Waffle House #596overcharging sales tax on everyone's bill, health code issues and unethical behavior

L Aug 02, 2018 Review updated:

My husband and I went to the Waffle House #596 in Crossville, TN on 8/2/18. I couldn't believe what happened on our visit!

First, things seemed ok. We ordered and got our food and things were going ok. Next, one of the employees came out of the bathroom holding up a blouse that someone had left in the bathroom. She went table to table asking if anyone left it in the bathroom. It was brand new and still had the tags on it. It was a flowery lace long sleeved button up blouse. No one claimed it.

A few minutes later there were about 5-6 employees laughing and cracking up behind the counter. I looked up and saw the white male cook with glasses, put on the blouse and several employees whipped out their phones and were taking pictures of him. I thought, what is happening? What if the person who owned that blouse were to come back and ask if someone handed it in? She would have gotten her brand new blouse back that had been worn by a male employee who had been cooking all morning and sweating and put her shirt on as a joke. I didn't like that at all! Where is the basic respect for someone else's things?

Next, our waitress gives us our check without asking us if we wanted or needed anything else, which I thought was rude. She just wanted to get back to the shenanigans happening behind the counter. The manager was even standing there watching the whole thing.

Then, there were two employees who went outside for a smoke break. When they came back inside, they went straight to handling silverware and napkins, without ever washing their hands. What was worse, is that a manager was standing at the door watching both of them the whole time and never told them to wash their hands or anything! That has to be some kind of health code violation.

Finally, we got up to pay and, on the check, it had a 10% sales tax. I asked my husband, "Isn't our sales tax 9.75%"? He said yep. So, I asked the girl at the checkout, what is the sales tax? She said it was 9.75%. I said, well, the waitress put 10% tax on our bill. Our bill was $17.90 and tax was $1.79. Granted, not a huge difference in pay, but I thought I would ask her about it. She said that she was trained to just put 10% sales tax because it was easier to add up on the handwritten receipt. Really? That is illegal! She said that the manager said they could not use any calculators and she said it was too difficult to figure out the tax in their heads, so they were told to just charge 10% sales tax to make it easy. She said she would work it out if we really wanted it refigured. At that point, I asked her if they offer a Veteran's discount. She said yes, and said, "So I will just take the 10% tax off and leave it at that". So, I still don't know what the veteran discount was and was so flustered by that time, I paid the bill and left. I just could not believe they would be ripping off customers like that. If you average 5cents per customer, times about 150 per day, for a year, that store is making over $2700 per year!! Crazy and illegal! Wouldn't that store have a surplus of money (somewhere) if all of the checks and balances were done each night on the registers??

Waffle House Headquarters really need to keep better tabs on how the individual stores are doing business before the whole company gets sued for ripping folks off. No telling how long this has been going on. I was very disappointed in the whole visit, as I have enjoyed Waffle Houses elsewhere in the United States.

The resolution I would like to see is health codes issues addressed, this Waffle House probably needs training on health codes and respect for the customer items that may be left behind. Also, they need to teach the waitresses how to use a calculator and let them use it, so the correct sales tax is on each bill instead of overcharging.


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      Aug 09, 2018

    Waffle House is notorious for hiring ghetto dirty people, who smoke marijuana and sell different types of drugs by the employees. I would never trust this place. Not very hygienic at all. Most of the locations I have been to were not impressive at all. Talk about health codes, this place is probably getting so many people sick. I would never eat there. Smoking employees going straight to cook food for you without washing their hands, it’s just too gross. Can’t jeopardize my family’s health just because these guys have no simple manners.

    Aldo the managers are jokers at Waffle House. No customer service skills at all. They don’t care either. They just want to chill most of the time and not do anything. While garbages are full and stinky and they are standing around doing nothing. I never knew how to complain to corporate office.

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