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Complaints & Reviews

renege on written word

In 2009 my son entered into divorce, financial problems began, he contacted Wells Fargo for assistance on loan payments. They denied him help. He could not meet payments and once again called them for help, they offered him a short sale or foreclosure he didn't want either. Paid payment as could. Went to ESOP for help and told Wells Fargo representative he was doing so. WF then offered help..a 3 month payment plan..Dec 2009 thru Feb 2010. They said if he could make those payments then they would see what could be done. WF at the exact same time foreclosed on my son. They sent a letter saying if he kept the contract of the 3 payments they would disregard the foreclosure. He kept the contract. They kept going on the foreclosure and want to add a total of almost $8, 000. to his loan AND have him make a cash contribution of over $2, 000. up front to do this. The $8, 000. includes some fee in the amount of $2, 600. that WF says has been accumulating since 2004 even though another foreclosure was settled in January 2008 with all fees etc. paid in full where they added over $10, 000. to his loan and made him make a $5, 500. cash contribution up front (this was handled by an attorney who now says WF is in breach of contract concerning the $2, 600. because all fees etc. were covered in that Jan 2008 foreclosure contract.) My son and I went to mediation at the local court house but when my son says 'wait, I have a letter from WF that says they will stop the foreclosure if I keep my contract' the mediator says yes, companies do this. Well, this cannot be legal and if it is, who is to say WF won't say in a month or so that they want to change his interest or some other part of his new contract..or assess some new pent up fees? Is there anything we can do? He was contacted Thursday, March 25, 2010 by the mediator (original meeting was March 2, 2010) and told he has until this Monday, March 29, 2010 to make a decision between two offers: the one above or a new loan that encompasses the same things (he now owes approx $71, 000. the new loan would be for approx $79, 000. the interest would change from 7% now to 5.3 something with him paying the over $2, 000. now being called closing costs and the new payment being $675. (old payment was $713.). Once more this includes the elusive $2, 600. fee that no one knows what it is or where it came from since the last forclosure. Bottom line? Can anyone stop WF from cheating people this way? How about a class action suit..I see on the internet there are thousands of people being cheated by WF. Thanks, Millie Carneal.

wells fargo reo office non response

Our all cash offer accepted and entered into a real estate sales contract to purchase a foreclosure from...


Upon closing I had a 6.375% interest rate on my mortgage. I was on the lookout for a lower rate, but was told by my rep at Wells Fargo (DP*), that I needed to wait three months after closing to go for a refinance. As luck would have it, the mortgage rate dropped to its lowest days after that 3 month period ended and I was on-the-ball and locked in a 4.75% rate which would have been wonderful. I paid for the appraisal and my end of the paperwork was quickly resolved.

Wells Fargo and their representatives on the other hand, proceeded to drag their heels for weeks and no progress was made. Finally, the week before the rate and appraisal were set to expire, Wells Fargo began the work on my refinance. I got frantic calls from DP* needing info,
or checking info, that I was told I needed to return 'immediately' in order to get the re-fi. I did as was told and hoped for the best.

This is where the story takes a negative, questionable, twist. The following is what I was told happened. The Wells Fargo mortgage underwriters made a math mistake which made it appear that
my condo association did not have enough property insurance. This caused them to void my re-fi application. Since Wells Fargo had waited until the last second to begin the process, my locked-in rate and appraisal both expired. This was now about Feb '09, and the value of my condo had dropped with the rest of the market and I was now underwater and as such, couldn't qualify for any re-financing.

I find it ridiculous that a loan could be rejected based on a figure without anyone checking the math first. These are people who do this everyday. Do they truly let one person do all themath? I would expect them to doublecheck their figures. My condo association is 599 units and has been around since 1988. Wouldn't that make the normal person suspicious that an association like that wouldn't have the
right amount of property insurance? It certainly feels like I got scammed out of getting an incredible rate which was rightfully mine.

Wells Fargo certainly didn't make any mistakes or drag their heels on the initial loan, when they took my money. But this time around, when they were going to have to cut me a deal, they dragged their
heels and then (I believe intentionally) made mistakes which resulted in my loan being rejected.

That re-fi would have save me almost 600 dollars a month, or 8400 dollars to date.

After a month or two of complaining to WF that got me nowhere, I heard about the Making Homes Affordable program. I checked, and indeed my loan was backed by Freddie Mac. Also, my wages have slipped almost 40% with the economy. The best deal they offered was to delay paying certain taxes, which would of course result in more compounded interest going into their pockets later and did me no real good as a soltuion.

