Vons Big Bear Lake Californiathe interior of the store construction

L Aug 14, 2018

I am a long-time Vons customer I live in Big Bear Lake California I go to the Vons supermarket in Big Bear Lake California several times a week not only do I shop there but I also have my Bank inside the store .most recently I have gone in there while construction is going on inside the store and I have felt dizzy, my eyes have gotten red and swollen, my throat hurts and I have mentioned this to two Vons employees at two different times and I was told that there was no reason for my concern and I beg to differ at first when it happened I thought it was just me but when I went back 2 days later and it happened again and I was actually doing a large amount of shopping so I was in the store longer I am very concerned at this point as to why there is construction going on in the store while there are customers and employees in there there's apparently not proper ventilation they were cutting tile while I was shopping I witnessed myself courtesy clerks with swollen eyes complaining and no one listening and I'm a customer and I should not have to go into a grocery store and within 5 minutes of being in there feel dizzy my eyes start itching and now I'm home and feel nauseous.

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