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automatically subscribing me

Several times when I placed orders at vista print, they have automatically subscribed me to magazines. This latest one, parents magazine, was a default "yes" on their checkout screen. Sneaky trick. I have today informed them of my formal complaint to the securities and exchange commission for consumer fraud. When I tried to unsubscribe, I was told that since it was free, why wasn't I more appreciative.

poor printing/cutting of business cards

I recently ordered business cards. When they arived I noticed that all 500 of them had a white stripe on the left or right of each card (my cards are red in color so easy to notice) I have been going back and forth with their "customer service" and when I finally emailed them a picture they admitted that they made a mistake. Then I asked if they were going to reprint them, they said that they were sorry but that they could not do that! I'm very upset with the service, it's ok to make a mistake as everyong does, but when you fail to make it right that's just plain wrong. This is the problem and the way big business get a bad name and why lots of people are reluctant to use large companies, I sure wish I wouldn't have...

[Resolved] free business cards

Vistaprint has just lost my business for good.

I have used vistaprint exactly 2 times.
The first experience went off without a hitch and the cards came back better than expected (for the price) and I was actually impressed. This was in the summer of 2009.

I have an excellent printer and prices, so I didn't find opportunity to try them again until recently.
A friend wanted some cards done, and I decided to vistaprint another shot in order to save my friend exactly $35. I was expecting the same quality of cards and printing. I designed the card, so I knew what to expect and I figured saving money was the objective.

Well.. Vistaprint somehow managed to print a 2 sided all blue business card with one side yellow.
I've been in pre-press and publishing, designer for years and I can't fathom how they managed to make this mistake or get that result.

I wasn't happy nor was my friend, but I figured vistaprint would be very apologetic about the obvious mistake, and either issue an immediate refund or offer a completely free re-print with possibly a discount or something for the trouble..

What I got was a blunt letter blaming me for the mistake, and stating that I must have sent it that way or else one side would not be printed yellow. They simply printed what I had sent, and if I wanted it to be blue - I should order an additional run with a blue side instead. The vistaprint customer service rep. Included instructions on how to view a proof of the print job. And a link to sign in to that order.

When I logged in, sure enough.. It was yellow on one side. I was baffled. Until I revisited my design which was completely fine. I then double checked a screen shot of the original order proof, and it was clearly blue, not yellow. It was then that I noticed the most disturbing fact of all. The date on the artwork and proof they sent me, was showing it was altered that day.
I couldn't believe my eyes. I know I didn't alter my design. So what was this date all about?
I then looked at the portfolio, which showed everything I had sent in the order. And nothing I had sent was yellow. And the date was correctly 2 weeks previous.

What does this mean for vistaprint?
It means that they actually took the time to make a proof fit the printing mistake, so they could blame me for the error and suggest I re-print the job.

If this isn't fraud, I don't know what is.
And I sent a very to the point letter explaining exactly what I found, and that I was not a spring chicken but a seasoned designer with extensive pre-press experience.
I made it clear that I did not send a yellow side to that business card, and that I had proof of their alterations. Not to mention the original artwork - date stamped and emailed to myself with a screen capture of the actual proof that I agreed to when I pressed "ok" to the order.
I explained that I was no longer interested in a free re-print at all, but that I now wanted a full refund without question. I was also going to be sending my findings to the better business bureau and take the time to present it at their next shareholder meeting so that their shareholders could better understand what kind of business they are investing in.

In the same email, I requested a call back or email from a supervisor or somebody that could possibly explain how my design turned yellow, was altered without my consent, and more importantly.. How it became altered without me altering it.

I recieved

That would explain how such a set of circumstances and events could have possibly transpired without malicious and fraudulent intent. I said, "I look

Needless to say, I have received an immediate refund.
They then went on to include a link to a 'proof' that clearly showed that one side was yellow and not blue.

Results of my letter, and catching them in the act.
- I received an immediate refund (within 20 minutes).
What was suspiciously missing from the refund notification was any apology or attempt to explain what had happened. Just a clear and itemized list of what was being refunded. Which was everything.

I did receive a call from a woman at vistaprint.
Unfortunately it went to voicemail, as I was on another line. This was clearly the apology that should have been given in the first place. Now, too late and still without any explanation or reasoning to the error.

She simply said,"just wanted to say we are very sorry for the inconvenience, you have been given a full refund." please call back if you require any further information or would like to continue to do business at vistaprint.

I did not call back.
As much as I would love to hear the excuse.
I had wasted enough time proving they lied and attempted to defraud me out of my money, as well as additional money by blaming me for their error.

