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Signal problem

Vodafone signals quality is very poor.. data speed is very very ... Poor ...
daytime suddenly average speed next suddenly low.. night average data speed ..
Vodafone Signal Action is very Disgusting

Poor Internet Connection

With due respect, I am writing this letter to inform you that the internet connection in my area is down from the last few days. I am a university student and since we are stuck in such a pandemic situation, we have to work from home. The unwanted obstruction posing lots of inconveniences and hardships for us.
It would be highly appreciated if you resolve my issue at the earliest. Thank you.


Humaid Mustafa Alvi
Kakori, Lucknow
+91-[protected], +91-[protected].

Internet service

I've recharged my number [protected] at 28 March 2020 @ 1.30 p.m. IST with ₹399 unlimited pack. I am Able to call but I am not able to use my internet. Network bar is showing 5 bars there's no issue regarding call service but there's no arrows shown when I open my internet. I need internet to do some important work. Do something as fast as you can otherwise I would take some necessary action against you.
I need quick service!
Please respond!
Thank you.

Internet service

Network issue — Hello Team, Due to covid situation we are working from home and we have very bad signal , we only get the network connection at night otherwise no

Hello Team, Due to covid situation we are working From home and we hardly get any network 3G/4G in the morning. We only get network during nights, please do something and help the citizens of India stay Home peacefully, without proper internet connection we cannot work and that would risk losing our jobs please help
Address as below
Bangalore rural are-Devanahalli

Vodafone prepaid 599 plan — Internet not working at all since the last recharge

I have a three month plan of which two months are remaining but my net is not working at all even making calls isn't possible at times I have called the customer care number but...

Vodafone Network — Worst service of Vodafone

Worst service of Vodafone

I have been using vodafone n suffiring through a lot network problem n i have made complaints number of time but nothing yet happened in my favor, so im seriously irritated with the vodafone network.
So if the company can help its customer then please help this problem out im suffering with it from past few months.

I had already message for port But Vodafone has stopped my UPC code what's the reason for stopping my UPC code

Pratik Vaishnani

Vodafone 4g network — The network shifts from 4g to 2g all the time and network unavailability is frequent

I am residing in the town of Biswanath Charali, Assam. Three months ago, the network worked well although there was network unavailability for some mins in the day, it wasn't as frequent as it is on this day. Also the network changes from 4g to 2g very frequently which makes it impossible to browse the internet for some important work. The problem is not with my phone but everyone having a Vodafone sim here is facing this problem. Look into this matter and fix it as soon as possible. It's been 4 weeks that the network is so poor.

Vodafone 4g — 10 days

Please Vodafone 4g network problems complaint

v poor network complaint — no signal

dear concern
we are use vodafone numbers approx 5yrs but we are facing network problem in my house and officewe are requested to kindly solve our issue as soon as possible..

mob no [protected]
mob no [protected]

Networking problem

Dear sir
Ar rounding my office area there is a so much networking problem of vodafone please solve priority basis.

please do the needful of my massage

Manoj Bapodariya

automatically putting on daily roaming bundle when I did not want it

On my last factura I was charged 5 x15€ for Tarifa de Viaje Mundo for receiving calls and making whilst I was in kenya. I did not ask to be put on this tariff. I wanted to pay the out of bundle prices of

1, 69€/min + 1, 21€ de establecimiendo de llamada (IVA incluido)

You automatically put me on the Viaje Mundo tarif because it was more money for you. I did not ask for it. I make only a few calls and no data roaming because I thought I was out of any bundle tariff. I have made a complaint and you will not return my money. So I want to ask for your legal department so I am going to make a claim against you. I want to cancel my contract with Vodafone because you stole my money. I will pay for the phone I bought but I cancel everything else. Please advise me of your legal department details.

