Webroot Spysweepercancellation of support without notice

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Webroot/SpySweeper elected to upgrade their existing software. Unknown to them at the time their new release no longer supported any Windows 2000 OS. My system was down two weeks while they diagnosed the problem (system unprotected). But that's NOT the complaint. Once they discovered their product would NO longer support Win2000 they simply said, "sorry, we can NO longer support you unless you get new equipment". I said I cannot afford new upgrades so give me a REFUND for my two year subscription. THEY REFUSED! Instead, they offered my another free year of service on a system I do not own!!
They took my money, quit supporting my OS (without any advance notice) and then REFUSED to provide any Refund !! That is a SCAM ! I'm sure there are others in my same situation... time for a CLASS ACTION SUIT!


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      Mar 22, 2011

    If you're in VA, contact State Attorney General's office. As far as I am concerned Webroot sucks as Anti-Virus. I heard the guy who founded the company died and they have gone downhill ever since. The POS couldnt detect all of the viruses I got recently had that either I removed or malwarebytes helped me remove and I have Windows XP.

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