I personally believe that they should make good on the original offer of 4.75%. We had a deal, and I fulfilled every possible obligation that I had to make the deal happen. I don't accept that they could let one person's math mistake be the sole reason for rejecting my loan. I believe that this was an intentional business decision by WF in an effort to save the company money. I believe that if you were to investigate you would find many other people like me, mysteriously denied in a way that
works outrageously in WF's favor and screws people like me, the taxpayers.

  • De
    devetaki Feb 16, 2010

    we have been resubmitting the paperwork for 8 months, the terms were for 4 months then we woukld be locked in at a lower payment because my husband lost his job. we now have no clue what they are doing, every time we call, we have to resubmit all of our financials.. is there someone out there keeping up on all of this? we are afraid they will call the loan.. as it has happened to friends of ours..

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  • ladyet2008 Feb 18, 2010

    This is Not a complaint, let me repeat, this is NOT a complaint, this is for people that need help and got theirselves into jams w/ company's that took money upfront w/o helping them with a solution for their home, please check out this company, JK-Liberators Delinquent Mortgage & Debt Relief Program, www.jkliberators.org . They really helped me out when i was in a terrible jam AND i had little faith in them b/c i've been in 4 different loan mod programs, including Nationwide, and was ripped the hell off. BUT i prayed about it and decided to give it another try and i received really great results and i'm finally happy with the results. I highly recommend this company to anybody.

    So far I've recommended this company to a couple of my neighbors and they are happy too. I know that working w/ another company my be hard, especially for me, just pray and put a little more trust in this people. U can call these people and get to speak w/ somebody(a REAL person) almost all the time, and receive and update. most of the time u would get a call before u can call them. there are really good on communication. so yes that is a plus.

    If you would like to try them, the website is www.jkliberators.org and remember **NO UPFROUNT FEES!!!**

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merchant services / equipment

In June of 2009 I had opened several business banking accounts at the Wells Fargo in Fountain Hills, AZ. At...

mortgage fraud

After defaulting on my mortgage for 10 months, (1846.00) monthly payment, I gave Saxon Mtg servicer for Well...

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federal home loan modifications not being done fairly

I have been working with wells fargo since about july 2009 to get a home loan modification, as outlined in...

rude customer service

You were reading a complaint about Wells Fargo.

Filing a new complaint about
Hi, We bought some furniture on a buy now pay 12 months deal and Wells Fargo was the company we had to get the finance through. Well its 9 days till we have to clear the balance before interest is due ! so we went to the local WF branch to be told we cant make pay there so we rang them to pay over the phone `but you cant do that` and was told by a rude / difficult to understand accented person to pay online. So fine we tried that through our bank HSBC but they are not set up to do so. So we rang again to again speak to a very rude foreign person whom told me to send payment but because there is now only 7 days left we would probably have to pay the full interest !!!because of the length of time they allow for their system. I tried to explained to this rude person we have been trying to pay for 2 days in person / over the phone / online rather than post but am unable for her to say `look you have had since Feb last year to pay you should have done it then` !! LOOK lady the reason we took this deal was the fact we could hold on to our money for a year rather than pay for the goods then and waiting till 9 days before its due to pay is not unordinary and that just because your system is out of the ARK is not my fault. LET ME PAY OVER THE PHONE OR ONLINE ! grrrrrrrr we are sending it now by express registered mail !!! they really do need to catch up to the 20th century..

  • 1h
    1honeychild Mar 13, 2017
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    When ever I call the mortgage department they are rude and never want to listen, do they have a class called ###ed up attitude the CSR are required to pass, I am tired of the people acting like they are right and better than you. I am rude back intentionally just so they can see how it feels. If they hate their jobs so much then quit. Ohh and I did not pick Wells Fargo my LOAN was sold. I wont go within 50 feet of none of their businesses now. I HATE WF.

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unethical bank practices

Wachovia Bank now a part of Wells Fargo is using an unethical and boderline illegal activity to take my...

wells fargo home mortgage has the worst customer service

Wells Fargo Home Mortgage has the worst customer service... I have been trying to modify my loan for a year... they keep asking for documentation (which i have faxed and mailed already, and every time you speak to a customer service rep they keep asking the same qauestions...I am about to give up on my modification... But to top everythig off my home had water damage( a pipe burst when i was out of town), my insurance company sent me a check to fix my property, and since it was endorsed to Wells fargo I sent the check to them and I been trying for whole week every day being on the phone and I am still not getting a draw of 30% to fix my home..I have been on the phone since monday and today is friday... their customer service is incompetent and they don't care about their customers...Yesterday I spoke to a supervisor named Brandy and she assured me the first draw would go out ..today I called them to verify and the check and I was told that it wasn't even ordered, this after the supervisor assured me that this had been taken care of...

