Vodacomvodacom contract problem

J Sep 07, 2018

I renew my cellphone contract 01/06/2016 for 24 months. I want to renew my contract and was told that there was a system problem on there side and all there customers who renew contracts then are now up for renewal in February 2019. I have prove off the date of my renewal, but was told that it is't enough prove. The also think that we are stupid to tell us that they cannot overwrite their own fault. It already cost me a lot off money to repair my phone, but all I get is death ears. At this stage there are a lot off customers that are ready to leave vodacom, because they break there contract with us. They defend themselves with a small clause in the contract, but they are just sly and not willing to correct their own faults. After so many years with vodacom, me and my family, I am really disappointed and I gave them enough time and was very patience with them.

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