Wells Fargo Auto Financewells fargo auto finance ripoff hurting millions of common americans!


I purchased a vehicle in late 2005 and used Wells Fargo as my finance company. I added the vehicle on to our existing insurance policy with Allstate and maintained that until switching agents (still with Allstate). We then changed to a family agent who placed us with TOPA/RMIS. We have never had any lapse in policy or terminations of any policy. However, shortly after we purchased the vehicle, Wells fargo has sent us letters indicating the placement of Collateral Insurance on the vehicle for failure to provide proof of insurance. OK, we thought this must be a mistake and someone's something didn't talk to the next person's somebody. We called Wells Fargo and submitted via fax the Insurance declaration page. Upon receiving our next 2 statements, we noticed the Collateral Protection charge is still factored in to the amount (nearly $2000!!!).

Then the collection calls began.

I called back to Wells Fargo and after fighting with a collection rep just to get to speak with someone regarding the insurance portion, I was finally transferred to a manager (or so I thought!) who explained that they had no record of receiving my proof of insurance. Did it just vanish into thin air? Did someone just not do their job? OK, mistakes can happen... we faxed it over again figuring this "manager" guy should settle this once and for all. 2 months go by, 4 months go by, and still nothing taken off our bill, all the while, the collectors are steadily calling and getting more in our faces and threating us with their veil little threats, as if it were their PERSONAL automobiles!

2 months after switching to our new insurance, we receive another Collateral Protection placement letter for nearly $2000! We went through the process of calling again, this time being directed to call Balboa Insurance directly. OK, now we're getting somewhere... not. After Submitting our OLD insurance and the NEW insurance to Balboa, it seems at one point they mysteriously don't have a record of receiving it, the next time they saw the notes in the computer where we submitted it but nothing was processed and that they would look into it. Several months had expired with nothing being deducted from our statements and now it is showing an outstanding balance just over $4500. You can imagine the flavor of the collection calls now. It was really getting nasty when we changed to our Family's private Insurance agent who placed us with TOPA. Of course we received another letter shortly after for Collateral Protection placement (can you guess how much?!) I promptly called again, and was directed to Collections. I hung up and called Balboa directly... again. This time I spoke to a representative who was only interested in receiving the proof of the current insurance coverage and would not listen or look into my claims regarding the other 2 CP placements. THIS TIME, THEY FINALLY showed a deduction for this 3rd CP placement amount.

I called again to resolve the previous issues, and was directed to have my Agent call. He did while I was sitting in his office. It has been almost 4 months since and things have not been resolved at all. We have followed every guideline we can and still nothing from them. Not only is their insurance outrageously high, but the internal mechanisms of communication between these 2 companies is nonexistent.

Additionally, I have previously purchased a used truck in 1997 wherein Wells Fargo was the finance company, and the same thing happened. It took them forever to get the records updated (both with Balboa, and then with Wells) to reflect the private coverage.

It then took almost 2 months for the reduction to show up on my statement.

We have recently purchased a new family vehicle and again, in no more than 2 months, we received a CP letter for this vehicle. We called Balboa and got the run-around. We then had our Agent call Balboa and 2 bills later the deduction appeared. We also received a confirmation letter from Balboa rescinding the Collateral Protection on this vehicle (for now!)

In my opinion, Wells Fargo Auto Finance could be a good company to work with if they maintained their policies from a management perspective, dealing with issues of oversight fairly and not as if everyone is a criminal (guilty until you prove yourself innocent... multiple times!!!). They should have better communication with their partner companies... but then again, THEY DON'T CARE ABOUT THE LITTLE GUYS WHO PURCHASE A LITTLE CAR FROM A LITTLE DEALERSHIP. They only care about their monopolistic gains and it is just a paycheck to their representative. No wonder American jobs are getting shipped overseas at record pace! Because we just don't care enough to do our jobs properly. I can truthfully understand if I were trying to rip them off and just say "screw them", but I am an average working class stiff, who has his financial ups and downs (who doesn't these days) but I am definitely not trying to NOT pay for something I purchased.

This whole company needs to be INVESTIGATED and a little CIVILIAN OVERSIGHT immediately! I would like to know how to initiate a class action law suit against them as there are numerous complaints regarding this practice.



  • Ga
    Gary May 31, 2007

    I forgot to mention, in supporting this claim, my experience is not at all unique! What is prompting me to finally take action in putting this out in the open, other than shear frustration, are the NUMEROUS reports i have read in the past 2 days on ComplaintsBoard.com. Please check these out for yourself.

    I am currently in the process of cataloging all the complaints and adding them to this case to encourage action on their part, or, if I have to escalate to this level, to give the media something more than just my little complaint or experience.

    Please, I urge you all to check out the websites for yourself to get a clearer background on this, and do some digging yourselves on Google if you are caught in this trap. Then contact a competent attorney (my next step).

    Wells Fargo and Balboa are culpable and should be brought to bear the burdens of their malfunctioning system and correct their ways.

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  • Ri
    richard gavaghan Jun 06, 2007

    Same experience as the above complaints with Wells Fargo auto center and problems with insurance from balboa

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  • Ri
    richard gavaghan Jun 06, 2007

    Auto purchase in feb. 2006. Financed by well fargo auto loan. Private insurance on car through out 2006. Insurance binder works, you pay 8 months out of the 12 months. Last payment paid later in the month, then it was supposed to be. Private insurance co. Took the check and cashed it. No notification from private insurance co. Of a lapse.

    Car is registered in family ownership with2 names. Parties were never notified of a problem until feb 2,2007. Balboa gave notice to the parties by telephone call. Immediately checked the information. It was correct. I proceeded to place the car under a home,auto policy consolidation plan. Insurance was issued on feb 21, 2007 covering the car.

