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vista print sucks!!!

For the second year in a row I have purchased calendars (designed by me) on 12/3/09 via office max, however they are now having vista print print these specialized calendars. When going to pay for the items I was directed to paypal which gave me free shipping and the only confirmation I received about this order. I was told 3 days ago that fedex was shipping to my house and that I should receive my shipment by 12/17. Well, today (12/18) I had to call vista print 4x because they either had incompent customer service reps or I was transferred to another department and disconnected. Finally, on the 4th time calling I was told that fedex shipped to the usps who couldn't guarantee delivery today, but "should be delivered tomorrow" which ironically is the day I need them by. I asked for some money back on the order considering I paid close to $60 for the order and they said they could only give me 50% off of my next order considering I received free shipping. Last year, I received timely confirmations and delivery direct from either fedex or ups without delay, this year nothing even close to that yet I am not worth even giving me $5.00 back. Pretty pathetic customer service. My advise don't buy from vista print and don't buy calendars online from office max!!!

  • Hb
    HBchilln Dec 11, 2010

    VISTA PRINT in the news: BOSTON -- "A company is accused of running one of the largest unauthorized consumer billing operations in the country." (Watch the news clip)


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  • De
    denizcaroll Jan 27, 2011

    I still don't understand why people still shop from vistaprint and all other scammers. It is obvious if something is free or cheap there's something attached to it.

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unauthorized charges on credit card

I was charged 14.95 for five months for a service I never agreed to. I just had a baby, so my credit card statements are the last thing I am checking in the last few months.

They called themselves "vista print rewards" and "member savings" I never received any 'rewards' or services of any kind, not even an e-mail saying I had the service. They said while on vista print's website I clicked a pop-up and signed myself up to receive this. I contacted vista print's public relations because I am part of the media and am so appalled by this sort of business, especially in today's economy.

I recommend that we inform others and boycott vistaprint, if that is who they affiliate with and support. Perhaps vistaprint gets "rewards" for helping these sleezy companies who are not really providing any services, just squeezing people for money.

  • Hb
    HBchilln Dec 11, 2010

    VISTA PRINT in the news: BOSTON -- "A company is accused of running one of the largest unauthorized consumer billing operations in the country." (Watch the news clip)


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adding extra (hidden) charges

Last night I was searching for address labels and ran across this site. I thought it looked like a great deal. They had labels on sale for $1.99, and I decided to purchase a mouse pad as well. Then they offered free "sticky notes," so I signed on for that. Fortunately, before I gave them any credit card info, I noticed they'd suddenly charged me $5.99 for each of my two address label orders. The "free" sticky notes weren't so free after all. I immediately halted the order and won't be dealing with them in the future. There's something awfully fishy going on there. If you order from them, be very cautious about the charges. I still can't see how two dollar labels suddenly jumped $4 in price within minutes. Doesn't strike me as some sort of technical glitch either. More like a scam.

  • JGraceyStinson Jun 25, 2009

    Vista Print.ca lists return address labels as $4.99 and vistaprint.com (US) lists them as $3.74. That's the regular price though. There current specials aren't on address labels.

    I've ordered stuff from vista print (canadian one) with no problems. Don't know what happened there with the address labels, but I've recommended vista to others who have purchased things without problems also, so I don't class vista as a scam, but something seems to have been wrong...do you happen to remember which vista website you were on?

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removing money from my bank account without my knowledge or consent.

Via an email today, I noticed that vistaprint and their partners in crime have been removing the sum of...

online scam

Vista print is a false advertiser... This company advertises a rebate offer for money back on your purchase after it has been completely paid for in the form of a rebate ckeck. Now the link that appears does not state you must join a membership nor pay a $14.95 a month in service fees which makes no sense at all just to get $10 off something that you have already paid in full for. So once you click the link it prompts you to enter a username that they never issue, so you have to go to the I forgot my username icon which says it will email you the information to access the coupon & it never does. So now when you call the customer service line they now explain that the want you to do all this extra stuff. Now thats' not [email protected] least those other sites let you know up front you have to fill out a survey or whatever but to say one thing and then not honer it is bad business. I only deal in straight business so I am returning the cards as soon as they arrive because I can't promote that.

