Vodacom South Africaservice received from vodacom


So glad about the public being able to submit comment on the service they receive from vodacom. All users that are bound to a contract please be aware and take not that should you pass away you are still held liable for your contract and the handset rental and the bill etc until such contracts ends !!! also when trying to get through to departments you get attitude and people not wanting to talk to you if you are not the registered owner of the phone - please be aware of this!!! ie if you are a friend, a mother, etc - they dont give you much information at all - i am being sent from department to department and ended up finding out i am still liable for the contract - now to top it all they switch off me being able to phone out instead of asking for payment or giving you a chance to pay - then they still expect payment for the facility you dont have!!! also if you have a hiccup with your emails - outlook - they dont assist, dont want to speak to you if you are not the registered owner and dont provide a technician to assist - yet they want payment for another service i cannot use - strange don't you think - no discount, no help, no advice, this is the attitude you get from vodacom - pls pls careful when signing a contract !!! take it from me - an unhappy spouse who has not been assisted with my problem!! thanks vodacom - after knowing all this i will not change ownership which i was thinking of doing and was going to pay the bill under my name - but never mind that anymore!!! no apologies, no help yet, just rudeness and attitude!! thanks vodacom appreciate your assistance with my friends passing!! thanks for working out a deal for me we could all agree to and now it came to wanting payment and me having to pay for services i don't get - where is the discount??? or assistance??? what a disappointment!!! Thanks for the assistance vodacom in solving the issues I had, most welcome!!

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