    I started getting a bill for $771.00. I argued, i had insurance on the car. I was only notified about the problem two weeks earlier. I knew i owed something but not $771.00. I asked balboa to reevaluate the cost. They checked with my insurance co. And adjusted the bill a little. They started to take my car payments against the insurance until the credit was cleared by balboa. Now i am behind in the payments. April 10.2007 all insurance payments are caught up. I am still waiting to see a credit. June 6, 2007 still waiting. I like some help also with this problem and the ethics. I have learned about wells fargo. I would enter into a class action suit, if not resolved soon. Why so soon, i have been diagnosed with esophageal cancer stage iv. April 2,2007 maybe a year to live. I would be an ideal catalyst for such an action. You don't think the repeated phone calls requesting payment has not disturb me . The number of documented phone call back to them. The typed letter of complaint faxed to balboa with transmission time and acceptance answer about undo harassment. The documented proof of payment from them. Indicating they did not post the payment properly.

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  • Tr
    TRR Jun 15, 2007

    Wow! Almost the same EXACT THING happened to me!

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  • Tw
    Twila Drybread Jun 17, 2007

    I am feed up this this company and I will never use Wells Fargo for anything in my life. I am telling my family and telling everyone not to use them at all.

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  • Cy
    cynthia armes Jun 25, 2007

    I have had the same issues with the insurance and balboa, but not only are they charging me for insurance that I have, they are charging me for something in 2002. I have been threatened of having my vehicle repo'd because i am "70 day" behind because my payments are going to insurance first. I am quite disgusted and glad to know I am no the only one!

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  • Ja
    Jason Wolfe Jun 26, 2007

    I must agree with you all. I was going to Iraq this past August, and had my insurance changed over to another company with no lapse. As you would know, I did not get all of my mail in a timely fashion or some it not at all. I then noticed this past May that I had charges on my account for insurance and that my payment was late. I called them, and they said insurance had been placed on the account and that I would have to call Balboa and take care of it. I spoke to a lady at the insurance company and she said that my agent would have to call. I had my agent call, and they verified the coverage since August. They were suppose to refund all of it. Currently WF say that I am 301 past due on my account. After numerous calls and different answers from everyone I finally spoke to a supervisor who said that I should not be behind and that she would issue an audit on the account. This was almost two weeks ago when she said it would only take five days. I have called four times since then, and still get different answers from people. I can not get the supervisor to call me back. I called tonight and spoke to someone in Tempe, AZ and she told me that both April and May and been reversed. I told he that she was incorrect, because you are only saying that I am behind 301, and it would be alot more if that was the case. I asked her to look at the previous notes, she got nasty, like most of them have, and said there was no updated information. She said all she could see is that I have called in. I then asked to speak to a supervisor. She than asked me why, I said because I want to speak to one. Then she came back on and said that she was busy, this is not the first time they have said this either. I then told her that I was not hanging up until you get her on the phone. The supervisor than came on the phone and said the same things the previous supervisor had said about putting a rush on the audit and that it should not be taking this long. But before she got on the phone the customer service girl told me that it takes 12 weeks for an audit and that they told me wrong when they said 5 days. Her supervisor said it should only take five days. So the issue is still unresolved. If I can find the email address of their EVP of Credit, I will be emailing him. His name is Michael J. Loughlin. There are many issues with this company. First, they are all rude ###, they do not communicate with each other at all, and they all have different interpretations of the policies.

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  • Ji
    Jim Jacobs Jul 02, 2007

    I made the gross mistake of buying a car not knowing WELLS FARGO would be the financial institution (institution being the operative word here) that I would be dealing with...The spanish inquisition was probably easier to deal with than these unprofessional, uneducated, poorly trained, incompetent group of "professionals"... I have been assaulted with phone calls that start as early as 7am and as late as 9:30pm asking where is the payment... these calls start when the payment might be exactly 3.5 hours late... When I explain that the payment has been made, the "caller' who pretends to take the information, doesn't bother to document the call or the information gathered during the call... as a result, when the next "representative" calls me, I have to explain it all over again. Clearly, this is an organization that does not communicate to each other... I also find it interesting that this "group of highly trained professionals" does not bother to train their staff in how to "scroll down" on the computer screen... I cant tell you how many times I have had to instruct the latest $8.50 an hr "trainee" to scroll down their computer screen and find the information that was "supposed " to have been documented 16 calls prior... Frustrating does begin to cover how I feel working with this organization...

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  • Da
    David Stanley Jul 10, 2007

    Had the same problem, already had a high interest loan, then wells fargo auto finance slaps on an extra $165 a month for balboa insurance, but i had insurance the whole time. I played this game with wells fargo auto finance for over a year. Finally, i just gave them the car and guess what? They made tons of legal mistakes --- different reps told me different stories, lot's of threatening phone calls, followed by nice guy phone calls. They have to refund the balboa portions. I am not going to pay them a dime and if they sue me, i will sue them. Anyone interested in a class action suit against the fools at wells fargo auto acceptance - wells fargo auto finance?

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  • Ba
    Bartley Forsythe Jul 23, 2007

    We are dealing with them right now since February they are not give are credit back to us that Balboa say they given but Wells Fargo is giving us the run around. Yes we would like to sue them they are tanking our credit and we don't owe them a dime. We have paid our car payment on time every month and this insurance thing is killing us. They have called our work and call three or four times a day and we do not owe them a dime.

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  • Ph
    PHIL Jul 24, 2007

    Wells Fargo Auto Finance sucks!!! I am trying to get my car financed through another company. The people there are so rude, when you make a payment they still call you that same day! NEVER GET A CAR FINANCED AT WELLS FARGO AUTO FINANCE.

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  • Ch
    Christina Lawson Jul 25, 2007

    I COULD NOT AGREE MORE!! Both my husband and I have had similar trouble with Wells Fargo. I currently have an auto loan with the fools and I am still trying to resolve an issue that began nearly two months ago. The ERRONEOUS collection calls during my work hours are embarrassing and NEED TO BE STOPPED. I cannot wait to pay off the loan and never think twice about these incompetent people again!!!