  • Hb
    HBchilln Dec 11, 2010

    VISTA PRINT in the news: BOSTON -- "A company is accused of running one of the largest unauthorized consumer billing operations in the country." (Watch the news clip)


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  • De
    denizcaroll Jan 27, 2011

    There are so many cheap businesses such as vistaprint. I believe it's because there are so many cheap people. Vistaprint and others know this and use it...
    It's your BUSINESS card. Why do you need to go to cheap, why do you need to save a few dolars and get cheap stuff and in the end get ripped off. Go to local designer, and local printer and make good cards. Add value to your business. If you can't efford a normal business card then why do you need to run a business?

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unauthorized charge

I received blank cards and blank stamps in the mail from vista print that I did not order and my checking account was charged $84.59. I have placed previous orders with vista print and used my debit card to pay but did not order this. I filed a fraud complaint with the sheriffs dept. Case #[protected] and declaration of unauthorized use with my bank. Vista print will still not issue a refund because my address and 3 digit code on my debit card matches for the order. Of course it is going to match, I have used this card and address with them before. I have had to cancel my debit card so I do not receive other charges. I am very unhappy with how vista print has handled this and will no longer do business with them.

bad customer service

Zero customer support... I called their 1-800 support help-line and was given only 1 option... Tracking information. Unable to speak to a live person. I tried emailing them only to be refered back to the useless 1-800 number. I even tried "o" for operator and also randon extentions in an attempt to get through to anyone. It didn't work.

My order of checks only had 4 of the 8 digits of my account number on them so they cannot be used.
How convenient to have only one option for customer support. If you need anything other than tracking information forget it.

unauthorized billing

My son and I own battle ground printing we had a customer come into our shop and claim we had given him free business cards but we had also started taking out of his bank account $14.95 a month for some membership. I advised him we have no free business card program and would not take money form his bank without his signature. He presented a business card to me said he ordered it on line from battle ground printing and advised him he can request a price quote but to purchase a card he would need to come in to place the order.

I turn his free business card over and on the back it read clearly vista print. I went then to the web and sure enough there where now two battle ground printings listed however on the top one the link was for vistaprint.com the next was ours. But with in weeks we had a total of five customers with the same complaint. I contacted google and talked with their personal and was advised that since battle ground is a city and print is a type of service what vista was doing was legal.

So I did a little digging and found that my company was not the only one they do this too. I made contact with vista print the phone number listed goes off island ask for phone numbers to the main operation since I was not being ripped off for $14.00 I guess they gave them to me and I called. They stated they did not understand how this could have happened they want their customers doing business with them directly bla bla. Much to my surprise I found that the state of washington print service has a web page as well which has now been duplicated by vista print and I hope the state atty. Goes after them with everything they can.

The owner of vista print has been hailed in my industry as a good guy who makes over $300, 000. 00 a year as wages and now I can see why. It's a good thing that i, (born in montana), and this montana business man don't meet up because where I come from things are most often settled like men and thats man to man. Vista print you are the # of the earth and you have used my good name to rip people off. I hope that you not only go out of business but that all your upper end management end up behind bars reading fine print and disclaimers for life.

  • Hb
    HBchilln Dec 11, 2010

    VISTA PRINT in the news: BOSTON -- "A company is accused of running one of the largest unauthorized consumer billing operations in the country." (Watch the news clip)


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unauthorized charges

I just found a bogus charge on my debit card. $14.95 from ap9 businessmax. I knew I hadn't made such a charge, so I googled ap9 businessmax and found a link to vista print. Where I had just purchased my new business cards. I'm going to my bank first thing monday morning. I will dispute. I have already ordered a different bank card... I hope you get those guys. This can really mess up someone who lives paycheck to paycheck.

