Vonsfloral dept clerk's name was bri


09/07/17 16:[protected] is from my receipt.

I moved to this neighborhood Feb 28th and have shopped at Vons for many years. I have bought flowers from this store at least 15 times and 4 times I have had them wrapped for different occasions.. birthdays and reuniting with high school friends (2 bouquets wrapped) in August I think. I bought 2 more last June and had them wrapped with a bow for my daughter's high school graduation without many issues (only one girl Jordan I think wasn't too friendly but the supervisor said she didn't work there anymore) and no extra charges. On 9/7/17 I went in and picked out 2 small bouquets for my co-worker's retirement dinner that night. I walked up to the counter (she was unpacking a box of bouquets) and asked her to wrap them together with a bow. Just like I had always done and she rudely said it's $5. I said oh, really? When did that start? She said with a scrunched up face, ha, always, ever since I've been here. I asked how long is that? She said 3 years, I said I've been getting them wrapped here and no one has ever charged me. She said they should have been. But as soon as she realized I wasn't going to pay extra, she continued to do her work instead of coming over to the counter where I was standing to talk to me. She didn't offer to call someone for me she just argued. And I'm thinking she doesn't care at all how she's treating me and is not worried about getting into any trouble or getting a low score on a "secret shopper" report . I asked for the manager and she quickly says she's not here, meanwhile I'm getting later for my dinner party, I did't have much time to begin with. I say I'd like whoever is in charge right now. She said so and so is here, he's a Supervisor, I said yes please, whoever's in charge, doesn't have to be the store manager. She stops and pages him. While I'm waiting, I continue to tell her I was just here in June, got 2 wrapped without being charged extra. The supervisor comes over, I forget his name but he's always there and is nice and friendly. He asks what's going on and I tell him. He said he wasn't really sure if they charge for that or not that he'd have to ask the floral manager but she wasn't there or something so he'd ask when she returned to work; he said I'm sure we charge for the ribbon though. I tell him I've never been charged ever at any Vons/Pavilions over the last 10 years. He said maybe we have changed the policy. I said that's true but she said she's been here 3 years and has always charged $5 and I was just in here last June and wasn't charged. Then Bri says to the Supervisor that the floral manager says they have to charge. I ask how much for the ribbon? He says like $3. I say, really? I'm thinking, it's just a strip of ribbon that they tie once around the bouquet. It not a fancy bow. I did not say that though just thought that. The supervisor says wrap them for her this one time and I will check with the Floral Mgr. I say thank you very much and he nods his head and I think he smiled (he's always been nice) and walks away. She takes the flowers and starts wrapping them but instead of putting a ribbon on it like the supervisor said just this one time, she just tapes it up with clear tape and gives it to me saying nothing. Didn't even ask If I wanted to pay $3 for the ribbon which i was going to. I ask her if I can pay here, that I'm not doing any other shopping. I give her the bouquet back she rings it up and places it by the register, stands there and says $10.88. I pull out $15 dollars and she rolls her eyes or something to that effect, I could tell she was irritated that I didn't pick up on her clue that she wanted me to come over there. It didn't occur to me until she made that face so I walked over there to get my change. She gave me the receipt and my change. I asked her what her name was and she wouldn't even tell me, she said "It's on the receipt!" I looked at it real quick, didn't see it but was confident it was there, I looked on the counter for a small card for the flowers, didn't find one for retirement, there wasn't much there. She said nothing and offered no help. I just grabbed one that said Happy Birthday, crossed off the birthday and wrote retirement, then wrote a quick note. It wasn't pretty but at least I had my pretty flowers (without the bow) and I wasn't showing up late, empty handed to dinner. I've always like the floral dept at Vons, but this time left a bad taste in my mouth. Every other Vons/Pavilions has had such nice people and good service. This location is the worst I have ever seen. I'm thinking there is not a "secret shopper" program anymore because almost no one there follows those rules. Mostly just the 2 Supervisors I've seen. When I first started going there, I was lost and didn't know where anything was and almost no one ever asked me if they could help me find something. So, really it wasn't the money I was complaining about, it was how I was treated different at That store. Like she didn't care if I was unhappy or didn't understand that her boss told her to charge. It was the whole incident, her attitude was "I don't care what you want". And it was very clear to me she wasn't worried at all about the consequences of treating me so bad.

I would like for her to get written up for treating customers this way. She needs to be retrained in how to treat people politely even when they annoy her, because that is her job! She works in retail and customer service is what she gets paid to do!!

Thank you!

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