So.. Potential vistaprint customers, you have been given fair warning.


RESULTS OF MY LETTER, and catching them in the act. - I received an immediate refund (within 20 minutes). What was suspiciously missing from the refund notification was ANY apology or attempt to explain what had happened. Just a clear and itemized list of what was being refunded. Which was everything. I did receive a call from a woman at Vistaprint. Unfortunately it went to voicemail, as I was on another line. This was clearly the apology that should have been given in the first place. Now, too late and still without any explanation or reasoning to the error. She simply said, "Just wanted to say we are very sorry for the inconvenience, you have been given a full refund." Please call back if you require any further information or would like to continue to do business at Vistaprint.

  • In
    InkThis Mar 22, 2011

    You're in "pre-press and publishing for years" with an "excellent printer/prices" but you're relying on VistaPrint? Please. No-one in the business would look at VistaPrint except to see what NOT to do.

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  • Kl
    klubjunk Mar 23, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Yes you are correct.
    I did have success with a single job before.
    And that's why I thought I would try them again for a simple business card print job and save a few bucks (probably $15)..
    I knew what to expect on the printing quality, and I know how to send exactly what would print well with their setup..
    Unfortunately they managed to print a blue card yellow,
    Overprint all the inks and make a simple job turn to crap.
    Using them again was a mistake, that's all there is to it.
    Trying to save a couple bucks was soooo not worth it.

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  • La
    Larry Maxwell Oct 10, 2011

    What a damn nightmare!!! I somehow signed up for a website(still don't remember doing it) when the fist bill came i called and cancelled it-this was last Sept. This past saturday (Oct 8th) Vistaprint attempted to charge my bankcard twice and today (Oct. 10th) they tried to charge my bankcard again 4 seperate times within minutes of one another. But here's the strange part-they use some 3rd party bank out of the netherlands and when the charges were attempted on my bankcard there was NO dollar amount for the charge!!! I am cancelling my card immediately and have notified my bank never to accept a charge from these people- My banker sdvised me to cancel the card immediately-- Vistaprint has been hacked and all your money can be drained from your account!!! Don't do business with these people PLEASE!!! Just go ahead and pay the extra little amount and have stuff done locally!!!

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shipped me unsolicited merchandise

I had never heard of this company or ordered anything before a ups package arrived containing unsolicited...

unauthorized charges!!

1- they advertise "free" business cards and a few other crap. Than they charge you for logo upload, image upload etc. They you pay a high cost shipping and wait for weeks to receive the item. They print their own advertisement on the back side and actually you're payin for their advertising...! The quality of the business cards are not good at all. They're printed on really cheap looking paper.

2- on the check out there are too many selctions, upgrades etc. They fraustrate you until you miss reading something that was already selected. Which is you agree to pay them $30 a month... Who would want to make a donation or monthly payment to a service that they purchased some free business cards.

3- your money is gone. Don't ask them to pay what they have already taken out from your account. If you're lucky they might stop charging you...

4- they sell your information (name, company name, address, telephone number, email address whatever you put on your "free" business cards)... You will know they sell your information from the increase of the advertisement and telemarketer calls.

5- un ending emails. They will spam your email box with thousands of emails.

If you want to ounish yourself go ahead and get some "free" crappy business card from the,

  • Ju
    jules alexandre Nov 05, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    i ordered a shirt from there a few months ago and they still continue to charge me monthly

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  • Db
    DB2010 Jan 27, 2011

    That's strange. I ordered 250 free Business Cards & received them in a reasonable time. They were printed exactly as I specified, including the current year calender on the back. I paid only the cost of shipping just as they advertised. No problems here.

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  • De
    denizcaroll Jan 27, 2011

    Watch this:

    Abviously you work at Vistprint...!

    -1 Votes
  • Db
    DB2010 Feb 10, 2011

    denizcaroll; NO, I do NOT work at Vistaprint! I am a over-the-road Truck Driver & run a small business on the side. The business cards I ordered are for my business & as I stated before, I paid shipping/handling ONLY. Again, no problems with my order or payment.

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  • De
    denizcaroll Jul 06, 2011

    There are thousands of complaints about unauthorized charges. I have several friends in that list as well. Stop lying. There are even law suits against this scam. Again Stop lying.