  • Valerie Oct 08, 2008

    They posted a unauthorised charge to my bank for something, I don`t have a clue what? On the site you can not reach a person, only a machine in customer service. They tell you to press a number and it just repeats it`s self! Don`t wver make the mistake of buying from them!

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false advertising

I ordered some stuff and after my order was complete, it said I had 10 minutes to order free pens, so I ordered 15 more "free" pens, assuming it was a $33 value as stated below the pen icon in the "free pens" box, and once I clicked on the box it processed my order and added $33 to my bill. There was no online help forum and the 1-800 number didn't help because it was automated and a sunday, so no luck speaking to anyone. After reviewing a help forum with topics such as "are free products really free?" the answer was "yes, you only pay for shipping and processing (which is 90% of vista's product charges), so this was definitely a scam, and i'm out an extra $33 because of it.

unauthorized billing

Beware of extra $14.95 a month charges for life until canceled. Don't think you are just buying cards, shirts, letterhead, etc because when you agree to the terms and conditions you will be enrolled to a 'passport of fun' and or rewards program costing $14.95 per month. Read all of the terms and conditions because one would thing you are agreeing to terms and conditions for the printed materials ordered. Vistaprint will continue to charge your credit card for life until you cancel this nonsensical service. No idea what I had for $14.95 a month or $74.75 because they did not even give me a password, user name or website to log onto. Absolute scam and unfair way of making extra money after the sale. They billed two different credit cards I had for several months.

  • An
    Anna Williams Dec 22, 2008

    On 10/31/08, I ordered free business cards. The shipping & processing fee was $9.86 which I charged to my Sears Mastercard. It was on my statement of 11/10/08. When I got my Mastercard statement of 12/09/08, I was billed another charge of $14.95. I have not placed another order and do not owe this.

    Name on Mastercard: Rodger K. Williams
    Account No.: 5121071752374011

    Thank you,
    Anna Williams (Mrs. Rodger Williams)

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  • Tr
    Treetopz Nov 25, 2009

    They did the same thing to me. I will NEVER order from this company again. Rewards programs should not come with a fee!

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  • Ad
    Adan Sep 22, 2010

    I had done business with Vistaprint for 8-9 months, and hadn't had any real problems. Then I went to check a shipment on their website and found that they claimed it was delivered a year before I even ordered it. Called the phone number for customer service. Got a woman that barely spoke english who couldn't explain why there was a problem, nor what vistaprint would do to correct it. Called again, and again got someone who struggled with english as their language. Went to the online chat, not much better, wrote an email and had 4 exchanges, they gave me wrong delivery dates and failed to resolve the problem. I AM DONE WITH VISTAPRINT. Won't ever buy from them again. I asked that someone at Vistaprint call me to discuss the problem. That was Friday, today is Tuesday and no call. So if you do business with them, you better hope there is never a problem. You won't get any help.

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  • Ca
    Candis J. Dec 11, 2010

    Hi I am being billed every month for one transaction it's being nine months of this and I would like my money refunded to me thank you

    1 Votes
  • Na
    Nasirazeemi Mar 02, 2011

    I ordered some banners etc.to be displayed on an yearly religious commemoration ceremoney where hundreds of people were invited in a local hall. Vistaprint cancelled my order without informing me and a day before the program when I asked the company about the delivery, they told me that it is cancelled because of MY email sent to them. I asked them to read it again, then they apologized. My program is ruined and the only thing they have is an apology and a hang up. This was second incident. Vistaprint has no backup or disaster plan. An online risk only CUSTOMER has to take.

    1 Votes
  • Av
    AVOID VISTAPRINT Sep 06, 2012

    VISTAPRINT SHOULD BE SLUNG UP AND LEFT TO DRY!! They make the consumer look like they're the one in the wrong, isn't that just the psychology of criminals..? They printed a promotion t-shirt, the print was in the wrong place, was smudged all over, and so thin it wouldn't last a wash. I complained, they asked for me to send them digital photos as they 'don't have a disposal policy', NO SH*T SHERLOCK! They don't have a policy, period! THIS IS A 'COMPANY' WHO THRIVE ON LIES, WITH NO CARE FOR THE CONSUMER, BUYER BEWARE!!..I have not yet had my reply acknowledged to date.

