Vodacom / lenovo laptop

I received a call from a company called elite mobile on behalf of vodacom with regards to a laptop contract the offer was a fairly good one and I made the mistake of signing up with the lady over the phone she advised that I would get regular messages on the progress of the application and the delivery of the product she advised the courier company would require my ID and proof of address which did not have to necessarily at the address the product would be delivered too. I also made arrangements with her that there was only a certain time I would be available at home and she said this would completely fine as the courier company would gladly accomadate me. On the day of the delivery I received an SMS from RAM couriers, I called them back to confirm everything was well with the delivery and advised again of the times I would be available the agent gladly advised that it would not be a problem at all. I received a very nasty call from a RAM customer service agent when the driver was at my not at the specified times saying that the driver had 300 deliveries and cannot accomadate me and my time I advised her that I would make arrangements the following day to be a available the entire day to my suprise the driver came to my property and refused to leave the package as my proof of address did not match the actual property that the delivery was being made too after many calls back and forth to elite mobile and RAM couriers I was asked to make an affidavit and the product would then be delivered the next day. This never happened and I recieved a message that said it was sent back to Vodacom. I called Elite Mobile and the agent assured me that I would not be charged or registered for the product until I receive it and Vodacom would automatically cancel. Two days later a agent called to ask if I would like the product canceled or re delivered she convinced me that the mix up would not happen again she delivery would be in that week to which I agreed. I waited for the product two weeks and nothing has arrived. I spoke to Elite Mobile again who advised of a call back from the relevant department but that did not transpire either. Then to my suprise I receive a statement from Vodacom who now registered me as having a contact with them which is now going to be on my credit report for the next 36 months without me actually having anything. This is utterly poor service from all service providers involved. I do plan on taking the matter further I hope this helps anyone from making a similar mistake. I am a cell C customer for years and have never had a single issue with them I suppose this is the price you pay for not sticking to what's tried and tested.

Sep 11, 2019

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