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Wells Fargowells fargo stole my house!

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Wells Fargo -

Back in Nov 2006 the phone calls started, saying that I did not pay my mortgage, as the person on the other end told me this I laughed, well apparently this was no laughing matter. I did pay my mortgage and I even have proof that I paid my mortgage; however they said that they never got payment. I faxed them proof, I spoke to managers, I did everything I could. They said that they would investigate this matter and get back to me. In the mean time the phone calls did NOT stop. Every day they would call, 'Where is your payment?' i would tell them go speak to your manager as I have spoken to them and they said they are investigating the matter.

The phone calls got worst, sometime up to 6 or 7 times a day, it got to the point where I did not want to answer my own phone.

Dec 2006 and now they said I never paid Dec payment either. However again I had proof saying that I did. I went through the same thing again however now they are saying that I am two months behind. I faxed information showing that I paid; they said that they would investigate the matter again.

Jan 2006 and it happened again, this went on from Nov 2006 to Oct 2007. I called Wells Fargo and yelled at them and said you need to find out where my money is going. I have proof several times saying that I have paid yet they kept saying that never received payment.

So I decided to go refinance my house with a different company and get them off my back. Well When I did that, Wells Fargo decided to start legal action to take my house. So when I asked for a final payout from Wells Fargo they said that i owed $230,000.00 on house that was valued at $210,000.00. The new company that was willing to give me a mortgage only approved me for $217,000.00. So I was short $13,000.00. I asked Wells Fargo to please drop some of the interest charges and lawyer fees and they said, 'No'

I did everything in my power to try to get the difference, I could not. Wells Fargo foreclosed on my house as of Oct 10th 2007 and now my 6 year old son, my 9 year old son and my wife and I are homeless.

My kids don't understand what happened, and they keep asking me to try to explain to them what happened, how do you explain to a 6 year boy why he is homeless? We where at the store yesterday buying some bread and my son saw a hot wheels car and asked me I could buy it for him and I had to say no because I have to save every last dime so I can try and find some where else to live. You know whet my son turned to me and said, 'oh yeah I forgot we can't buy anything any more because we are poor.' It broke my heart when he said that, I'm not poor, I'm just homeless.

Thanks Wells Fargo, and you know if i could I would you really foul language while writing this email however if I did that it probably wouldn't get posted. But I will keep it clean so that everyone knows what kind of company you really are.

Wells Fargo, I wouldn't recommend you to anyone on earth even if you where the last financial company on earth.

Homeless, Ontario


  • Dm
    DMill Sep 29, 2019
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Wells Fargo has not addressed my specific complaint to the September 21, 2017 Hurricane Irma relief email they sent to me (I have original Email). They keep going to a July 2017 disaster help that I DID NOT USE. There was NO hurricane inn St. Johns County Florida (St Augustine) in July 2017. They are also stating that they tried to contact me with an out dated phone number. I have had the same phone number since 2013 and included this number in emails sent (I have original emails with phone number included). On October 2017 I received email from Kylie Jones saying they were my new loan officer, I responded with email and NEVER was contacted by her. Wells Fargo states they tried to contact me on Oct 24, 31 and Nov 3 and 9, again I have had the same phone number since 2013. I was not contacted via email or message left on my phone. On January 24 2018 there was no such trial payments discussed with me. The information sent to me in July 2017 is null and void due to the fact there was NO HURRICANE IN JULY OF 2017 in St Augustine Fl. I did not use the disaster assistance until Sept 2017 for hurricane Irma that hit in Aug/Sept of 2017. I was contacted in Feb 2018 by Alisha Pierce and or Ashley Green telling me I was in foreclosure because I didn't pay November 2017 payment and that my option was try for loan modification or short sale. I applied for loan modification and was approved. I had WF do an automatic withdraw for the three months of payments. Shortly after talking with Alisha I received a large package of paper work that I did not understand. So I tried calling Alisha Pierce to ask several questions. I called May 1, 8, 11, 16, 22, 25 and the 27th. Without getting a return call to my knowledge. There were NO messages left on my phone. If she made these calls there was no massage left for me to return her call. In reference to the June 5, 12, and 18th calls, still no message left and the paperwork was due back by June 1, 2018. Sometime in June 2018 I heard fro Sam Morgan, the newest loan officer assigned to me, this now makes the 5th one in less than a year. He informs me that the modification has been tossed out and all I can do is sign house over for short sale. I tried the loan modification again thinking that I had just been approved, he told me a few weeks later i was NOT approved. During this June/July 2018 time frame my June 2018 payment was sent back to me. When I ask Sam why, he told me it wasn't the full 3 months in 2017 that I missed and all payments I tried to make would be sent back to me and for me to stop making that payments. And I listened to him. I kept trying to give WF five thousand dollars to get caught up and Sam Morgan told me it wasn't enough. Now I don't know why because I only missed three payments of 746.00. I paid Jan, Feb, March, April, May and June. So I don't understand that either. I do not believe that this should be closed. None of what Wells Fargo did to me was correct. I have had to sell my house to try and get out from under the stress from this. My loan amount was 115, 646.42. I sold my house for 142, 000.00. Wells Fargo added so much crap to the final payment that I ended up paying them over 134, 000.00 and got NOTHING absolutely NOTHING for the sale of my house. I'm not done with this.