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  • Jo
    John Boyle Jul 27, 2007

    I am currently going through the same issue, and have been sense feb 13. I have provided them with my current insurance information 6 times, my agent has provided them with the same information 5 times. They still seem to think I owe them money for insurance they placed on my car. I finally reported them to the BBB and they responded to the BBB requesting more time to research the issue. They never responded back to the BBB therefore the case is closed and it has been recorded as a negative mark for them. I am currently seeking legal help with this matter. I encourage all of you to contact LINDA FLEMING at 480-858-8945. She is the Executive Correspondence Mgr for Wells Fargo. She is the one named on the BBB report and will be named as well on my law suite. It may not hurt to bombard her office with complaints.

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  • Gi
    gidgetn Jul 29, 2007

    Recently purchased 05 kia from dealership was supposed to be with co-signer-dealership put loan in cosigners name only under false pretense i have paid payments and 2 payments ahead, recently received letter from wells fargo saying thank you for final payment? Week late the salesman calls me and says i need to start paying them and tells me i need to pay now (i asked for papers to be sent) he blamed it on me for writing letter to fargo about the co-signer--i call fargo and was informed that dealership had sent in ap for husband and wife then later sent in ap for husband only so fargo felt they were shady i cant find an atty local to deal with matter also i had gone thru ins issue also but got that corrected any advice appreciated e-mail me at [email protected] i am very stressed over this as bad for people that were gonna co-sign and dont want to mess up their credit. Help

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  • Al
    Alex Sandoval Aug 07, 2007

    While thankfully I have not had any insurance related issues with this vile company, fingers crossed, I cannot begin to describe the customer service related nightmares i have had. I will be the first to admit that I have some issues making payments on time as I have been through 3 layoffs within 5 years but I am doing everything I can to meet my financial obligations. Whenever I contact them I am always givven the run-around, and once, no joke, lie or exaggeration here, I was placed on hold for over 4 hours! After repeated attempts to call them and being placed on hold for "another department", not wanting to lose my place in line as "your call will be answered in the order it was received", I waited on hold on three different lines. My house phone, and two cell phones. When I finally got through I was told they needed more information and to call back later. I did not have my account number and they could not lookup my account by any other means. When I called back the next day with the account number, after waiting on hold for 1 hour and 27 minutes, they said they could not help me and gave me another number to call. I called it and the office was closed. At 4:00 in the afternoon! Now after a year has passed I contacted them again and I spoke with aa woman named Theresa, she treated me like a cockroach! She was completely unwilling to help me and told me to grow up and learn to pay my bills on time. After I sent the payment via western union quick collect, guaranteed funds, she began to attack me asking if I was going to learn to pay my bills on time in the future. I couldn't believe it.She told me since I had been behind three times in two years I needed to own up to my responsibilities. I have! I have paid them what I owe and juggled other bills trying to keep up. I know what my responsibilities are and am doing everything to meet them but in all my dealings I have never been treated so badly as a human being, much less as a PAYING customer. Once I finish this car loan, I will NEVER have anything to do with this company or its, rude, insulting, demeaning employees or "policies" again. If anyone has had similar treatment I would like to know. I know that I am not the only one.

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  • Je
    jerry swan Aug 21, 2007

    Yep, same problem here. They actually tried to refuse a payment. They also refused to give me an address to send payment. Something needs to be done!

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  • Ru
    Russell Williams Aug 21, 2007

    My situation differs from what I have read here. Pleas allow me to explain. In August 2004 I purchased my car from a dealer then later moved from Erie Pa. to Wlison N.C. May of 2007 I sold off some personal assets for my job relocated me back to Erie Pa. So my wife and I decided to pay off the loan from Wells Fargo. Well needless to say but as of 8/20/2007 I still have no title to my car. My first call to customer service resulted in the CSA (customer service agent) telling me to just go to DMV and file for a lost title. I said no it's Wells Fargos responsibility to put forth the money for a title they lost. Besides what are the chances I'll get reimbursed. 2nd phone call different CSA tells me they will file for a lost title for me. Getting a little better result yes,NO. In the mean time I go to my credit union to transfer a personal loan of $7,000 from N.C. to Pa. They offered me 21% interest with payments @ $350 a month,why because my credit score has bottomed out because the loan paid off May 11 2007 still shows as a active account with no payments made since April 2007. Oh by the way I went to a Wells Fargo finance office here in Erie Pa. guess what. They say they have NO affiliation and will be unable to help me. I've gone to the Pa Attorney Generals office and am presently seeking legal counsel. If this can be used as a legal battle with Wells Fargo I to am willing to join in.


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  • To
    tondayala callahan Aug 25, 2007

    hey iam too one of wells fargo victims it's sad that all the company do is call harrass and think that it will make someone run right down and do as they are told they allow you to get a loan from them being the car note with all smile and then when you are in there good enough they wrap there hand's around your neck and twist til there is nothing left they tray to take they fight outta you knowing that you have a job to do and can't be on a call to them on hold for over 45min's ...but when they call you it's a striaght shot in!!!!....i had the insurance scam they have going on pulled on me i assumed that it was due to it being close to the end of my car being paid off they said that i didnt have insure ... said that the insurance company that i was with ..(wich came with the car from the dealer) .... advise them that i didnt have insure or i missed 1-2 payments i dont understand how the insurance company has a link with wells fargo but i get it know it's when you go to the dealer with no so perfect credit and they link you up with an finace company as they say who is willing to take you they make you get there insurance and then you can get your own or they set you up with a company ..well i played that fool and did it i was paying my car note and the insurance ,,,then i get this letter saying that my insurance company advise them that i didnt have insurance so they put ten thousand dollar more on my loan and then had the nerve to tell me that it was not the type i had with my insurance co. and that i would need more!!!!!... i hit the roof i called my insurance co to question this they said they dont see payment for two months ...come on now if you dont have insurance in c.a. the dmv is notifeid and then your license is suspend !!!!...they have this all ringed up together all of them ...someone need to file a lawsuit against them and we all will see how many pea's in THE POT THEY HAVE I NOW WE ARE NOT THE ONLY ONE'S OUT THERE!!!!!!!! something has to be done i'am looking into legal action on this and now that i see iam not alone there are othr people !!!! this has to stop ...i wouldnt even foud this is i diddnt need to get the address to send in my payment and had to go online fr the number to call them stumble upon this ...we all in a class action law suit on this or at lease get it on oprah!!!!!!!!...to let everone know not to do business with WELLS FARGO AUTO FINANCE OR ANYTHING ELS FOR THAT MATTER IF THEY CHEAT YOU ON A CAR GOD FORBID YOU LET THEM HANDLE YOUR MONEY!!!!!!!!!........THEY ARE MAKING ROBBERY LEGAL!!!!!!

