Wells Fargocoffee and tea available before has been discontinued

T Aug 13, 2018

Hello good day to you. Recently we had been to well fargo bank for our annuities and it took us quiet a long time getting our work done. this is not a complaint about any one in particular. since it was a long time we took at the bank almost three hours working on our annuities I tried to look for coffee which was always available when ever we had visited the bank in port orchard but at this time I was told that the coffee is not available as it has been discontinued. they said the reason being that children were around it and hot water can cause burn. well it was nice to have coffee and I know it is not a must but since I enjoyed it I missed it. It would be nice to reinstate this little service to costumers if it is okay with you. You see Kitsap bank not only has coffee but cookies too. Hey hey why not this big bank.
the agent attending to us the coffee is now in the back office etc.

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