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VistaPrint Complaints & Reviews

Vistaprint / reseller account holders

Addi Banks on Feb 20, 2017
Loyal Vistaprint customer since 2007, but I have to speak up now. I have paid to be a Vistaprint Reseller and you are not treating me like a business partner. I have appealed to you for over a year to allow Resellers opportunity to avoid having work in process items deleted. Yet saved and...

Vistaprint / Unauthorized credit card charges

tjhvan on Feb 15, 2017
A year ago I made a single order, for business cards, with VistaPrints which I paid for in full. For the past 11 months VistaPrints has been making unauthorized charges to my Visa for services I never agreed to. I contacted their customer service, who assured me it was being referred to...

Vistaprint / Visiting cards

Balaji ganesh on Jan 8, 2017
Ordered visiting cards 200 nose on were December 2016. Till it is not delivered. Called manylon times to customer care, only reply is " we will deliver in time" I am getting. Donto know at what time I will get from vistaprint. Moreover I had paid entire amount. This is nuisance...

Vistaprint / Vista print calendar uk

Stephen Guy on Jan 5, 2017
From: stephen guy +447899816980 102 brokes way Tunbridge wells Kent Tn4 0at England Account number 8789-3280-5556 Order numbers - 2bnqw-44a55-7t9 Clk81-54a38-8g5 57k9w-44a02-9g2 Dear sir madam I am writing this complaint and would seek compensation for the following: I would like to start...

Vistaprint / Business cards

Scott Ableman on Nov 11, 2016
This place is the worst. I had a bad experience with them years ago -- the promised discount was bogus and the paper/print quality was terrible -- but I foolishly decided to try them again because they had just what I needed and I was able to use their online tools to design and order it...

Vistaprint / Bad experience with vistaprint

Lara on Aug 23, 2016
Found this VistaPrint website and decided to give it a try. Ordered a photo book as a present for my parents for their 35 year anniversary. I placed my order and then I received a notification from this website that as a new customer I was offered some free cards. Since it was supposed to...

Vistaprint / Flash cookies

NoWayee on Mar 19, 2016
We went to the site and built some business cards. After completing the task, I erased the cookies that Vistaprint had placed on the computer. However, the cookie folder and its contents "device" and "cookie test" with the instruction "any connection" keep reappearing. I've spent the last...

Vistaprint / Unauth debits/free website trial

EBESTES on Dec 5, 2014
I had to have my Visa shut off 2.5 weeks after signing up for Vistaprint's Free website 30 Day trial. I should've done that before all the debits started popping up as there WAS no free anything, I was being charged the day after signing up. I had "assumed" I'd get a free 30...

Vista Print / Business cards

Shemel on Dec 17, 2013
Went to order existing business cards but needed to change my title, thought this would be an easy task. After spending a few hours trying to do so because I knew it couldn't be as difficult as I was making it out to be, I called customer service. Rudely said, no we cannot help you...

Vistaprint / Unwanted magazine subscriptions

TomW3 on Mar 14, 2013
Vistaprint signs its customer up for various magazine subscriptions without explicit consent. It is the default option upon checking out print orders and extremely difficult to identify and disable. Once checking out a print order, you are signed up for a 12 months magazine subscription...

Vistaprint Graphics Online / Services I did not sign up for

justice julie on May 21, 2012
I recently noticed on my checking acct. Statement a charge I didn't recognize. I called my bank who gave me a number associated with this charge that I could call. When I called it they said I had been paying for some kind of retail discount program through vistaprint. I asked them how...

Vista Print / Unauthorised withdrawals from my bank account

john a jones on Mar 22, 2012
i ordered business cards only about a month ago, and paid upfront via my paypal account, which is linked to my bank account, i was looking to start my own business at the time, but things changed, then out of the blue on 21st march 2012, i had an email from paypal stating vista print had...

Vistaprint / Vistaprint now forcing website onto andrea hudson piano

fizzyrose on Mar 21, 2012
After asking for a refund and compensation today, I have received two e-mails saying that my website has been reactivated, and that I shall be billed on 21/04/12. I have e-mailed the company to tell them I have not re-activated my account. I am still waiting for a satisfactory response. Perhaps Lori Holt can give me a call.

Andrea Hudson Piano Ripped Off By Vistaprint / Ripped off by vistaprint

fizzyrose on Mar 21, 2012
Dear Lori Holt, Can I have my money back please with compensation, so that I can start a new website with a more reliable company?

Vistaprint / Ripped off by vistaprint: unlawful retention of my money.

fizzyrose on Mar 20, 2012
Here is the complaint that I made to Vistaprint on 12/02/12, and I have not received any satisfaction regarding my complaint: I regard the retention of the money that I paid for this months subscription as unlawfully kept money because you have taken my money and not provided the service...

Vistaprint.com / Although, they advertise 500 business cards for 9.99 and sometimes for free, you will end up having to pay shipping and handling costs

Eulren on Jul 6, 2011
I was initally sucked in by their advertisements of 500 "premium" business cards for $9.99. I gave them a try, ordered 250 premium cards for my business, and received them 2 weeks later. Apparently, Vistaprint.com uses the term "premium" very loosely. Upon reciept I inspected them, and to...

Vista Print.com / Vista print is worthless to any serious small business, that needs to make every dollar count

Dubtane on Jun 14, 2011
I am a business owner and used Vista Print.com for my printing needs. On several occassions my hours of work on their site was deleted and their international support line is unbearable with individuals whose voices can not be understood by English speaking people. They are without good...

Vistaprint / Defective product

Terence Whalen on May 29, 2011
I ordered two rubber stamps for my name/address. Upon them coming in, Vistaprint had printed the street address on two lines and left off the city, state and zipcode. On their web site it indicated that there was a 100% money back replacement policy if not satisfied. I Emailed their...

Vistaprint / Their whole operation

I-Tell-It-Like-It-Is on May 26, 2011
I am a very intelligent person. I am registered with a board of pharmacy and work in Nuclear Pharmacy. You would think I would have made a better choice. Vistaprint is "Horrible"!! My printed products are never right, even with numerous attemps to correct it. The font, color, or design...

Vistaprint / Withdrawl of money

justine24 on May 12, 2011
I am trying to expand my business. So I wanted to make business cards for my Photography business. I was watching T.V. one night with my boyfriend and there was an ad for a business advertising business cards. I jumped online and they seemed pretty legit until I made Business cards and got...

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