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  • St
    Stephanie Aug 29, 2007

    I received a call last night from Wells Fargo Auto Finance stating that I need to pay an additional $165.28 because they didn't have proof of insurance from me. I explained to the guy that I've had this vehicle for TWO YEARS, how could you just NOW be asking for proof of insurance, OF COURSE I have insurance. He said that he does not deal with it, and I needed to call the infamous BALBOA. I told him I would only pay the amount of my car payment, and he told me that was fine, but I would still be short because of the $165.28. He gave me the number to Balboa, which of course was closed.

    So I called the next morning, only to be presented with untrained, snotty phone reps from Wells Fargo. I explained to them that I had insurance and even had my insurance company MAIL, FAX AND CALL into them. I explained to them that I do not have $165 that they could just hold onto why they "review my situation." My insurance company sent my insurance to Wells Fargo A LONG TIME AGO, as required to by LAW. The snotty Wells Fargo rep said that they try to contact people three months in advance to warn them about not receiving proof of insurance, and she also said that they tried contacting my insurance company which is b.s.! She proceeded to say that if I'm even one day late in payment, that they automatically send the letter out, which is funny to me because I get my insurance AND car payments automatically withdrawn!

    I am headed to a Wells Fargo branch this afternoon to speak to someone in person, to hopefully get this all figured out, to make sure this does not show on my history, and to receive a damn good explanation for all this b.s. that has happened, not just to me, but to all of you.

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  • An
    Andrea Hash Sep 10, 2007

    I have a similar situation with Wells Fargo. Earlier this summer they lost a payment that Chase Bank says was sent and pending. It suddenly became my responsibiltiy to track this payment down to prove that the payment was made. All the time receiving app. 5 collections calls per day. I eventually had to stop payment, have the funds returned to my account by Chase, and submit another payment.

    Now, two months later, they say they have not received another payment. Chase bank has the transaction marked as paid which means that payment was sent, received, acknowledged by the recipient and cleared. Yet I still continue to receive app. 5 collections calls per day. I don't know about anyone else, but I trust Chase Bank on this one. The latest agent was incredibly rude and became furious when I raised my voice during the conversation. My reason for raising my voice was because she kept interupting me and would not let me complete a sentence. Our conversation ended when I asked to speak with a supervisor and she terminated the call.

    I'm obtaining financing from another bank and plan on paying off the loan immediately. I just hope I don't experience the payoff problems that others here have noted.

    If I continue to have problems, I will definitely file a complaint with BBB and I will consider legal action.

    If you're considering financing with them, please reconsider.

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  • Le
    Lee VanVorreen Sep 13, 2007

    Like ERIN U, I have had NOTHING but problems with Wells Fargo. I am currently waiting for them to come pick up the vehicle, as they have me so upside down on the note I cannot sell it or trade it in. Here is a timeline of the issues with Wells Fargo:

    March 2006- Arranged a loan with Wells Fargo to purchase 2000 Range Rover for my (then) fiancee. The individual selling the car WORKED for Wells Fargo, and suggested we get financing there. They gave a loan amount of $21,000.00 at 17% interest. (I only recently found out the actual blue book on the vehicle in March 2007 was $15,000.00. Seems odd they approved a loan for so much more, hmmm?) Went in to sign paperwork and was advised AFTER SIGNING EVERYTHING that I needed to put $1,000.00 down payment. I advised my loan officer I did not have $1,000.00, and if my fiancee wanted vehicle, he would have to make the down. The L/O (Terrence) said no problem, he would hold the paperwork for 72 hours and if no down payment was deposited, the deal would not be processed. (LIE NUMBER 1)

    24 hours passed, and I called Terrance to tell him that we were not going with Wells Fargo (WF from here on), but another lender who had a better interest rate and lower down. I followed this up with an email stating same, with a read receipt notification. Guess what? 3 days later I receive a call from the branch manager demanding I bring in the $1,000.00. It seems Terrance took it upon himself to submit the prior owners loan payoff and to complete the loan. He did this about 30 minutes AFTER talking to me, and AFTER opening my email. I advised the Manager that was not my issue, that I had documentation showing I had, in fact, canceled the loan. They proceeded to manipulate in such a way that I was STUCK with their loan.

    May 2006- My (then) fiancee called WF and changed the mailing address for statements and phone number of record to his address and phone number, without my knowledge or consent. WF took a COMPLETE STRANGERS WORD that he was my "husband" and changed account information, without EVER contacting me.

    September 2006- I received call from constable. They were reposing the vehicle. It seems my fiancee had not made a SINGLE PAYMENT. WF had been sending statements, and calling my fiancees house. They never once called me on my cell, or at work. Just the "new" number he had given them. Now I admit, this is partially my fault for not following thru and checking with my fiancee EACH MONTH to make sure payments were made, But if WF had not changed my info, I would have known A LOT sooner that he was blowing payment off. I also found out the vehicle was not insured. I IMMEDIATELY brought payments current, via Western Union and got insurance on vehicle off of my existing auto policy. I also took the vehicle back from fiancee and dumped him. I notified WF that the information they had on file was inaccurate, and asked how they obtained it. They advised me "My husband" had called in and given it to them. When I told them I HAD NO HUSBAND, they apologized for the "CLERICAL ERROR".

