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N Review updated:

Early termination of Spyweeper Anti-virus with Anti-Malware updates subscription and attempts to trick user into paying a renewal fee. Watch out for this practice from Webroot Software Inc. ( I have been with Webroot for 5+ years, but maybe Robert Nardelli joined up with them recently and plans to hose customers like he did at Home Depot and Chrysler) Webroot deactivated my account with 8 +months left on my subscription with no explanation. Even when I inquired by email as to what happened their response was that it was expired and I could renew for another year by paying $19.95 again. This unexplained early termination happened before and not that long ago, but I renewed that time because I thought a year had gone by (wrong! I still had 2 + months left on that subscription). Webroot is short changing its customers by arbitrarily terminating support subscriptions early then seeking renewal fees. I use to be a long time customer and supportor, but no more. There are equal or better products out there that are free or of equal cost (but with less system overhead). Only thing that comes to mind is that the company must be on shaky financial ground to resort to this behavior.


  •   Mar 08, 2010

    Hi Nick - I'm sorry to hear about this and I can assure you the early termination was not done intentionally. Please email me with the keycode for the product and I can get this taken care of for you. [protected]

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