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N May 08, 2015 Review updated:

I purchased from Bestbuy and not realizing Webroot Internet Security is "Activated at Purchase" and did not install immediately because I have other internet security program that was still active.
By the time that I decided to use Webroot, I was not able to install the program. Too bad, I won't even have a chance to try out Webroot. And for now, it does not matter whether its a good program or not, I would not buy this program, and I certainly will not recommend anyone to buy this. Its just poor business practice.
I understand business is in the business to make money. However, this feels like a rip-off.
Waste of Money.


  • J
      May 15, 2015

    It clearly says "Activated at purchase, Install Immediately" on the box. Perhaps you should actually read the packaging before purchasing?

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  • S
      Jan 10, 2018

    Yes, it say "In-store activation required. Term starts at activation". It does in tiny (one third the normal size) font at the end of a paragraph, on the bottom of the back.

    I also had the exact same experience and was told by the best buy store to "suck it up" that's how subscriptions work, my loss. I do agree with that statement to a point however if I purchased a subscription I know when it I want it to start. My cable had to ask/ inform me when the subscription would start, my home security had to ask when I wanted it to begin. I was given a package and an activation code that I understood was to be used when I wanted it installed.

    I will not buy Webroot again nor, shop at BestBuy. My $80.00 loss to "customer misunderstanding" has lost a lifetime customer and many of my families business. Poor customer service and misinformed/ lackadaisical sales help will be these poor companies demise.

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