Wegmans Food Marketslow stock/no stockchase in formula wegmans brand whole wheat bread

This has to be one of the busiest stores in Greece. Throughout the past year, it seems like there are items that are constantly low or out of stock. For example, in the creamer section there is a Silk Brand Hazelnut creamer which has been out for weeks now. The vanilla flavor Quart for Silk Brand has also been out of stock for over a week. In the Bread Section, Wegmans put out on display roughtly a month ago a Gluten Free Mulitgrain Artisan Sandwich Bread by LaBrea Bakery. It must have been a best seller because all of them were sold. Today I grabbed the last one of the white bread today. There has not been any restock. There was an Annie's Brand GF mac and cheese product small box that must be either discontinued or out of stock and it has not been stocked for weeks...will see if it is available somewhere else.

Lastly, Wegmans apparently has decided to use the Strohman Bakery facility to now manufacture their Wegman's 100% Whole Wheat Bread. With that change, the formula of the bread has now changed to add monoglycerides which are NOT healthy. Why does the formula have to change? Certain members of our family have food/dietary restrictions and have been able to eat this bread without issue. Now we have to look for an alternate source that doesn't have all the extra preservatives, etc. It's seems that the bottom line for Wegmans is profit rather than being nutritionally sound and giving all their customers a wide range of options. Instead, limiting these options and choices will force customers to go elsewhere. Disastified customer.

Oct 08, 2019

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