  • La
    lawram.atx Mar 15, 2010

    I called WellsFargo Home Mortgage to stop the auto draft of my payment. Well the associate did not follow through. I refinanced my house...NOT through wellsfargo. This is another story, but I called three times to refi and they never called me back. So anyway, I have been given the run-around for the past week. I have been lied to as well. I was told that my wrongfully drafted payment would be placed in my account four days ago. I called the representative 15+ times, but no one answered. I escalated apparently to an supervisor, but she has not returned the phone call either. I called today and talked to another supervisor. She told me that they can not put the payment amount back into my account since the mortgage has been paid off now. So now they have to cut me a check. So I am most likely going to have to wait another 7 to 10 days. I feel like my own bank stole from me. Also the supervisor today told me that she has no idea why those other supervisors would have told me that my payment would be reimbursed and straight to my account...thats not the process. Again...just another lie. For this reason, the lying and horrible customer service I will be closing out all my accounts and moving to another bank.

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  • Ma
    mamill67 Apr 06, 2010

    I use to work for WFHM and YES...thier customer service does suck. Customer service is non-existant. They dont believe in helping the customer, its all about making sales and getting more money from you. As a rep you are required to finish with the customer within 345 seconds. If you cannnot sell them anything you are to get them off the phone or dump them to another dept. I cant tell you how many times I've taken calls and I would be the 4th, 5th, or 6th person the customer has spoken too. Its all about making money NOT helping the customer. They dont have "customer service reps"...they have 'Sales Reps". ALL large banks (Wells, B of A, US Bank, Citi) they are all like this...they are sales driving not service driven. My advice to anyone is find a small bank where they actually treat people like people. Small banks can give you the same products any large bank can and they will treat you with respect. I have been in the banking industry now for 20 years, I have always worked for smaller banks due to this. I unfortunatlly had to work for WFHM through a temp agency until I found my new job with ...yes, a small bank...NOW Im happy again!!

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  • Mi
    Mike310 Aug 24, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I have a 15 yr. re-fi loan with them and whenever I call customer service, I always pray that I don't get stuck with a rep that is incompetent as the last. No luck.

    It seems like everyone there is a recent graduate from the University of Stupidity.

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  • An
    anasusu Jun 03, 2016

    I went to this Wells Fargo Bank that is a nightmare to deal with to begin with requesting to close my safe deposit box..as usual you would have to kill half a day to make any transaction at this branch...After over half an hour waiting and going back and forth, I was referred to a manager who was extremely rude and abnoxious to begin with...She asked me to pay $65.00 instead of $45.00 the cost of the box... Eventually she told me because I have a late fee for $25.00 since I did not pay for the renewal...I told her that I never received any mail and asked what address did they send me a notice to, her response was, ( the address on file) and she refused to even tell me what that was, ...I began to lose patience and raised my voice and said that was a rip off, she was very sarcasdtic and disrespectful and got me angrier and angrier with her no responsive answers or ( shut up and wait type of answers)...I just wanted to get out of there, and offered to pay cash to make it quick, she asked me to pay $65.00, after she receives the $65.00, she would give me back $25.00 which was my deposit for the key...I was angrier and raised my voice saying I could just pay her $40.00 instead, she refused and threatened to get security to escort me out of the bank for raising my voice...I asked how much longer this transaction was going to take since she was taking forever, her response was(I will let you know when I am done). I have never encountered anything like this or anyone as rude and unprofeessional as this woman...I asked for her card, she refused to give it to me until she would finish the entire thing...She claimed to be the bank manager, turned out she was customer service manager...It is beyond me how someone with this attitude that makes a good situation a disaster and has the nerve to threaten to have security escort me out when she is the only one that should be escorted out of this bank for her extremely unproffesional managerial skills and rude attitude.
    Eventually the Vise president came, and as soon as she did, Lily seems to have changed her attitude to a normal person...
    Tis is the wordst bank I have ever dealt with..I run a business for the last 28 years, and never encountered any one like this or any bank with such horrible customer service as Wells Fargo...
    They are a ripp off...I never received anything in the mail, and they refused to even give me the address that the mailing for the renewal notice was sent to...If this is not ripp off, I do not know what is...But I do know this should stop, and wells fargo cannot abuse people this way.

