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My husband upgraded to a Samsung note 8 on Sunday 15/10/2017 we bought a screen protector for over R300 the lady asked if she can fit it and we agreed as we are scared we will mess it up if we do it, on Tuesday the screen protector started coming off, I went to the shop where we bought the cover and asked for assistance the lady advised me she cant help me i then asked for the manager when he came to me i could see in his face he was not going to help me i explained we just bought it and can they refund or replace it as its only a day old and its already coming off and he just said no, i begged as i felt they have to help me as its a brand new cover and refused to help and his attitude showed me he did not really care about my problem, is this the type of customer care we can except from a vodacom shop? This is unacceptable i refuse to accept that they will not help me he did not even try to help me he could've faked his attitude and make asif he wanted to help me i will never step foot in that shop again and i will tell everyone i know about the bad service i received and i will tell them to go els where because they just want your money and after service is no show there

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