Waffle Housemanager bonni garrett 1101


Adairsville ga. Waffle house. I have worked for waffle house since 2003 and recently got put on the no hire list simply because I told on how nasty bonni garrret unit 1101 is. She treats all employees like crap except the ones she favors. No one ever cleans the floors in that store it smells like human crap coming up from underneath the grill. Rat traps out in the open. Bonni goes to the rest room with her apron on and returns with fesces on her apron string. She coughs and never washes her hands. Her hair falls out in the food all day. She touches raw meat then cutts the toast for the customers without washing her hands. Bonni garret buys her cooks beer and ciggeretes so that they will work a certain shift. She is buying foodstamps off her employees. She sits in the back and picks her noise before cooking orders. She has on numerrous times pooped herself and ran to the bathroom just to simply wipe before she returns to cook food. Many customers have complained on her as well as former employess and we are getting no where. I cant let this one filthy woman be the reason I lose my career with waffle house. I will not give up and there is more to tell.

  • Updated by dw1988 · Oct 19, 2017

    Bonni garret gives her employees a prep talk prior to corp. showing up at her store . She tells them, lets clean this store and no smoking weed or drinking during your shift until corporate comes by. she allows certain employees to do what ever they want. Bonni says it does not do any good to try to call corporate or complain cause they will not do anything to her.. she was right . This has to change. money came out of my check for eating food. I never ate at that store unless bonni was off thats how nasty she is!! very dirty fingernails. unit 1101 needs new management all the way to the top .

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