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outrageous fees and confusing on-line banking

This bank charges outrageous fees. They charge a $5 fee every day your account is in a negative status, only making it even more negative, digging you in a deeper hole! The fees are incredibly horrible. Besides the fees, my biggest complaint about them is their online banking system. When making a purchase using your check card, you will find it in the "Pending" section the same day you make the purchase, then the next day, the transaction just disappears! It is neither in the "Pending" or "Posted" section! This causes serious confusion to customers who rely on online banking to do check and balances. Then a few days later, you will find the transaction appear in the "Posted" section, after you've forgotten about the purchase and wonder why your balance is all of a sudden not what you thought it should be. I emailed customer service about this, and their reply said that because of the system, there is no way for a transaction to remain in the "Pending" section while it is being cleared. This is such B.S. because other banks I have been with keep the pending items showed as pending. I feel this just screws consumers up and is Wells Fargo's way of collecting more fees.

  • Mr
    mreamer2010 Apr 15, 2010

    1) Wells Fargo will charge a fee that CAUSES an overdraft
    2) This causes an overdraft fee all alone
    3) A purchase following the fee that causes the overdraft leads to overdraft fee's
    4) By the time it is realized, they can have you for hundreds of dollars.

    Of course this will happen on a Friday night, then if you make any purchase, lets say you make 10 $1 purchases over the weekend...they nailed you for $350...$35 each.

    When all you did was spend $10!

    Wells Fargo LOVES IT!

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no matter what you send it's not enough

Due to mental illness I fell behind in my morgage. Wells Fargo sent us papers they had mortgage assistance plans to help us catch back us. So far I have been working with them since AUGUST 2009 and done everything they asked for. I send them 30 pages of documentation of January 14; now they want the SAME DOCUMENTATION ALL OVER AGAIN!!!<br />

international service assessment fee

Hi, I purchased airlines ticket, s for my wife, daughter and baby son through a travel agency in florida...

so many errors I don't know where to start... may lose the contract to sell my home because of these problems

To make a long story short, last year my husband lost his job. After blowing through our 401K savings to keep making our house payments, and with no new job in sight, we contacted WF about a loan restructure. At the time we applied and were granted initial approval, it was made clear to us that this program was only for those who were planning to stay in their homes, which at the time we were.

Between the verbal approval and the receipt of the loan modification documents (Sept '09), my husband was offered a new job in a different state, and we decided to sell our home and move. When we received the written documents, we returned them unsigned with a letter to the effect that we had now decided to sell our home, and were declining the restructuring. We continued to make our regular payments.

PROBLEM #1 - For the first 3 months after the above, Wells Fargo automatically withdrew our regular mortgage payment from our account, AND the modified payment amount. That's right, we're talking a $2500 mortgage payment AND a $1900 mortgage payment each month for 3 months. Talk about a hit to an already desperately thin wallet. It took my husband most of January '10 on the phone with WF on an almost full time basis to get this resolved and to get the duplicate payments deposited BACK into our checking account.

PROBLEM #2 - In the meantime we've sold our home. We are supposed to close on the sale 3/10/10. Come to find out that WF has, since our January payment, been holding our monthly payments in a "suspense" account instead of posting them to our loan (because we didn't return the loan modification docs back in September - which, you may recall, we DID). When asked to move the money out of suspense and post it to the loan, they have stated they can't do that because it is in the loan modification program. The customer service person then asks if we want the loan removed from the program. Once this happens, which we are told will take about 72 hrs, then the suspended funds can be applied. What the minimum wage call center person fails to acknowledge (or anyone else up the chain of command), is that WE HAVE requested the loan be taken out of the loan mod/loss mitigation program... in September, December, January, and February of this year! As of now, the loan payoff is an artificially inflated number (by over $5K - the funds in "suspense"), we don't have the extra $5K to bring to the closing table, and so we may lose the contract on the house because of this. I have been working w/various people in various departments at WF to get this resolved since Feb 10th, and as of today, 5 days before closing, it still isn't resolved.

To make matters worse, every time I call in (because God knows you can't actually go down to a local branch and get any help), I speak to a different person, get put through the automated phone wringer, the people I speak to refuse to provide me with a last name or direct phone line, refuse to transfer me to supervisors who could facilitate resolution of this issue, and in general jerk me around.

