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This VRBO owner withheld our security deposit because she miscalculated the actual cost to heat the pool during our stay. The rate she offered was $15 per day and she tried to cover her $450 monthly gas bill with our deposit. She was not available when the microwave stopped working, she did not call me back when I had questions about the gate and accused us of having animal feces and urine stains on the carpet. The best part is that there was never an animal in the house! She threatened that there was no where to hide in her last email. Beware of this crazy and underhanded owner. The house was not spotless when we arrived and was left in normal 1 week lived in condition when you have paid for cleaning services (bed linen laundering, towel laundering, floor mop, carpets vacuumed and mirrors cleaned). If she thought I was going to deep clean that would be unfair to us. I would use extreme caution with VRBO or as well. I want to leave a negative review but apparently the owner gets to 'preview and approve' the submission. They are booked through May so I hope others can read this and get out while the getting is good. I only lost $200 but who knows what she'll accuse the next person of. Maybe she'll get them for the new microwave she needs.


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      Jan 27, 2011

    Good Morning! I hate that you ran into this situation and this one bad owner. I have been using VRBO and HomeAway for several years and in fact have a binder full of decent, kind and reliable folks all over the southeast and east coast. I will be glad to share all my wonderful experiences and folks with good properties with you. I hate to think that you would give up because of one dishonest individual. There definitely are some out there and you have to carefully calculate costs and the "hissen fees" that some of them leave out! Happy Vacations!

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      Apr 05, 2018

    @Armymom1926 I am having the same situation with TNT Rentals, I rented through the VRBO Home Away. They claimed soiled bed linens and that the cabin was filthy. No truth to this at all..Very upset as I have always had positive experiences until this one. I do not plan to use VRBO ever again.

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      Apr 05, 2018

    I am currently having a Keep my deposit and lying situation from a rental we just returned from. They sent a message that the cabin was filthy and the sheets were stained and damaged .
    This is not true... so livid. We have used VRBO and have had great experiences but this is a nightmare.
    We left the cabin clean just as we found it, if not cleaner.
    If they don't refund our deposit I will certainly be sure to report this on every social media available.
    I am 64 years old and took my 17 and 19 year oldf granddaughters on this trip They are very clean and picked up after themselves. I have never been denied a deposit return. I respected the cabin like it was my own.
    Kathy Weiss

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      Apr 05, 2018

    @horsesX3 Beware of renting cabins through VRBO in the Smokies.. Bernice Tanker and TNT Rentals are dishonest.

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