    October 2006- received letter from WF stating insurance being put in place by them, as vehicle was uninsured. I called, faxed AND overnighted them documentation showing vehicle was in fact insured with State Farm, and had been since September 9th. It took 2 months to get this resolved, and they tacked their additional insurance of $190.00 to my payment until January 2007. In October I also began making my payments via check by phone.

    January 2007- I made my payment by phone one day late. This apparently confused the drones at WF, because they began calling me about my "missed payment" that day, AFTER I made the payment. When I game them the conformation number of my payment, they still "could not find it in the system. I had to get proof from my CU that funds had been electronically deducted and fax to them. This took 3 days to clear up.

    February 2007- My payment was not due until the 15th. On the 3rd, the calls began, about my "late payment". They called my cell, my work, my home and to my parents house. Strange, since they went 5 months without notifying me at all, now harassing me before payment even due???)

    I advised them I COULD NOT RECEIVE CALLS AT WORK, and followed this up with a certified letter stating same. I also advised them they were not to call my parents house, as my mom was a cancer patient, and did not need their harassment. Finally, I advised them that my payment was not due until the 15th, so they did not need to say I had a late payment, when in fact my payment was not even due. They continued to call my workplace on a DAILY basis, multiple times a day, and to call my parents house. Once payment was made (and had CLEARED my bank) they still continued to call, saying payment had not been made.

    March 2007- same as Feb. Payment not due till 15th, calls came in about it ALL MONTH LONG, even after payment was made by phone. My employer told them direct on numerous occasions that I could not receive calls at work. Still, the calls rolled in. One WF employee actually told me "if you just PAYOFF your note you won't have to deal with us anymore." {Payoff on the car was about 15,000.00 at this point.} My employer advised me he was logging calls in my HR file, and that I needed to get a handle on situation, because it was making a problem in the workplace and tying up his phone, and that the calls were distracting me from my tasks.

    {PLEASE NOTE: every time we spoke with WF they said it was not logged in the system, but they would make a note and remove the number. THIS NEVER HAPPENED. I was receiving upward of 6 calls a day from them at work AND at my parents house. They NEVER called my home number OR my cell. They only called the numbers they were advised NOT TO CALL}

    April 2007- Same as March, but even more calls at work. It almost seemed as if once they were told by my employer I could not receive calls, they did it just to cause problems. AGAIn, let me stress, payment was not yet due. After payment made BY PHONE, same problems. My supervisor AGAIN advised WF not to call me during business hours on office number, because they were putting my job in jeapordy.

    May 2007- more calls. I WAS FIRED due to the "disruption" the calls made in the workplace and to my tasks. I made my May payment early, and advised them that I was no longer employed, due to their harassment. Their response? They would remove the work number from their system. {Yeah- I had heard that before!)

    June 2007- I receive a letter from WF saying they are changing loan from Wells Fago Financial to Wells Fargo Auto Finance. I receive statement saying that monthy payment due is $298.95. I called wells fargo to confirm payment amount and was told that yes, my payment was only $298.95 due to a credit on my account for the insurance they had tacked on erroneously for 2 months. Cool! I used my last of my savings to make June payment, and while on the phone spoke to a rep about my situation, and being out of work. They told me since I was such a good customer they could take the July and August payment and roll them to the end of the note, giving me time to find a job and get back on my feet. I agreed to this, and it was "logged in the system" that I would not have a payment due for July 2007 or August 2007, and would resume making payments September 2007 in regular payment amount of $548.94.

    August 2007- I took car to carmax and was told the most they could give me for the vehicle was $12,000.00, which was the Kelly Blue book. (The car is in EXACT same condition as it was when WF made the loan. And there are exactly 1000 more miles on it.) So even if sold to a private party, I realize I am screwed, payoff on it is now at $17,000.00)

    September 2007- (this is a doozy, everyone better sit down!) I am not in town and I get a call from my roommate. On Saturday, September 8th I received an envelope from WF. It was postmarked September 5th. But the letter inside was dated AUGUST 23. (This was an intentional delayed mailing, as you will see from the body of the letter.) The letter stated that I was seriously delinquent, and that if I did not bring my account current within TEN DAYS from THE DATE OF THE LETTER, they would call my note. They also stated in the letter that I could call them at number listed below. ODD-THERE WAS NO NUMBER LISTED. I called and made payment by phone on Monday, May 10th, in the amount of $1,742.83. (REMEMBER- I WAS SUPPOSED TO HAVE 2 months GRATIS, rolled to end of note, then a REGULAR payment in September.) The rep I spoke with also advised me my June payment had been short. (WHAT???? REMEMBER THE LETTER I RECEIVED IN JUNE??? I STILL HAVE IT---) I advised her I spoke with the rep who had processed my payment and that she had confirmed that was all I owed due to "insurance error." I was advised that WF would look into the issue. I confirmed with the rep (Ms. Nelson) that that would bring me current and I would be ok. I mentioned the letter, and the inconsistency with the postmark and the date of letter, and was told "not to worry about it, I had made payment current". When I asked why I was being forced to pay for July and August when I had been advised they would be rolled to the back end of my note, I was told "WF reps have no right to make an arrangement like that, and it never happened."

    Imagine her shock yesterday morning when my roommate was awakened by a loud pounding at the door. It was a tow truck. WF had sent them to repo the vehicle. She advised him that I had made payment by phone, and he WAS NOT taking the truck. She immediately called me, and I relayed the payment conf. number, whom I had spoken with, etc. and she gave him the info. He said ok, left.