Loss Mitigation...HA HA HA. If they wanted to mitigate their losses on this property, they would get off their ###, post the "suspended" funds, and give the escrow company an accurate payoff amount so we could close the sale. At this point, the contract is enough to pay the loan off in full, they aren't even getting shorted any. If we have to go back on the market, we will have to do so at a reduced price, as a short sell, and that could possibly end up costing WF tens of thousands; my guess would be in the $50 - $100K range. Loss Mitigation my fanny!

I have been run around the block more times than a $3 whore, may lose the contract for the sale of my home, and have already had to delay the start of my new job (the pay from which I need to take care of my bills, like, you know, my mortgage) to deal with this problem.

I will NEVER bank with WF in ANY CAPACITY once this is all resolved, and if we do lose the contract for the sale of the house, I am considering speaking with an attorney to see if there is legal action we can take here.

  • So
    Solution Jul 19, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I too have had so many errors with Wells Fargo, I don't know where to start. Thank you for you comments. This has been my experience with Wells Fargo Home Mortgage as well. The extreme lack of customer services is costing me thousands of dollars. The phone bank system and never being able to speak with the same person does not wor. The promoises to notify a manager and have them call back with in 48 hours has not happened one time! I have never received a return call from a manager as promised. The errors in processing the loan modification nearly cost me my home. Wells Fargo Home Mortgage continued forclosure action, including sending my home to auction, shile at the same time informing my there was no forclosure action and somtimes telling me there was a foreclosure, but it was suspended. In the meantime I received many notices on a weekly basis annoucing the sale date of my home at auction. I called and called the customer services number. I was told time and time again not to worry, they wouldn't sell my house. Yet the notices continued and no one ever called me back!!! Less than one week prior to the auction, I received a phone call from the man who had prepared the modification agreement five months prior. He said he had made a mistake and the modification was not valid. I was greatful for the information and excited that I might get some help. Instead he informed me that he could not stop the sale of my home, but he would postpone it one month. Please know that was making my house payments. I contacted many attorneys. They all informed me that although I had a case o wrongful forclosure, the least expensive and quickest way to stop the sale of the home was to file chapter 13. I had to borrow money from my parents to file the chapter 13 to stop the home from being sold. I attempted to seek help from Wells Fargo Customer for 5 months prior to to filing. Now they are charging me for their attorny fees, along with other explainable fees. I don't know how to make the nightmare stop!!!

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loan motification

I have filed complaints with Wells Fargo, BBB and Attorney General's office, and to date have not...

home loan modification

Wells Fargo has no intention of helping homeowner's with loan modifications, refinancing or anything to do with a home purchased at a subprime rate. We have tried for a year and a half to work with them. I have tried 3 times to refinance with them without success. I tried for a loan modification and they lost my information not once but twice. They finally sent me a loan modification after 6 months that was 100.00 less after suffering a loss of 40, 000 a year in income. They offered another subprime on first mortgage and 10.5% fixed on second mortgage. This at a time when mortgage rates were 4-6%. The Wells Fargo mortgage officer has conveniently left the area so she is of no help. She basically promised us that after 2 years in a subprime rate we would easily qualify for a fixed rate. We made payments religiously and were never late until illness struck. We were denied everything, including short sale and deed in leui. Now we are in foreclosure. If Wells Fargo would have worked with us and given us a decent fixed rate we would have easily been able to make our house payment. The US Government really needs to step in and review actually who was helped with the stimulus money because I believe very few people have benefited and Wells Fargo is responsible for a large number of homeowner's being displaced and causing the real estate market to be overrun with foreclosed homes.

  • No
    No_HELP_WELLS_FARGO Mar 08, 2010

    Agree but complaining here wont help, Please write your congressman every week!! Government needs to step in and take control as Banks including Wells Fargo are just greedy evil companies that will take anything and everything from a hard working citizen. They take the Owning Your Own Home to a a different level and crushing the American Dream.

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unfair business practices

Wells Fargo repossessed our vehicle after we have paid SIX years on the vehicle after they forced a payment through my checking account before they were authorized and bounced several of my checks, then began running it through 2-3 times per week, causing one fee after another without asking me and this happened on a weekly basis. Then I tried to tell them I had so much money taken because of this, this made me late on my payment and then they repossessed my car and now are trying to charge me to get my personal items out of my vehicle. I was not given my tag either. They took the car so far off that myself and my husband are going to have to take off from work to go 2.5 hours one way to get the personal items. They refused to let me pay the late payment and late fees to get the car. They knew we were almost paid off.

