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takes 3 appointments to turn gas on

I am now on my third attempt to have the gas turned on at my house. There has been a complete lack of communication from their service representatives concerning this job.

I first scheduled service for 1/11/2011. The technician did not turn on the gas because no one was home. I was never told that someone had to be home for the gas to be turned on. Why don’t they inform the customer about this when the appointment is made? If they had, someone would have been there.

A second appointment was made for the next day. My wife took half a day off from work and sat in a cold, empty house for 5 hours waiting for the technician. When he arrived, he apparently failed to knock on the door hard enough for my wife to hear him, so he simply left, even though there was a car parked in the driveway, so someone was obviously home. They have our phone number—couldn’t the technician have called before he left the property? Or called ahead of time to verify that someone was home? Why do they take your phone number if they are not going to use it?

Now I have scheduled a third appointment. I will now have to take another half-day off from work myself to wait for their technician. It is the middle of winter and this house has no heat. Why can’t this company communicate with a customer better than this?

cheated on blanket plan after offering it

They advertised a blanket plan for all the properties. Like a budget plan. I manage they said i was enrolled and then kept billing me incorrectly every time i call they have a different story why I not being bill on the plan. Yet i cant cancel without penalties. They are still bill me for properties the owner had died and the building sold 4 years ago. The are insistent that we are obligated still after all these years.

every time a get the typical runn around I will wait till the tow years is up & never use them again They bill more that the gas company does.

bad customer service

It took 6 phone calls to get through their ridiculously ineffective voice mail system to get to a person to...

awful customer service

Washington Gas should not be allowed to continue its monopoly of the business. Its customer service is simply...

transfering service

I have had Wash Gas for 2 years now and I am moving and have to have it again. They want to change me a ONE time service fee of 60.00 which I have already paid two times and a deposit. Even though I have always paid on time and never been late since we have had them. To top it off they cant tell me what the deposit will be until I get the first bill. How jacked up is this? ? ? ? ?

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vandalism, billing, lying

Before Thanksgiving 2007, Washington Gas came to turn on service for the separately metered basement unit for...


My complain about Washington Gas
The incorrect bill was sent for December, because of an incorrect miter reading and an investigation took a place. The miter was corrected and for January we got correct bill. I got new statement on 02/09/2009 and there are still incorrect amount for December plus late fee. I spoke with representative about this issue and with supervisor Ms. Shila at lease 5 times, but amount for December is still incorrect and now is February.
I sent three letters to customer service and I didn’t get any response at all. My problems with Washington Gas started last September (09/2008) as wrong miter reading, wrong bill and up today I can’t resolve all issues.
I’m going to submit this letter to all sources, which I could possible find.

  • Al
    allaboutwork Mar 01, 2009

    My gas bill is 2 times higher since November of 2008. Someone needs to investigate this issue. People have more problems with jobs, gas and losing there homes. Please someone help. Email address is [email protected] if you have advise please email.

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  • Wd
    WDC Jun 24, 2009

    I have had problems with Washington Gas billing also since December 2008 when we switched to an alternate provider, WGES. They didnt bill us January - March and then billed us $1300 and then 3 days later $1600!! No way that 2 people with a new HVAC system and our being away for part of December, all of January and 1/2 of February to have this much of a bill. We are on the budget plan for estimated usage and - even though we have regularly sent in actual meter readings, they refuse to use ours and just estimate it. We figure that they overestimate by approx 117 therms over our actual usuage. This has been going on since 2004! I think that they owe us alot of money. We contacted the MD Attorney General and then filed a complaint April 20, 2009 with the Public Service Commission and also with our Congressional Representative. So far they STILL are overbilling us, have never sent us an acknowledgement of our complaint, tried to require a large deposit (we have been with them for 30 years!); etc. Finally today billing returned our call (1st time since April 20 -- today is June 23). They did not have all the facts; tried to say that we owed $1400! Last month we only owed $328 more than our figures indicate. Quite an increase for 1 month!! I think that we are just the tip of the iceberg. It seems to us that its either 1) incompetence 2) fraud or 3)embezzling.

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  • Wr
    wrongbill Dec 07, 2010

    I have the exact same issues with Washington Gas, tough out 2009 I only used about 300 therms all readings where actual not estimated. Then starting in March 2010 they began estimating my bill for the next 7 months until when sometime in early October of 2010 they said they needed to do maintenance to my meter. One week later the so called maintenance a actual reading was done on the meter showing that over 719 additional therms where used since February. So the total use for this year shows over 1020 therms, over 3 times higher then the previous year. So somehow I used over 800 additional therms since February.

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  • Mg
    Mgr123 Mar 22, 2011

    Wash Gas also did "maintenance" to our meter which resulted in a usage of 144 therms... in AUGUST.. yeah - for the past 9 years it's been 10-12 therms and now 144??? I don't think so.. Their "customer service" assured me each month that it would be corrected and it's now March and I am still waiting. Last cust svc jerk I spoke with tried to tell me that since my meter reading is correct today (in March) that it was correct in October (no physical reading - only an "electronic one" showing an abnormal number ) and that I had to pay. Ridiculous company full of incompetence, fraud, abuse and lies. If I could cancel and find someone else, I would.