    Thirty minutes later he was back. It seems WF said they were RETURNING MY PAYMENT, AND WOULD NOT ACCEPT ANOTHER until after they had posession of the vehicle. My roommate immediately called me again.

    I called WF and was told first that I had made no payment, then that yes, payment had been made, but they were not accepting it. (Not accepting it 3 days AFTER I made payment and funds had been drawn from my dads checking account??? WHAT???) Apparently, they are going to reverse the electronic draw (We'll see!) I was told I had to surrender vehicle before they would even discuss the account with me. They would not even give me a verbal payoff, as "this is the 5th time they have had to begin repossession against me" (LIE LIE LIE--- other than the ONE time in September of 2006 my payments were always made monthly.) After they have possession of the vehicle, they would give me information as to how I could reclaim it within 10 days. I advised them I was not even in town, that I was in CA on a temporary job. Their Response??? Too Bad.

    My Roommate advised the tow truck guy he could come back at 10:00 AM on the 13th to get the vehicle, as there was another vehicle parked behind it. He said he couldn't come back, and he would move the blocking vehicle if he had to. She told him it was not my vehicle or her vehicle and could not be moved. Tow truck driver agreed to come back.

    She is now waiting for them to come get the truck. I don't care at this point. I can't sell it, as I owe $6,000.00 more on the note than what the value is. They can have it. It has been nothing but a headache from day one. I was conned by the staff at the WF auto finance office in Arlington Texas. They made a loan that was for way more than the vehicle was worth, due to the fact their employee was the seller. They physically inspected the vehicle, knew of the problems it had, and processed the loan even after I had canceled the deal. Now I am stuck, having spent thousands of dollars on payments FOR NOTHING.

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  • Ca
    Carol Corey Sep 15, 2007

    My son purchased a car through Wells Fargo Auto Finance and it has been a nightmare. When he changed insurance providers, they started taking insurance premiumus out of his loan payments. They show he is missing payments, though he has receipts. He has asked for an itemized statement of what payments they say are owed and they do not provide this. They have already reported to the credit bureau that he is two months behind on payments, when they owe him money back. Who can help? What they are doing is illegal! We are in Texas and they are in California.

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  • Ro
    robin turner Oct 05, 2007

    I had a bad experience with WF. I have been with WFF since 2004 and was never late until they merged with WFAF saying I missed Feb.2007 payment. I have never been late in the four years with them. I faxed and also mailed copies of my money order which was cashed by them but they say they didn't receive it. I kept getting calls about this payment I was frustrated. It took them almost six months to find that payment. I will never finance with them again .

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  • Ad
    Adrian Long Oct 14, 2007

    I most certainly agree with all of the complaints against Wells Fargo and Balboa Insurance. My problem now is that i am in the process of refinancing on my home and b/c of the mistake of Wells Fargo, it shows that I was late 3 different times over 30 days!!. Now I have to go through the process to correct a mistake that was never mine. If you also need my testimony against Wells Fargo, please feel free to email me.

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  • Ch
    Chrissy Oct 15, 2007

    Exact same thing happened to me... think it's illegal what they are doing!!!

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  • Es
    Esther williams Oct 31, 2007

    Wow I am going through the same problem! We also faxed them twice but they "didn't get it". We have the receipt and everything so we hope to get this thing resolved soon. They have already charged us over 1,000 dollars. We are going to transfer the rest of the money we owe to a credit card.

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  • Ra
    Racheal West Nov 08, 2007

    My problem with this company is different but the customer service complaints for this company are exactly the same. I hate calling this company because I know that it will take at least 30 min to 1 hour for them to help me. My complaint deals with a totaled car. I had a car totaled in 05 and my insurance company covered the total loss... or so I thought. About 1 year letter I get notification that this vehicle has in fact not been completely pd off and of course by that time my credit is shot. And the funny thing is that I have GAP ins that will cover anything that my insurance did not cover when the care was totaled BUT I was not notified of the balance. Well after that I started the process to get the balance pd off. I needed 3 different documents from well fargo to send me... I SPENT 3 MONTHS TRYING TO GET THESE PEOPLE TO SEND ME THESE DOCUMENTS. ALL THE WHILE GETTING TERRIBLE PHONE CALLS FROM CREDITORS THREATING ME WITH A LAW SUIT. Well about 5 months after the fact I have finally gotten all of this cleaned up but this company put me and my credit through the ringer. After I pay off my current loan I am through with this unorganized company.

    I feel better now. Thanks!

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  • Di
    Diane M. Smith Nov 28, 2007

    My complaints are the same concerning insurance and over charging. I was told that if I sent information on insurance I would get a credit. I was reported to the credit agency for having over 90 days pay. However it was the insurance that Wells Fargo insist in putting on my account. Where is my credit ?

    Wells Fargo has no follow-up. They will call and say - Oh! I see you have or they will try and talk down to people.

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  • Kr
    krenee Nov 29, 2007

    Same thing happened with me - It took me a year of paying $150 more per month to get them to reverse it. It was nice to see my balance drop $1800 when they finally reversed the charges.

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  • Ma
    Maria Alers Dec 03, 2007

    I have going through the same problems, i had insurance coverage, and I decided to go with another insured for personal reason. I had my agent sent them multiple copy of my insurance. As of today they are requesting for the insurance. They claim to have. Like I have spoken to their customer representative, why am i going to pay additional insurance when i already have one. If they claim to have insurance through a parter their company has. Why I did not get a copy of this bogus insurance. Overall, if i did not have insurance like they claim i didn't have. I still would need a copy of the insurance. Its not legal to drive a vehicle if i don't have insurance. And their customer service could not answer the question Additionally, they had repo my truck without any warnings. They are harassing me with multiple phone calls at my work place and at home. This is and every day and every night issue with them. They have gone to the extreme were they dial out of my voice mail and demanding my co-worker to patch them through my manager or supervisor. They have been rude and continue to be rude. But, when they start approaching my co-worker to demand to speak to a supervisor about my issues with wells fargo I draw the line.