    0 Votes

no freebies after all

It’s funny because I don’t normally check my monthly bank statement. Yesterday, I was paying bills online and that I happen to look at my bank statement online. I notice there is a charge of $14.95 vista prints for nov. 14 then check the oct 14 there it is again $14.95 vista prints, then again. Vista prints had been taking $14.95 every month on my account for a purchased that I did with them over 6 months ago (supposed be free cards). So, I called my bank to put stop on the charges. There are now investigating the charges and hoping to get the charges back to my account.


Vista print and passporttofun apparently have a gameof saying you signed up for passport to fun when you bought services from vista print... A month later fraudulent charges show up on your credit card...

  • Hb
    HBchilln Dec 11, 2010

    VISTA PRINT in the news: BOSTON -- "A company is accused of running one of the largest unauthorized consumer billing operations in the country." (Watch the news clip)


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charged for a service I was not notified of and didn't want after I had asked for it to be cancelled

I ordered the free business cards from vista print on a credit card. I did not object to the processing fee...


Vistaprint.com is tricking consumers into their reward program. They offer cheap printing services. However, once you order, you are enrolled into a reward program with a monthly fee of 14 usd! You will get an e-mail about the membership, but it is confusing and misleading. There is no explanation as to how much you will be charged or how long does you membership lasts. There are a lot of consumers who paid many months of fees before noticing it. How much are they able to charge this way?

I will never use them again

Vistaprint.com the world's largest online business card company.

Great printer but aggressive, bordering on fraudulent marketers. As I was trying to checkout of an order, different dialogue boxes kept popping up with add's offers. I closed them all, but apparently, without my knowledge I signed up for another business (run by vistaprint) to get coupons. My credit card was charged $14.95 per month for 4 months before I noticed. I had to call two companies to get the membership stopped and had to also close my credit card account. Thanks, vista print! I will never use you again!

domain name stolen

I ordered business cards through vistaprint and signed up for the free 30 day trial for their website. I...

unauthorized charge!

Did not even know vistaprint existed when I saw a charge from them on my debit account. They sent me business cards I did not order that simply included my name, address, phone number, and an email address that was obviously made up. I called them to called resolution. They told me to have my bank fax proof that I had been charge — which they did. Nothing happened after that.

I filed a complaint with bbb in massachusetts. They simply let vista know it had been filed. Vista responded that they tried to resolve, but problem was between me and my bank. Bbb basically closed case without additional follow-up or response from me about vista's response to complaint.

ripping people off!

If you have ever ordered from vistaprint.com, check your statements, they are ripping people off! I ordered...

weird add-on charges

Invites arrived wrinkled from poor shipment and no protection from damage. Just a plain bubble envelope.
Ink streaks in my invitations.
Blank sheet of paper, supposed to be an invite, I was charged for.

Weird add-on charges. Like charging 5 bucks for color. Of course I want color invitations — I clicked on a color picture...
Silly and sneaky.
I would not shop here ever again.

  • Updated by [email protected] · Dec 19, 2019

    I paid $25 express shipping and it was Guaranteed delivery yesterday. It did not arrive so I want a refund.

  • Ab
    Abhay Nikale Feb 12, 2019


    It is very unfortunate that when called today evening after 6.30 pm regd delivery assurance given by Ms. Shabnam but in vain. our team member informed to wait today till 8 pm or tomorrow morning will get product. Pathetic two types of answer by team members.

    Pls. cancel the product if can't deliver today 8 PM and confirm for the same.

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  • Jo
    [email protected] Dec 25, 2019

    I want a refund of my $25 for the express shipping I ordered.

    0 Votes

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