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I have had pretty much of hardships from these representative in wells Fargo dealer services. I have been requesting a copy of the title to complete my registration in a different state. Its been more than 2 months since I have been running around the stupid suggestions these idiots gave me. Some times they say that they want a request to come from DMV and not me, to fax a copy of the title. Sometime they are OK with me sending the request for a copy of the title in DMV letterhead and sometime they are OK to receive it from me using normal fax. When I follow these instructions they don't react, as the opinion of one rep is not the same as others. Having delayed so much I demanded that I need to speak to supervisor to exactly know the process. Having tried out their useless faxing option I demanded that I need a copy of the title sent to my address. Its been 11 days and my title is still not with me. Wells Fargo always maintains that they have faxed or mailed. But they don't have any proof to substantiate that. When they fax they don't keep a confirmations. Neither their postal mails have a tracking number so that we could track. Trust me..these are the last people on earth who will help anyone. I hate having entrusted my car loan with them. If I had the slightest idea how bad they were I wouldn't have gone to these

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