Vonscustomer service on two separate occasions at the same bakersfield, ca location

A Sep 11, 2018

On the first visit in the complaint, I visited the deli department several months ago and I got the worst attitude any living creature can receive. I usually request my cold cuts to be sliced real thin but not shaven and I usually get two pounds (this way I don't have to visit as much) so I don't have to deal with the attitude and the dirty looks from the workers. To my surprise this guy kept on taking his sweet time to finish what he was doing until the other lady (very sweet) came and helped me. As soon as she took my order he came and helped the other customers. To my surprise while he was giving me his back he kept on talking trash about me and winking my way while whispering code words and laughing. The lady was ignoring him. I saw the whole thing and it was so obvious that it was directed at me. I went and complained to the store manager but I don't know if anything was done. I stopped going there for my shopping needs. Incident #2: Until today when I went there to recycle my CRV recyclables. I have to go inside to the cashiers to cash in the recycling receipts. Prior to this visit I would go to the Customer Service desk until they told me to go to any cashier. Today I stood in the express line to cash in the tickets without buying anything, the cashier was talking to the customer in front of me. He saw that I didn't have anything, just the tickets in my hand to cash in and saw the person behind me unloading his things unto the belt. He started ringing him up and when the customer behind me told him that I was first, he shrugged his shoulders as if there is nothing he can do. When he decided to help me I expected him to apologize or say something or even be nice, he did not say a word and after he gave me the money I told him "an apology would have been nice and would have been accepted". His response was "what did I do?" With an attitude "I didn't do anything" and was arguing with me and giving me attitude as if he was giving me a handout. I told him "you helped the person behind me and you didn't even apologize for your mistake", he kept on arguing and I said "great customer service". I went straight to the manager which was across from his lane. I honestly don't know if they did anything but there is a serious problem with their employees. They, for sure, need extreme training on how to deal with paying descent customers that don't deserve this kind of treatment. We are the reason they have this job and if the employees they are not happy they need to leave their jobs for someone that will appreciate it and be happy to have a job.

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