C Aug 17, 2018

Last year or so you started charging $12.99 for your roses and right about the same time the quality went down drastically. Thin stems, not many leaves and seldom do they full out a regular rose vase. You use to have a policy that if they died before 5 days you could return them. I bought some 4 days ago and was terribly disappointed when I opened them because once again they coldn't fill up the vase and there were not many leaves even after I had the floral manger help to pick them out. I just returned them as they were dying after 4 days even thought I cut the bottoms on an angle (I use to have over 40 rose bushes ) And kept the water fresh. I had receipt in hand and your new manager was sOOOO rude to me telling me no I could not return them that is no longer your policy. Then she accused me of not cutting the bottoms which was clearly a lie as on the way out I took a picture of one of my roses next to the ones in the store and it was obvious they have been cut. I AM VERY VERY MAD. I shop at that store almost daily and spend 100's a week as I cook and bake a lot and buy a lot of wine as I like to entertain. I also this week was told I couldn't return a bag of almond flour I realized I didn't need which I tried to return less than 24 hours after I bought it. And yes I had the receipt. I feel like I have a bullet on my head when I walk in the store why would I want to shop there anymore other than the fact I live right next door.


  • Updated by CatPas · Aug 17, 2018

    By the way the manager who was sooooo rude to me name is Blanca. This person has NO business being in a customer service business. I have never had anyone in a store treat me so rudely.

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