

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  •   Apr 21, 2019

    I just can't believe a word of this. I had some account troubles this summer and ended up closing in account, then about four months after, closing that new account.

    Both times, checks were fished out of the blue mailboxes and my account was used to pay for aholes bills. One had a car loan, another had an American Express bill, another had some small bill. All three complaints I made, I made in person but and all times my money was returned within a couple of days of me reporting it to their fraud department (we called them from my bank). That, coupled with the closing of accounts and transferring to new accounts happened instantaneously.

    The police were actually of little help in regards to theft and the fact that aholes were tampering with US Mail is illegal (my mailman has done more by chasing the turds down the street).

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  •   May 04, 2019

    You've been erased and banned Kath.

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