  • Jo
    Johnny Aug 13, 2007
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    To Whom It May Concern:

    I have been as wells Fargo customer for a while. The reason I am joining with them because they have a direct deposit which can deposit my paycheck into bank account. In the beginning of June 2007, I have a cash rotation issue due to my car broke down. I applied 2 short term online $350each from usflashcash.com and payday-loan-yes.com. On an electronic signature online I select very clearly, I got paid twice a month a 5th & 20th. First of all they both charge me before due day, a well Fargo charge me $34 X 2pcs over draft fee on both items return fee. A day after will continue charge me $5 until I paid off over draft fee. I am in threat on both way if loans company keep trying recharge my checking account again a over draft keep adding more and more. To stop doing that I email to a loans company and called they left a message but no reply. I called wells Fargo wait for 20 minutes on a phone and speak to a human being, I request put a hold on both loans company if they ever try to charge on my account again but a customer service said "he won't able to stop it. I spoke to a manager name Kathy Sprague; she said "I have to deal a loans company not with well Fargo ". She won't able to help me either. Two days later a loan company was hit on my account $90 principal fee plus $15 return fee for 2 days earlier.

    I had to suffer another 68 dollars again for return fee. , I agree that people should try not to overdraw their account, however...we are all human and it unfortunately happens.

    An overdraft fee has been threading me for this two months, I couldn't sleep well because thinking about a hassle of being paid over draft fee to Wells Fargo. I woke up early at 3:00 AM on August 07 2007 and get online check on my account statement. A loan company is in pending charge me $90.00 which would might cause insufficient funding over draft. I drove me car immediately to wells Fargo ATM machine deposit $100 dollars in cash to prevent any over draft fee might cause but they still charge me any way. Okay. I AGREE that I should be billed a ONE TIME $34 fee, unfortunately happens. With that said....Wells Fargo rips off consumers by submitting the debits on our accounts OUT OF SEQUENCE!!! For example I had an available balance of $77.00 balance in my checking account on August 04 2007... I make two small purchases by a debit card. One was $6.55 and the order was $11.40 on august 04 2007 and both debit on my account after that would leave me a balance of $59.05. I called them they said Saturday and Sunday is not a business days. They go by Monday charge fee and reverse the other two small purchases on Saturday end up with charge me 3 over fee again. It is very hard to get out of debt at this point, while I have wells Fargo giving me many different fees, I think a federal should put a limitation on how much fees they can do in a month. I have been paid 32 over draft fee X $34 each $1088.00 plus 7time $5.00 continue return item fee since June 2007 to now. A whole month of my hard working salary was ripped off by well Fargo, I became wells fargo slave they ripped me $1123.00 dollars in total since last month.


    Best regards,

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  • Ca
    Carole Jul 15, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    It sounds like Johnny has a problem with Wells Fargo. He also has a problem with the english language. His mistakes as regards plural nad singular and spelling make it very distracting to understand his problem with Wells Fargo. If this person can not ot will not give the correct name of Wells Fargo, then he does seem very credible.

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  • Oh
    ohiohaterofwellsfargo May 20, 2010

    They did the same thing to us---knowingly repo'ed my truck telling me I had been late 27 out of 36 times (lie) I had been an excellent customer until january 2010 when I had emergency surgery, could not work for 6 weeks and husband was laid off. I asked for one of the 3 passes to skip a payment that was part of the loan and they said no, it was not meant to be used when you were down and out.

    so we paid each payment, albeit late-not more than 30 days, but paid. I hear a noise in my backyard, and they were repossessing it at 10:30 at night ran over my neighbors lawn and would not listen to anything I had to say. I can prove, through my bank statements, that Wells Fargo was paid each payment and when (and not late) but now that they have repossessed my truck, they do not care--they flat out told me too bad, they have my truck and if I want it back I have to pay a supposed missing payment (even though I can show it was paid) and over $500 in lates that just appeared on my account which again, we have not been late 27 times and then they are requiring me to pay 3 months in advance plus the repo and storage fees. I only have 16 months to pay on this truck.

    Wells Fargo was not my choice, I had my loan with Wachovia, which was all fine and easier, but in March/April of 2010 Wells Fargo took over (and coincidentally is the month of the supposed missing payment).

    they do nothing and do not care about any customers they have. they are not interested in helping anyone or actually doing their jobs, and they are all liars trained to be liars you get a different story every time you call and they never put their notes anything that is what you say. Liars and cheaters.

