Vodafone Groupcustomer service

Y Jul 16, 2019

I'm Yasser ElGhayaty ... a Vodafone one customer for more than 18 years and my number is 002 [protected]
I was choked when you cut your service out of all my company mobiles although my bills were set and regardless that I use to set a date for payment every month but from 3 months ago you neglected that and you started cutting the service with an excuse that this is a new system
Today I paid my bill and then I found that you cut the service after my payment by 3 hrs, I hardly tried to reach your customer service through another mobile since your IVR system doesn't support that and the agent returns the service to my mobile only
I then tried to call 247 from my mobile where I found a rude answer from the agent telling me that it was my fault that I didn't pay my bill on time and by default I have to understand that this a way of punching your clients who don't pay on time
Please let me know if your new policy is insulting your clients in order to change my service provider and prevent being insulted

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