Vodacomincompetence of technical support staff, no response from solutions dept. on query within 24-48 hrs as promised.


i went to Woodlands Vodacom to get assistance with putting my email onto my cell phone, this was the 5th sept. He succeeded in locking my account. I was going overseas that night and needed my email. I had to open a new email acct with icloud.
When I came back I went to Menlyn Branch. In the branch I was referred 4 times, eventually getting someone called Tebogo, he had a name tag that confirmed this. he logged a service request and gave me a reference number, he said I would hear something within 7-14 days, after 2 weeks passed I called again. The person at the back office said no one knows Tebogo. This guy was in the branch with access to the systems, and no one knows him. Eventually I asked for the manager. Zoe was standing in that day, she actually listened to me, and got back to me with a solution that she had sourced. she told me to call the Customer service number to log a request. I called, told the guy what she said ie. I must ask for the alias of my email to be deleted. he said I will hear from someone in 24-48 hrs, Unfortunately this deadline passed. When I called the customer case no. I was put through to the Solutions dept, the phone was put down in my ear. I called again, the agent at slns said this request had been logged as a "set up", not what I asked for, secondly no one had had the case assigned to them yet. What happened to the 24-48 hr sla I was told? I am now holding on the line while the slns agent, a new one, tries to get the case assigned. The irritation, frustration, cost of calls that this has caused me is huge. I am totally disappointed with Vodacom, when the call was answered in Menlyn the cons said "how can I make you smile?"-I would like to be assisted, that will make me smile. I am desparate, please help.
The two ref nos I have are: ec-zmc322shh. With Menlyn- Tebogo
The agent just came back to me and said I must open a new acct. I will not be able to use the old email address unless I delete the alias. She is now calling technical again. App they are not answering her calls.

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