Mark Comer

vodafone 4g

Respected, I have problem in internet speed.I have written 4G VoLTE . I already complained by call, but no my complain message was come to me from company.I am very firstrated...

opening postpaid number without informing + system is always down and no internet in the branch

Dear all Good day, Hope you are doing well. Im writing this complaint and I have three main points to be discussed and I hope you will solve it. First of all, how can vodafone...

wrongly activated my number to another customer

Hi, I'm eashwar from Chennai my number is [protected]. My number was wrongly activated to another customer at your Vodafone store TTK road Chennai. When visited Vodafone store they told me that my number was wrongly activated without proper check and they reactivate my number within two days but it has been more that two weeks and my sim is not been reactivated. Even the customer who has got my number was ok to change and is waiting for a new number but your vodafone staff is not responding properly. Her name is brinda ph9943906155 Vodafone store ttk road

data worst network of vodafone

I'm living in sector-14, hisar, haryana and i'm experiencing wrost network here... First of all plz change ur tagline from data strong network to data wrost network bcoz why should I use ur third class 2g network and pay for ur soo called data strong 4g network... Instead of solving my problem ur customer executives says everything is correct fine blahh blahh... I'm really very much frustrated... Plz solve my issue i'm unable to play at least a video at 144p on youtube or send a msg on whatsapp... Plz help me bcoz i'm stuck in under ur network now for 84 days otherwise I would have port my no. To airtel!!

poor mobile signal on ground.

637223 Hello sir I am resident on 23.6374980, 73.6706670 This coordinate.(vill. Charvada, tehsil zothri pal, dist. Dungarpur ) now a days there is so many competition for consumer...

poor network

I am a satisfied prepaid customer of Vodafone holding mobile number [protected] since 2010. In my family we have 3 connections. My residence address is 140 malikpur near model town, delhi-9.

I regret very much to inform and place on record that from past 6 months, we are facing network problem in my residential address stated herein above. We are not able to make any call or receive it because of low signal. This unwanted obstruction posing lots of inconveniences and hardships for us. The online payment also been got much disturbed by non-getting messages of one-time-password owing to ridiculously slow network connection.I therefore request you to take necessary actions immediately to resolve and sort out this problem or else we were compelled to move other option of switch to another service provider.

Thank you in advance for your kind co-operation with regard to the above complaint and expecting a prompt resolution.


People calling me always find me busy. The operator message they get is " the person you are calling is speaking to someone else" even if I am not on a call. This creates loads if misunderstanding and I am frustrated with this problem continuing for long. I changed my mobile handset as well, but theproblem persists. Please sort it as soon as possible.

vodafone internet

Without a doubt this is the worst service I have ever encountered you have spent over a month messing me about I have lost time and money you lost my box obviously it's sitting on the shelf in the warehouse with all the other ones you can't be arsed to get off your lazy backside and go and get it and put it in a paper bag and send it to the correct address then "the system" is blamed which is run and programmed by humans ONE WHOLE MONTH you don't know where it is ... and now I'm informed it's going to take another 28 days to figure out how you've screwed up a normal intelligent country you would have apologised for your mistake redone the order and had it fed exed with a text message to notify delivery and arrival the fact that your counterpart company in other countries does it this way and you can be bothered to do anything you propose to deliver is shameless yes ombudsman shall receive info about you to add to it's not doubt burgeoning file to anyone one reading this Vodafone are a plague don't give them your custom it will be a massive ball ache and you will be screwed around like so many others PATHETIC AND ILLEGAL TO OFFER SERVICES YOU DONT PROVIDE I don't know how you lowlifes who choose to run it this way get away with it your a bunch of criminals

misleading information by customer service agent

After doing 249 and 199 recharge within two consecutive days my data remained 1.5 GB, but reach recharge gives 1.5 GB. Then I called customer service agent she told me to do a recharge of 229 as it doesn't have same 1.5 GB data so I will get more data to use. So same day I did 229 recharge but I was shocked to see only 2GB data. When I called customer service again they said my previous plan has lapsed due to new recharge. What a crap day before they asked me to do it and now they are saying they can not do anything. So 677 rupee for 2GB plan wow how cheap.

customer services

Vodafone have illegally taken money from my account. I have a copy of my contract. Which is not signed by me! I went to the store back in January to cancel it, which they assured me that they had. They hadn't! Now they have simply said. They can't help me and that is that! What a joke. Do not use this company. They rent their stores to micro-businesses, so they don't have to deal with any problems themselves. They are not honest with their customers.

customer services

network issues in my area

There is a network issue in my area- Noida Extension, Techzone IV, Plot GH08C, Greater Noida-west, Uttar Pradesh 201306.
There is Calling / internet connectivity issue.
Calls getting dropped, taking time to connect to other numbers, internet connectivity issue, no network these are the issues occuring frequently affecting professional/personal lives.