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customer service is horrible

I spoke to 3 or 4 Wells Fargo representative throughout this ordeal. All of them sans a Lee from Minneapolis(?) was not only unhelpful but seemed gleeful that I was getting screwed over. Anyways I never got the name of this guy but this is the best example of Wells Fargo customer service:

As I tried to get my questions answered, the Wells Fargo employee (we'll call him Mr. Idiot) hung-up the phone on me as I tried to get information to dispute a claim; Literally said Good Bye and hung up before all my questions were answered.

To be fair, that was probably the best treatment I had the entire conversation. The Mr. Idiot spoke to me like I had down syndrome and proceeded to repeat everything I just said explained to him as if he were explaining the best course of action that I should embark on (as if I'm ###ed). For example:

I say: I need to know the date I closed my checking account. I need that date so that I can find the check I used to pay off my savings account. (notice that one is a checking account and the other is a savings account)

Mr. Idiot (and I paraphrase): You should get a copy of the check to prove you already payed off your savings account and present it to our bank.

Well thank you Captain Obvious.

Being the extremely intelligent man that I am, I ask him for the date that I closed the checking account (again) and he informs me he can't provide me with the information because it isn't related to my savings account; and since I am not longer a Wells Fargo Customer, Wells Fargo will "no longer service me." Not only will he not provide me with the information that I need, but apparently I can't go to a branch to get that information.

So here's the situation I'm in: Wells Fargo claims I owe them money. They won't provide me with the information to prove to them that I don't owe them money. To top it off they've forwarded everything to a collection agency which is threatening to put a ding on my credit scores if I don't pay up. Gotta say, I'm the luckiest guy on the planet. Thanks Wells Fargo, you guys are not criminal at all.

And now for a rant.
Finally to the people who work at Wells Fargo. I know everybody has to put food on the table and everything but how do you rationalize your jobs. You throw people out of their houses so that you can get that 5 million dollar bonus. Is the 12 million dollar salary such pittance these days? (especially since some 12% of Americans don't have a job) What about the people who listen to their corporate bosses and gleefully help steal from other people's savings? Are you so numb that you can't empathize with the anxiety you cause in other people when you're condescending to them? The anxiety that you put me through is not something I would wish on anyone. In any case, [censored] you! May I never hear from you again.

  • Jo
    Jojo G. Apr 10, 2010

    I can just about bet you money this guys name was Robert. I had the same experience with this guy on the phone about 2 weeks ago. I cant tell you exactly what i would call him on this page, but i will tell you that he gets off on being rude, uncooperative, inconsiderate, and conveniently unaware of anything to do with your account. I explained to "Robert" we couldn't afford our mortgage payment. His exact words to me were... "what do you want from me", "what do you want me to do", and then had nerve enough to laugh at me while i cried and ask what we could do to save our home. These people are blood thirty thieves. They do not care about what happens to you or your home, they are more worried about home much money they can make off of your home after foreclosure.

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  • Ja
    James82 Mar 31, 2014

    I am looking for a board and site to document my dissatisfaction with Wells Fargo
    Dealer Services (auto loans). Of the dozens of bills I pay every month, there's get continually screwed up, and when I call to fix, I get arrogance and attitudes. I will never do business with Wells Fargo again in any capacity, and I will see to it that others avoid business relationships with Wells Fargo Dealer Services.

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wells fargo lost my $4,000 check

I called a Wells Fargo Customer representative and asked, "If I mail you a check in British pounds, will you be able to deposit that check into my Wells Fargo checking account in USD?
The representative said, "Wait, let me ask..." and she returned and said, "Yes."
So I mailed them a check with the amount 2, 100 British pounds worth about $4, 000 USD at the time.
The check was never cashed and was never returned to me.
When I called to inquire, every time I was asked to call back in a couple of weeks, until one day they said our policy is to return the checks we cannot cash. When I asked the organization that issued the check, they said their records show it was never cashed and their bank advised them to not issue another one until the check is returned.
One year later and the check has not been returned to me nor to the original issuer of the check.
This is Wells Fargo for you. I have emptied my checking amount and do not intent to do business with them anymore.
They lost my $4, 000 USD.

  • Se
    semiwildbill Mar 27, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Who's to blame!

    How do you know it was Wells Fargo who lost your check? Why didn't you get the check re-issued? Why would you mail in a $4, 000 deposit in the first place? Seems funny to mail in a check when there are branches and ATM almost everywhere.

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  • Um
    umeresmail Apr 01, 2010

    I was in England at the time and there are no Wells Fargo branches here.
    I had confirmed over the phone the address to send the check to and whether they accept checks written in British pounds.
    Later over the phone, they confirmed receipt of the check but did not explain why the check was not deposited.
    The issuing organization said until we do not know the whereabouts of the check, we cannot issue another one.
    I hope this answers your questions, otherwise reply again.