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  • Ma
    Maria Alers Dec 03, 2007

    I also forgot to mention that Wells Fargo, change my address in my credit report. An address that does not belong to me but, a family member. When I called Wells Fargo about this incident, they claim every right to do so. And now I'm having difficulties dealing with the credit report people such has equifax, transunion to change my address to my original address.

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  • Re
    Rebekah McGill Dec 03, 2007

    I can't believe this! The EXACT same thing happened to me!!! Almost to the letter!! I even have a letter from Wells Fargo Auto Finance stating they removed the ridiculous insurance and THEY STILL HAVEN"T. Their illegally attached insurance added $260 to my monthly payment. And they would threaten to ruin my credit if it was not paid! After a yr of over paying them they finally acknowledged the receipt of my proof of insurance for the past year, but they have YET to update their records! And here is the GOLDEN part, I dont get that money back. They keep it and apply it to my principal.

    Pls someone SUE THIS BANK!!

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  • Ma
    Margarite Garner Dec 10, 2007

    In 06/2006 my husband and I tried to purchase a car. We get one that his mother cosigned for through Wells Fargo Auto Finance. On August 18, 2006 my husband called the customer service department to get the due date changed on the car from the 10th to the 25th. The CSR says ok. We believe that everything is going smoothly. We NEVER receive statements from Wells Fargo or a payment book to make payments and then all of a sudden we get a Repossession letter from Wells Fargo stating that we are 2 1/2 months past due as well as harassing phone calls. So, I think it's a little strange. I call the Bank (I was listed as someone to make changes to the account) to find out what was going on and what kind of problem there was. The CSR informs us that the car is due on the 10th and that we were acquiring enough late charges to equal that of making the car payment 2 1/2 months late. Now I know we may not have been the best payment makers in history but I have NEVER gotten a car repo'ed. Well we rectify this situation. Then in Feb. 2007 I get a notice in the mail stating that they never received proof of insurance. So, I immediately fax this info over and what a shocker they never received this. Of course, I didn't know this. I just keep making our monthly payments of $435 a month like I'm supposed to. Then in August 2007 another repo notice comes in the mail. Now i'm really upset . I contact Wells Fargo and find out that they never received the proof of insurance so they took it out for me from Balboa and with my premiums for the insurance and late fees for the actual payment on the principal of the loan it equals $2500 in back fees. Now, of course I wouldn't know that because i've never received a statement from Wells Fargo (even after requesting one and being sent none). They tell me we have to pay this now and then Balboa will take care of it later. So, I ask my mother in law to borrow the money to keep the car. I go on thinking everything is ok. Now is October of 2007 I start getting phone calls again. Wells Fargo still have fixed the problem with Balboa. By this time we are angry and have a CRAPPY credit rating because of it. I contact the bank to find out the payoff amount of the car 11/02/2007. When I do I get 4 different quotes. My father in law says he will pay for the car to be paid off. We give him the highest figure. They receive the payoff 11/07/07 it posts 11/09/07. They sent out a Title and a refund check for $30.39. I think everything is great. Until 11/14/2007. When I get a call from Wells Fargo's Repo Department stating the car is going to be repo'ed. That's funny to someone that KNOWS the car is paid off. Contact them to find out that the payment was posted and then removed because we bounced a check in October. Contact them and find out what's going on after the run around of 2 weeks. Nov. 19th I check my mail and find the title to the car as well as a refund check and even more funny a repo letter. How can that be???? Contact customer service they tell me I am in the wrong department and need to speak to the Repo Line. So, I speak to them to find out that there is still a small balance on the account. Now this is super funny ..... why send a credit and a title on a car that still has a "small" balance. So, we supposedly fix this. They will send a statement for the small balance and remove any pending payments on the account. Nov 23,2007, I wake up and check our bank account to find that we are $1400 negative. I almost have a heart attack. I check what from... Wells Fargo took money out of our account and made EVERY SINGLE THING ELSE ON OUR ACCOUNT BOUNCE... TO THE TUNE OF $800 DOLLARS IN OVERDRAFT FEES!!!! I immediately contact WF to find out why. They can't find the payment because "it has posted", that's funny cause it was a debit. They can't find the payment. I say of course you can't cause I didn't make it or authorize it. I just want my money back. Meanwhile i've dicking around with them since Nov. 23,2007 trying to get out money as well as fees back because they stole it from us and to no avail still have not. Our paychecks that are direct deposited have gone through and we literally have $200 left, we are behind 2 months in our rent (it figures the rent check bounced because they took the money and we couldn't pay the 12/07 rent on time because the account was so negative, and now our checking account has a restraint on it due to being so negative for so long trying to rectify the situation). So, tomorrow I get to get on the phone for another 2 hours trying to speak to some other rude ### to fix the problem that they did so I can try to get the money in time to pay my rent so I don't get evicted at Christmas and unfortunately not in enough time so my daughter will not have a Christmas present this year. Believe me when I say I will gladly accept any class action suit filed against this AWFUL, VILE AND DISGUSTING company.

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  • Sh
    Shermaine Brown Dec 13, 2007

    I can not believe the unprofessional treatment my husband has received from WF. I must admit my husband and I have had some finical problems this past year while trying to start up a transporting business. Not to mention I lost my job of 8yrs. So yes his truck payments have been late on many occasions.