Kindly look into the matter at the earliest.

sim card failures across europe

During my 1 month travel to Europe from Canada, I had to purchase 3 Vodaphone sim cards because 2 stopped working. I required access to internet/data during my travels and have 2 sim cards break down on me was extremely inconvenient and costed me valuable time on my vacation. Below is an explanation of what happened.

On May 9th, I arrived in Lisbon, Portugal where I purchased a Vodaphone sim card for 20 Euros at the airport which included 5gb of data, some international calling and texting for the month. The customer service representative was rude, and did not explain how it all worked in depth (I noticed my time with the customer service rep was significantly shorter than everybody else's that went before me). Roughly 2 weeks later in Italy, my friend tried to make a phone call back to Canada using a calling card but the call did not go through, wasting the calling card. I received a text message shortly afterwards that translated to "For security issues, we will inhibit the use of this service. It has a period of 12 hours to contact the Vodaphone support channels". I no longer had service; and had no way of contacting Vodaphone.

Luckily, Sorrento, Italy had a Vodaphone so I went to their store the next day to see if they could resolve the issue. Understandably, they could not resolve the issue because it was a sim card from Portugal. I was disappointed to find out that I would just have to purchase another sim card that would be valid for one month for the rest of my trip. This cost me 25 Euros, but it included 15gb, and some more international minutes & texts allowance.

About 10 days later, my data was barely working and came to a complete halt a few hours later. I tried to restart the phone, shut it down over night and searched many other ways to resolve the issue since I still had a network connection. I was on a day trip out the Groningen at this point and had to take it to a Vodaphone store there. The customer service rep was very friendly, but he was stumped. Again, I had to purchase another sim card; this time it was 10 Euros for 2GB with some international calling and texts. This would go on to suffice for the rest of our trip.

Resolving the second sim card issue took 3 hours to resolve, including the time needed to stop at Starbucks to use free Wifi to find solutions. This occurred on my day trip out to Groningen, where we had rented bikes to visit where my boyfriend's grandparents used to live. We were unable to do that without reliable GPS systems sourced by cellular data, and frankly we did not have enough time to do the one thing we planned to do on this day trip because resolving the sim card issue took so long and we had a bus to catch back to Amsterdam.

Overall, the sim cards provided data with good speed, but the lack of reliability was extremely disruptive and stress inducing to our vacation. The sim cards cost me roughly $90 CAD, but I lost valuable time and experiences on my vacation due to faulty services.

network issues

This is regarding network issue in the vasundhara sector 10 Ghaziabad. There is akways very slow network in this area. Even to make a phone call, I have to move outside and there is no question for surfing in such down network. There are 2 members in my family and both are your post paid customers.

Therefore, it is requested that kindly make necessary steps for this issue. Hoping positive from your end.

Mobile network issue

Dear Team, We have more than 270 members of vodafone users in our premises and they all are being used for business purpose but the mobile network is so poor in the building. We...

Every thing

My name is Tanya Frances Nice nie: X6888071P..I am extremely unhappy with the service I have received in the Vodadone shop Puerto Del Rosario, Fuerteventura on June 15th and more...

network issue for internet access

I am using Vodafone from last 6years and till now I did.t face any issue on network area, but just now i moved to new house with given address, (house no 4, 31st 'A' main, 1st...

network problem no signal issues

the problem is network issue no signal in my house... bahot bari coustmer care par call ki but aaj tak is problem ko solve nahi kiya haar baar next date bada di jati hai mere home...


I am really disappointed about the service delivery I got from Vodafone Egypt.
I had a problem regarding receiving phone calls on my mobile phone and I had communicated this issue with Vodafone Customer Service and after investigation they recommended me to change SIM Card.
I went to Vodafone Office at Syria Street in Alexandria - Egypt and I waited for approximate 40 minutes until one lady gave me a new SIM card but unfortunately she forgot to activate it.
I contacted Vodafone Customer Service again who advised me that they forgot to activate your SIM card and you should return to Vodafone Office at Syria Street in Alexandria - Egypt to reactivate the SIM Card.
I went this evening to Vodafone Office but unfortunately the lady I met was careless and does not care about the customer at all and when I told her that you wasted my time and I would cancel my mobile line/ADSL/USB Modem she immediately requested my ID to cancel the service. Accordingly, I paid my due invoice and I cancelled the service with Vodafone Egypt
Anyway, I am not going to deal with Vodafone Egypt anymore as a service provider because I am sure that you have a serious problem in Vodafone Egypt where the employees do not care about customer and they do not care whether the clients continue with Vodafone or not!!! Strange for big company like Vodafone.

