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J Nov 26, 2017

I am a current employee at store number 1714 Waffle House in Mobile, Al. The manager abuses her authority, I've got written up for false insorbornation! She gives me few hours under 20, when I'm the greatest asset in the building! She stated, she begin to give me few hours because of an attitude she claims (false) I had from 3 weeks ago I just moved, I informed unit manager Traci Carter I need my normal hours since I have started I've had a minum of 35 hours anything she ask me to do I do it, my attitude is more than great, ask the entire restraunt customers in all everyone loves me except her, I did not catch an attitude but I stood up to her and she is used to everyone kissing but. She is a bully who abuses her authority, includes her personal feelings into her work life, District manager wanted me to sign the write up I did not agree with, Lavorgie (district manager) stated at a store meeting included up to 30 people, it is his job to make the division manager look good, and to make sure the unit manager is not being run over... according to the waffle house way I don't think that's logical, they are torturing me so I can leave I never did anything to Traci false write up and abusing her athority I know my rights as an waffle house employee and this is discrimination she shows favoritism, I have proof in writing and other witnesses from the local restraint! she will not get away with mistreatment and OVERWORKING her employees because she is in the office all day! she never helps cook hiding from the grill! I will come to Georgia if I have to ive worked for waffle house a long time and I will have Waffle house on as much social Media and News channels she cannot keep getting away with the things going on in that restraunt I'm very unhappy and displeased with upper management... Ghram (division manager) didn't try to help the situation at all! He stated at a second meeting you have the best manager in the disstrict I think she is fair Graham stated... informed gram just because you think, she is a great manager doesn't make her right just because she wrote me up, I'm trying to get a transfer they are wirhholsing information from me telling me to wait I just moved across town... I'm already being work related abused! And management will not provide me with the creditials I need to be successful at waffle house... I probably the best cook that works for waffle house I can gureentee I'm in the top 10 in the county just how good I am, unit manager Traci automatically gets offended when looking at me Division manager stated she is probably scared your gonna blow off, I asked division manager grhram... how are you guys just gonna judge me and say I'm a bad person or an angry person from my appearance... they do not understand my speach I'm going to make this an issue... because it is one and I don't want anyone else to feel the way I feel... over worked, unappreciated, bullied, remember boy who cried wolf... none of the management believes me actually one does but he won't speak up but all of my coworkers do the division manager is never at the store he knows not as much as the employees of the unit managers work... she sent someone else home they other day because they asked her a question told them u making me angry and sent them home she didn't have to deal with that... its getting outrageous... can anybody help me? Unit 1714 I keep tryna get help no one is helping please... I like my job I want to be there but I will not be bullied or mistreated... I don't want to get my hours taken away for standing up for myself, I was so professional when they MADE me sign the write up I cried because there was nothing I could do about it I'm starting to hate waffle house and it was my favorite place to work

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    Spoke with my District manager, Transfer is in effect ! I very happy about that ! Whoop whoop, District manager is a greaaaat guy, he always fixes all of my problems !😀

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