    Just recently I over heard my husband on the phone making arrangement on his loan in order to catch up his past due balance. That same day he made the arrangement he made a $1,000 payment via money gram. He thought everything was in good standing with his every two weeks payment arrangement. The next day he gets a call from collections telling him his car is going into repo status and that he need to make another payment. My husband explained he just made arrangement and that it should be noted on his account. Lets just say the collection rep wasn't hearing anything he was saying, she showed she could care less when she stated " WE DON'T WANT TO HEAR NO MORE LIES FROM YOU, YOU JUST NEED TO PAY YOUR BILLS ON TIME" I could not believe that a person working in a business setting would talk to a customer in this way regardless how delinquent he may be. My husband requested to speak with a manager or supervisor he also asked the lady for her name and she refused and then hung up. Now I have been in the customer service field for over 12yrs. There was no way I was going to let her get away with this. I had my husband call back, to make a long story short he got to a manager who was no better , this man was so rude that he brought me to tears with his harse words. I was so upset after talking to these people. I only wish they had a office in Michigan. I would be the first to track down the head person in charge. I only mention one of many bad phone experience we have had with this company but trust me there has been many more. It's a shame they seem to think they can treat people this way.

    I am so happy I decided to google complaints for WF. I will take action in all ways possible to help the fight of getting this company to be accountable for their actions and mistakes of over all bad customer service. I know the calls are recorded, so they say... is no one checking behind these azz holes.

    One last note......Well fargo we may be in debt to you now but there will come a time when you will find your business declining. Look at what happen to Ameritech. Every dog has it's day!

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  • Ja
    Janice D. Capps Dec 18, 2007

    I too wanted to do the right thing by Wells Fargo. Three years ago I bought a 2005 Chrysler Sebring with an interest rate of 17%. After a few years I was asked if there was anything I didn't like about my loan and I said YES, the high interest rate. So they talked me into refinancing and getting more money to pay off some debt at 14%.

    I have a 34yo handicap daughter who lived in a group home until a year and a half ago when she had been molested twice I brought her home with me. For many, many months I struggled to get her in out of this vehicle. God answered our prayers, we got a handicap van with a ramp and after shoulder surgery I no longer have to struggle with her.

    At the same time I was working to get the van I also was working with someone at Wells Fargo to pay off the car was $20,000. First they wanted to get a home equity loan. I didn't have enough equity for that so they decided to refinance my home for 40 years at a interest rate 2 times higher than I'm paying now. I didn't agree with that , my goodness I would be 95 years old if I'm still alive.

    So finally we settled on a special line of credit to pay the car off and I could sell the car and put into the loan to get the amount down. Did I mention that the car is only worth $8500 as trade-in?

    We closed on the loan on12-14-2007, when I got home I called to find out the exact pay off and let them know that I would be getting the money in 8-10 days.

    The pay off was $1000 more than what it was when we first began the process of paying the loan off. So I asked if they would settle for the $20,000. Well some smart horses rear got on the phone and said "How many times have you been told that WE DON'T SETTLE!" I said "Well the lady before you and I suppose that's what you're trying to tell me.

    I told her if she would rather loose $21,000 instead of $1,000 on a vehicle that's only worth $8500 I'm sure that would make her boss extremely impressed.

    I told her she could come and get the car, I canceld the $20,000 loan and I really don't care. I will never deal with Wells Fargo again. I'm sure this isn't the last of it, all they care about is $$$$$$$$$$.

    I agree with one of the previous comments, There SHOULD be a class action suit against them. They won't even listen to you. What kind of IDIOT turns down $20,000 on a $21,000 debt.

    I'm sure my credit will bottom out, but you know what? Jesus will be coming soon for all of us and I have a pretty good idea what he will do with THIEFS!

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  • Cy
    Cyberqueen Dec 19, 2007

    I have similar problems.Wells Fargo calls me EVERY month starting on the 11th or 12th and the paymnt is not due until the 18th! I'm filing a complaint with the FTC.

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  • Bi
    Bianca Bolden Dec 28, 2007

    I have the same problem. It took almost 7months of overpaying and frustration before I got a refund or money I never owed in the first place. It's some type of scam.

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  • Ke
    Ken Hosken Jan 16, 2008

    I am in total agrreement.
    I purchased a vehicle in March 2004. I am a missionary in Mexico and purchased a vehicle with WellsFartgo the spring before I went on the feild. I read carefully that ther was no clauses saying that I could not take the vehicle out of the country. I have made my payments faithfully and have had the vehicle insured 100% of the time while in Mexico and whenever I was in the US. I have paid off over half of the vehcile and They are now saying that neither of my insurance policies are good according to them. Even though on the contract it mentions that our repsonsiblity is to have our vehicle fully covered all the time. it does mention anything about US only. Tell me why would I have a vehicle fully covered in the US when the Vehicle is being used by me in Mexico most of the time?
    They also mentioned that I was in default of contract, which is not true. I already went through Balboa innsurance groupies and they give me the run around too.
    So far all the Customer service people have lied, have been caught in their lies, and do not accept an of it. They have called family member in other parts of the US and have refused to identify themselves and call them 2-5 times a day. They changed my contact information on my online contact information in my profiles so they would get a wrong number. That happened the same day they had called me to tell me I was lat for a payment that I did not ever know about until the phone call. I didn;t even receive a Statement for that month, didn't receive and e-mail, nor phone calls until that had happened. What we are looking at is illegal and a fraud. They are on breech of Contract. We all need to report them to Better Business Bureau. And let them feel the heat for once of the US Government.
    I agree, I will never do business with them ever again and speak trash forever about them and the clonies.

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  • Ke
    Ken Hosken Jan 16, 2008

    JUST FOR THE RECORD: Wells Fargo has an unsatisfactory record with BBB and is not accredited with them.

    This should be a heads up for anyone wanting to go through them. I know I will not do that again.

    Good luck!

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  • Sc
    Scott Weber Feb 04, 2008

    "I had, in fact, canceled the loan. They proceeded to manipulate in such a way that I was STUCK with their loan." Why did you continue to go with the loan? Why did you not dispute the loan and save your credit? Why did you take a loan for $17K at 17%? I have a loan with WFAF too and I HATE them!

    They continually tell me every month that I can file for an extension after I pay, I call them back and they say I don't qualify.

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