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  • Wi
    WillFight4Home Feb 13, 2010

    I like your comments...but, I don't want to loose my home. However, after seeing all these complaints, I'm not alone that's for sure.

    My question is...What in the world is Wells Fargo doing with all these properties they're stealing?

    I have one right next door that is a WF property and it's been sitting empty for 2 1/2years.
    Now that's good for the neighborhood!

    Shame on them...I'm not giving up

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  • Al
    allen hall Jan 31, 2010

    see complaint about wells fargo listed by allen hall
    the big problem is this-the banks have laws to protect them regardless if thier wrong.
    you can fight them all you want and you will go broke and they will win-end of story
    i made my mortgage payments, the bank lost in court and i still lost the house-the big problem being that the forclosure att took his sweet ### time to resolve anything which he didn't.screw the bank. if the banks keep going at this rate they will be all out of business.
    the gov can only bail them out so many times. people need to learn to manage thier money better. forget the credit card companys. 90 percent of people with credit card debt have nothing to show for it. pretty sad. the only reason people go to banks is because they have
    no money. to buy what? a car thats worth squat when you drive it off the lot. pay all kinds of taxes on it and its still worth squat. as far as houses go- well the bank took mine- good for them. its not in the greatest town to begin with-welfare up the butt-crimnals that have more rights than good people. lets face it the house is only worth so much. let them
    sell it. there out of control but the gov allows it- credit cards 50 percent-gas 4 dollars a gallon. and this is the american dream???????????? being a slave to debt to buy ### at
    walmart or home depot or some other china outlet and thier all outlets for china.banks
    love this stuff because the banks as well as the gov know most people are stupid with thier
    money. wealth is created by saving every week . forget the investments, the stocks, the financial advisors. think im wrong ask people who had money in bernard madoff-now
    thier peniless. its all a crock. and you think the gov is going to do anything about this?

    good luck with that one

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  • Jd
    jdolighthouse Nov 27, 2009

    wells fargo stole my car when I fell 1 1/2 payments behind. I paid 900.00 a month 4 two years . I called them to try and work things out, maybe they could defer a payment for me or extend the loan to drop the payment for me. I had a cut in pay and 900.00 a month was very hard to pay for my car. A service rep said they didnt do that. Wells fargo called me day and night, several times a day.
    They ruined my credit and now I drive a car I paid 800.00 for from a friend. thank God for friends or I'd be taking the bus. Can anyone give me any legal advice? [email protected]

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  • Ja

    I can't believe after 18 months of paying my car loan they decide to jack my interest up over 4%. I know by making my payments on time that my credit has gone up. They started me at 16.8 and now all of a sudden because they going broke they make it 20.45% Is that even legal? This company was forced on me along with the insurance when I first bought the car. I didn't even want the car and tried to take it back the same day.