vodacom fiber connection

I am a very unhappy customer, I have been with Vodacom for years and have currently 3 cellphone contracts. In October 2018, I agree to installed Vodacom Fiber at my house. Since...

cellular network

I am Debashish Chakraborty mob no [protected] from Taluka UMRED Distt: NAGPUR (mah) 441204. I am feeling problem in voice calling since the network here is very feeble and fluctuating since long. I would have stopped your services by throwing the Sim but I got this special number and it's with me since long so I am still keeping it despite problem in network. PL solve it or I will be forced to throw it out. My email is [protected] Hope you will do the needful and take my problem seriously. Your earliest reply will be highly appreciated.
Thanking you,

Sincerely yours

D. Chakraborty

cellular network

network issue in vehloli bk site

Nitin deshmukh Police patil lavalegaon tal. shahapur dist. thane [protected] Vehaloli bk site netwrk problem in 2 months ago सर आपणांस वारंवार सांगुन सुद्धा आमची नेटवर्क समस्या...

network problem, network is down up and vice disconnected.

637223 Sir, I have a lot of network problems, sometimes the network is up and down, due to this there is a lot of difficulty in talking and 4G does not work all the way. Come on the road...

internet services

i have been a customer with vodafone for like 15 years, recenlty my internet package is always deducted for no reason, however i called your customer service several time for this problem but actually my problem isn't solved yet, i lost more than 7 GB for no reason and every time the c.s agent return 1 GB . this happened twice . totaly i got only 2 GB instead of 7, and the problem still exists, am afraid to recharge again and lose my money again . please advice, should i leave this company after all this years ?? should i search for another internet package in different company ??
i need to get my old GB which was taken by mistake from your side ( 4 GB ) and i need this problem not to happen again ( i need to trust vodafone again )
my mobile no : [protected]

best regard
Amr Elwardany

4g not working

What happend you as a company all time cuts 4G charges from all people around the area of Agartala city Tripura extension A.D.nagar.But your 4G network are bogus all time .After...

customer service

I'm Yasser ElGhayaty ... a Vodafone one customer for more than 18 years and my number is 002 [protected]
I was choked when you cut your service out of all my company mobiles although my bills were set and regardless that I use to set a date for payment every month but from 3 months ago you neglected that and you started cutting the service with an excuse that this is a new system
Today I paid my bill and then I found that you cut the service after my payment by 3 hrs, I hardly tried to reach your customer service through another mobile since your IVR system doesn't support that and the agent returns the service to my mobile only
I then tried to call 247 from my mobile where I found a rude answer from the agent telling me that it was my fault that I didn't pay my bill on time and by default I have to understand that this a way of punching your clients who don't pay on time
Please let me know if your new policy is insulting your clients in order to change my service provider and prevent being insulted

network issue


Date :- From 4/7/2019
Mobile no:-[protected], [protected]
Adress:-Shivaji Ward, Near Ganpati Apartment,
Ballarpur, Dist:-Chandrapur
I am having 3 no vodafone sims.At my house none of these SIM works.So i am facing too much problem in my work.If it does not work properly, how can i continue with Vodafone, the network I trusted from last 15 years.
Pl do needful for resolution of network problem.

postpaid mobile

Hi, I use vodafone postpaid mobile vodafone mobile signal is very poor at my address, E -61 SAKET, New Delhi 110017. It is a very prime area in delhi. Call dont connect half the...

ilimitada total movil

637223 I'm almost certain that they are rejecting me because I don't speak Spanish and every time I call the English Customer Service I'm told my request to move my number from prepaid...

no network service available

I had called the customer care of vodafone on 21/06.2109 regarding the "no service" of the network. But it has been 5 days since then and the issue is still not resolved. I had also called the customer care in between but they had only said me that the issue would get resolved within 5 days. Although it has been more than the given number of days i still await a solution. WE all know mobile network is a essential part of our daily life. But as there is no signal available for me i can not even make a call anywhere, not even to the customer care. This kind of service after recharging my account and having all required packs, is unfortunate. SO i demand to get all my benefits and the service as soon as possible otherwise I would be forced to switch to another better service providing network.
Hoping a speedy resolution.
Consumer name- Rishikesh Dash
consumer number - [protected] (vodafone)
alternate number - [protected] (idea)