Webroot Softwareunauthorized credit card charges


webroot software charged my credit card account for a virus spyware renewal. I did not sign up for automatic renewal. I am retired, 69 years old, and live on social security which is very small. I was told by Webroot that since the charge was in July I had waited too long (October) to get a refund or reversal of charges. I told them I don't even have that program on my new computer. They requested my email address to send it to me for download since I had to pay anyway.

A few days ago I was charged again as auto renewal on this same software that I had gone on-line to order a year ago. I had kept getting notices on the computer that my program was expired and was directed on-line to purchase a renewal, but I did not sign up for auto-renewal that time either. I wouldn't have purchased the renewal in 10/2009 had I known there was already an automatic renewal charged to me. I was ill during that time period and under heavy medication. I thought I fixed this problem a year and a half ago and now it back.

I feel that they took advantage of me. I have a different software for virus protection purchased when I bought my new computer. Now I have two programs that do the same thing.

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