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awful company

2 years ago Washington Gas Energy advertised they were 15% lower than BGE. So of course I switched my energy service over to their company. What a bait and switch! I didn't realize when I renewed my contract with them last summer, that in truth they are now over 30% higher than BGE.

In calling Washington Gas Energy about the price difference they told me 'well the prices last summer were higher than now and you locked into that rate'.

When I said I wanted to cancel, they continued management was going to 'consider' lowering the rate sometime in February, but, if I wanted to cancel, there would be a cancel charge of $50, because of money they would lose. They would lose? You've gotta be kidding me!!! How about how much money they made off their clients to begin with?

They furthered, it would of course take one to two billing cycles to take effect. Isn't that convenient! It would be March or April, just when we don't need to use the furnace as much.

My advise...always check therm rates even after you've switched companies so you don't turn into a victim like me.

Do you think I'll get a rebate? Doubt it.

representative behavior

I called the gas company a couple concerning an increase in my gas bills. I explained to the representative, that the house is unoccupied and
the bill have increasing each month. The bill went from $7.90 to over
$200.00 per month. I ask them to sent some one out to investigate and they assure me that they went out and check the meter and they found nothing wrong. I ask to speak to the supervisor and was told to hold on and I held on for 45 minutes and not a soul came back to the phone. this should not be happening to the consumer.

I would appreciate your help in this matter.

Mrs. White

  • First I am in the military with auto pay set up, all my bills are payed and my account is in good standing. I called them about a issue with our gas fireplace insert. We are renting and tried to get it started up. We smelled gas and shut it off immediately. In the off position we did not smell gas. Our neighbor had nearly the same problem. He recommended call the gas company. I did the emergency crew was called out and did not find a leak initially. The valve was opened and then close and the leak detection meter went off the scale for a leak. The valve was open since we moved in with no issue. The gas guy then shut off the gas at the meter per "the policy" on Friday at 1450 hrs. He said if we got the problem fixed they could turn the gas back on ASAP they were "24/7/365" company just call. I paid $160 for a contractor to come out with "emergency" pay. The problem was fixed by 1745 hrs. I called the gas company to come out and turn it back on, there response was they could not do it until Monday which is unacceptable since I have a young son and the lows that night were supposed to be 39. I called multiple times talked to multiple people to resolve the issue after doing my due diligence and doing exactly what was required from my position. I asked to talk to a supervisor and one was not available. I gave them my phone numbers to contact me to resolve the issue after doing exactly what they said to do to resolve the issue. I called back every hour on the hour to turn the as back on with no resolution. Their answer was the same each time the best they could do was Monday. I called both the regular line and emergency line with no resolution. I finally got my gas turned back on the next day paying another contractor to turn the gas back on. Later that morning I was finally contacted by the supervisor who left a message telling me that things were on track for Monday which is the best the could do. I called them and canceled the order since I did it myself after spending $240 for a service they should provide. Therefore I am filing a complaint about their service. This has solidified a few things in my mind 1) it must be nice to have a monopoly since their are no other gas providers, if there was I would change immediately 2) never call the gas company, if my rental house were about to explode due to a gas leak I would still not call them. Their service is deplorable. Everyone that I contacted stated "that is the policy" so I leave this in your hands.

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  • Mg
    Mgr123 Mar 22, 2011

    They probably did something to your meter. It has happened to us and it was a defecting electronic reading device that was recording our bills at 4x -5x the normal average cost. Ask them when the maintenance was done last on your meter and make sure you read it and report it yourself the 15th of every month. Taking a photo of the meter with the date helps. We shouldn't have to live like this as customers. Awful just awful the way customers are treated by this company.

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terrible place

Regardless if you have made differed or payment arrangements. Washington Gas will charge you a service deposit. Please keep you own records. So you can get this corrected. If not you will have to pay the deposit. Regardless Wash Gas will pay this back to your account within 12 mths. With there new system they no longer have a prior record billing for 12 months and payments made. Looks like they are trying to keep things internal instead of external... They are becoming a bigger headache then COMCAST!!! Someone needs to report to the paper and do a story on them. So they can stop Ripping people off!!!

gave my account away

In September/October 2007 Washington Gas cancelled my Washington Gas/Washington Gas Energy Services account...

completely frustrating

Their customer service menu over the phone in one word: frustrating. If you want the urge to shoot yourself...

cut off gas without notice!

My gas was cut off since wed 14th without noticed after I reported that I smell gas in my backyard and I wa...

be careful with their &estimated& billing

I just received a bill for about $744 for the previous month of service, to my surprise, as my bill is usually around $70 or so since I move into this new resent mid last year. I later found out after, speaking with the customer service, this is because for the past 5 month, they have been using an "estimation" of the gas usage. As it turns out, I actually used a lot more then they billed me each month, for the past 5 month. I think part of the reason may be I just move into this new home last year, and maybe previous owner did not use as much gas.

Anyway, it is not that I do not want to pay my bill; I just want to caution other customers with regard to this practice by Washington Gas. If the upper left corner of your bill state “ESTMATED” then the reading of your gas meter is just an estimation, and your actual usage may be more/less then your are currently being charged (in my case is MUCH less), and if it states “READ BY CO.” then the reading would be your actual usage of gas.

I wonder if such practice is legal.

Only if I knew the actual cost a few months ago, I would have at least had the opportunity to try and reduce gas usage.

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