    With in the first year of making my payments Wells Fargo lost 2 of my payments. They wanted to say I never sent. There is nothing like that 8:00 phone call from an angry Wells Fargo employee saying they have yet to receive a payment. Boy I love being awakened early on my day off for someone angry to tell me that I didn't pay a bill when I did. I love even more when I'm telling them that they need to stop calling me until they find my money. You want to know what I love the most? When they call me a liar and tell me I have until this date to send in my payment and to not get "jazzy" with them because all it takes is a click to send my account to collections. I said that's cute and all it takes is one call to get your boss on the line. By the way I"m waiting.

    Yes I had proof and I told them if they did not find my money for the payments that I would not be sending any more payments until they did and that they would not be taking my car. I work too hard to pay my bills to be treated like I am just another number.

    One of the lost payments I actually had paid by money order and tracked it and new the date that it was cashed. Yes the calls still came. I told them I spoke with a manager and that they were going to be investigating. My co signer for some reason still gets my mail and it is still in his name when it should be in mine. I already told them to stop calling him and asked them to make the changes to the account. If they can't even correct a name and address with phone number, what makes me think they even have the brains to handle my money.

    If they are going broke or in debt, how bout they get rid of some of the rude customer service people? Seeing how I have talked to 7 in the past 18 months and 5 were just plain rude I really thank it would be a start to saving money. You want to know something even more helpful un merge with wachovia cause your giving them a bad name. Every morning I see them do to a work account and they ask me a couple times to get an account with them. I have to say no thanks I heard you guys merged with Wells Fargo and I have enough issues out of them losing my car notes.

    I know my story is by far not the worse one but it really pisses me off to see how they treat people. I will tell everyone not to go to them just like I tell every one not to go to SOUTHERN MOTORS HONDA! DO NOT GO TO WELLS FARGO!!! THEY RUIN LIVES.

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  • Ja
    Jane R Sep 27, 2009

    They are doing the same thing to us. They got all their bailout money and then turn around and do this. In our case they actually sent back 4 months worth of payments that were made on time and for $30 extra...along with a foreclosure notice!! They are out of control.
    I have been emailing the white house every day since they sent that money back, and I plan to continue to email every day until they do something about this clueless, greedy, horrible company.

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  • Ja
    Jacx Sep 07, 2009

    Wells Fargo is a horrible company. Every department!

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  • Ma
    maria Feb 03, 2009

    i have not had that many problems with wells fargo as many others have. but i do believe that their costumer service could be a lot better. i am in the military and there are not many wells fargo banks overseas so just by that alone i might want to bank with another military friendly bank.

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  • Ch
    chris Feb 21, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I'm sorry you went through that. I was looking for my old mortgage company on here and dont see them, so they must have changed their name after the 1 BILLION DOLLAR FINE imposed by the usgovt.

    They were known as HOUSEHOLD FINANCE CORP.
    They copy paste text into new docs and put signatures on new ones. They shred all originals and microfisch everything, so a court cannot verify with accuracy. They opened a credit card attached to the house, like a line of instant credit, then put a document fee on it, at $22, and the scam is, if they never send a bill, and you never know it exists, they WILL get your house, its just a matter of when.

    I sued them, and I won. Well, to be more clear, it was a stalemate, they had to reverse the loan, which to me, meant I won. They paid all legal costs. They say I have to keep my mouth shut. I say SUE ME!!!

    I recommend anyone to research at the local courthouse of all foreclosures and find the common thread.

    Also, look at laws that were challenged and won in real estate loans. I looked at every document for 2 years, everyday, and found racketeering beyond the corporte level. The govt wont stop this, they need the money it generates.

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  • Ma
    M A Feb 06, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I absolutely sympathize with you!!! The very same thing happened to me only with COUNTRYWIDE...

    I am having to work 3 jobs and do not feel good most of the time!!! I would not reccomend Wells Fargo or Countrywide to anyone!!! I have a checking acct. with Wells Fargo... Wells fargo was just fine to me until I had to declare bankruptcy.. then.. even though I did nothing wrong or did not abuse any priviliages... I no longer have my direct deposit advance option... it was taken away without even telling me!!!

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