Vodacomsim card activation

Yesterday (Sunday 29/09/19)my partner and I visited the mentioned branch and signed up for a data deal. We recieved the router and sim and were advised the sim would be active in 24hrs.

Today at roughly 12h05pm I contacted vodacom customer care as the sim was still not active. I was told that the activation request was cancelled yesterday and then a new activation request sent this morning (30/09/19) so we had to wait another 24hrs.

I contacted the store and spoke to the lady that assisted us. Firstly she kept saying the 24hrs had not lapsed and that the activation had not been cancelled. When I asked at what time it would lapse she then said she would check if there was a problem and she would get back to me. 2hrs later and she had still not gotten back to me. When I called she told me that I needed not call as she had informed me that she would call me once the system problem had been resolved. I'm not the only one with the problem and contracts were delayed. This information was all new to me because no update was recieved after she had promised to "check" what was going on.

The last convo happened at 14h18 and it is now 19h19 and no update has been received and my sim is still not active so I cannot use the product. I would like to know if feedback/update was too much to ask for? When I asked when this could possibly be resolved she said she doesn't know. So I'm sitting with a router and sim but no data for an indefinite period of time with no communication from your company.

This is my first contract with vodacom and already I am not happy. I live an hour plus away from menlyn and this has become the most inconvenient purchase of my day. I have lost airtime, time and money as I have to purchase data for my phone while I'm paying a contract that's meant to provide me with such.

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