    I have in the past mailed checks to Bank of America and TD Bank (Canada) and had no problems with them.

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  • Sh
    shorty3682 Jun 16, 2010

    Did Wells Fargo say they returned the check to you since they had received it to start with? Maybe it got lost in the mail. Maybe you should try telling that to the company who issued you the check (have they not heard of a stop payment?!). This does not sound like Wells Fargo's fault directly.

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  • Ro
    Rock N' Roll Oct 19, 2010

    My mother is going through a similar situation. She received a letter from Wells Fargo saying that they mailed a check to her job in 2006, but she never received the check. The letter she received told her that the check came back to the company and that they would send her another check all she had to do was to check the yes box that she was entitled to the check. It's been almost two months and she still hasn't gotten the check. Everytime she calls the reps are telling her that she is entitled to the money because it is hers, but still no check yet. On the letter is the number of the check they had first issued her, which she never got. How can my mother be sure that they are not trying to get over on her? Do she need to get a lawyer or just report Wells Fargo to the Better Business Bureau?

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  • Sa
    sam8425 Nov 28, 2012

    someone took out 14 thousand dollars from my escrow account. I called and put a stop-payment on the check. Now the money is missing and Wells Fargo can't provide me with a copy of the check or tell me where and if the check was deposited or anything. HOW IS A MULTI-MILLION DOLLAR COMPANY NOT ABLE TO TRACK A FRIGGIN CHECK?!?!??!

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Wells Fargo bought my mortgage and have been trying to sell me insurance since they did. I have a homeowner...

cobra insurance cancelled/ discrimination

I was employed by Wachovia Mortgage FSB in the San Antonio Texas Financial Call Center until Dec 2008 when I was laid off with approximately 1500 other employees. I went on Cobra insurance through Wachovia during 2009. In October 2010 Wells Fargo who bought Wachovia was now handling the employee benefits, ie Cobra Insurance. I made my selections for Cobra insurance for 2010, which will run out in June 2010. I have the conformation letter of my Cobra insurance selections from Wells Fargo in November 2009. All along I have been making my Cobra insurance payments via ETF. I had to switch insurance plans for 2010 and selected one of the plans that Wells Fargo offered. I have made my Jan and Feb Cobra payments. Now Wells Fargo has informed me they have canceled my Cobra insurance, has sent me two different letters saying they have reinstated my coverage with plans that I have not selected, and sent me a check back for $1400 with the note return of premiums. The service center also tells me I have a $900 credit. I have opened a claim with the WF Cobra service center on Feb 11, 2010. To date I have not received any assistance from them in clearing up this matter. I have called the 800 number many times, can never get to a supervisor or manager. The people in the call center cannot /will not tell me what is going on. I even got a Manager on the phone from the Human Resources Dept on a conference call with the Cobra Insurance center, she could not get another manager or supervisor on the phone either. I called Wells Fargo Excecutive office for Jack Stumpf the CEO of Wells Fargo. They could not help me and could not tell me what to do except to call back the Cobra service center. If you schedule a call to have a manager or supervisor call you back, they make one attempt. If you miss the call you have to request a call all over again and wait... I have finally called the US Department of Labor to file a complaint against Wells Fargo. The Labor department is waiting on a call from Wells Fargo. The bottom line is until the US Department of Labor hears back from Wells Fargo, I and my family have no insurance coverage due to Wells Fargo' incompetence! I have just found a new job after a years search. As soon as I can get insurance coverage with my new employer ( 90 day waiting period) I will be done with Wachovia/ Wells Fargo! I have been in the customer service industry for over 30 yeras and have never seen a company handle a complaint so poorly! IWILL NEVER DO BUSINESS WITH ANY WELLS FARGO COMPANY OR ACCEPT A CHECK DRAWN ON A WELLS FARGO BANK OR WELLS FARGO COMPANY. IN MY OPINION THEY ARE CROOKS AND ARE DISCRIMINATORY TOWARDS FORMER EMPLOYEES!

  • An
    angry gary Mar 04, 2010
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Have called the service center 7 times with the same question and have still not received an answer' I have had my former
    Manager reach out and theystill have not found me the answer They hide behind HIPPA and tell Managers to have you call and speack with a supervisor and still you can't get a straight answer

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  • An
    angry gary Mar 04, 2010
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    ITS HEWITT who is the problem, not WELLS FARGO

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