    -1 Votes

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poor quality, no service, financial loss

Have had several experiences w/ vistaprint over the years thru 3 or 4 business associations. Bottom line is that when you're fortunate enough to slip through and not hit any of their infamous snags, good for you. But when they mess up, which is absolutely inevitable, they mess up spectacularly and are obnoxious to deal with. So it's a gamble - you may come off okay with attractive products at a good price, but our company has decided that the massive screw ups that come every few orders destroy any savings, so that's it's cheaper and better to go with moo.com or someone else dependable and honest. When it's our call, we absolutely use someone else. When it's not our call, we strongly advise our associates to use someone else, as we will not chip in for emergency reprinting if and when vistaprint ruins another marketing order.

bad shipping practices

My order delivery was promised for 12/11; then I received an email that the order shipped early and I should receive it on 12/9. It is 12/15, my order is still in a different part of the country, and it's not scheduled to be received at the postoffice until 12/21, then I have to wait for my mail carrier to deliver it to my home. I called and the order was refunded, but they refused to have the order reprinted and rush delivery. Now I have a problem to correct by not having my product in time and find another solution to meet my deadline, when it wasn't my wrongdoing. I feel that this is awful customer service and I will not ever purchase anything from this company again either for myself personally or for my company, for which I am the marketing manager. My experience has shown me that their delivery promises cannot be trusted and they are willing to offer only limited assistance to their unhappy customers who are left "in a jam."

credit card scam victim

I have been the victim of credit card scams through vistaprint.com for several years.in doing research online, i’ve found thousands of other victims internationally and the consumers in this country need to be aware of this.
Though I have been a client since 2002 – placing almost 100 orders for multiple businesses on several different credit cards – I recently found a trail of fraud that has led back to years of bogus charges for phantom and nonexistent products, services and memberships all tracing back to vistaprint and its affiliates. This is money stolen from, not only from my personal credit cards but also from multiple businesses, one of which includes a nonprofit animal shelter where every penny counts.
Unbeknownst to me, vistaprint provided my credit card information to third parties who charged for things such as magazine subscriptions and fraudulent products, services, and membership rewards programs. The most infuriating part of this blatant theft is that vistaprint claims i’ve ordered such things when I clearly haven’t.
A recent report done by a harvard law professor and lawyer, also explains that vistaprint’s website is laden with spyware that pulls personal information from site visitors. I’ve made complaints and reported this to 35 state, local and federal consumer agencies and authorities to combat this fraud to recover my money and I have had no response. This is not only frustrating but very pathetic that the very agencies that are supposed to protect consumers are not protecting us or our businesses. There are thousands of other victims who still don’t know about these practices. I will keep fighting until I am fully reimbursed and the state and federal agencies investigate vistaprint’s illegal activities.

  • Ki
    Kisser Jan 28, 2013
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    The current Groupon with Vistaprint is a total ripoff. When you use the "special" url, the price is increased by about $20 I was a long-time vistaprint customer, but this is ridiculous.

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  • Fr
    frog_ladee Jan 14, 2015

    I found this posting while searching to see if others had been victims of credit card fraud after ordering from VistaPrint. There were charges made to my credit card from the Netherlands, which my credit card company noticed, and they contacted me. I had placed an order with VistaPrint shortly before the fraudulent charges began, and VistaPrint is based in the Netherlands. They are the only company I've ordered from that is based there.

    This is very disappointing, because I've been ordering from there for years and like their products. But never again!!

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  • Ro
    Ross Aimer Apr 28, 2016
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    My wife ordered business cards from Vistaprint in lat 2013.
    In 2016 she discovered she was being charged $39.95 on her ATM card, every month, ever since!
    She never singed up or used any other product offered by Vistaprint.

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  • Ji
    Jim of bucks county Jul 26, 2019
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I placed an order for business cards 2 years ago and shortly after placing the order my credit card was scammed from various sources. I disputed the charges and had my credit card replaced with a new one.
    This year, I ordered new business cards, (July of 2019) and shortly after my credit card company notified me of unauthorized purchases. More credit card fraud!
    I will NEVER order from VISTAPRINT again! I called the corporate headquarters and informed them of the problem!
    I really think they don't care!

    If you want to protect your credit card from fraudulent charges avoid ordering from Vistaprint!

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failure to supply adequate product

I recently ordered christmas cards using their online system.
I received the order, however the envelopes didn't fit the product.
I rang them and the company assured me they would send the correct envelopes, these arrived and they were wrong again. I rang again and these envelopes didn't arrive, I rang to check on them and they hadn't been sent. I rang again, once again I was assured that I would get the correct envelopes... And suprise suprise they were wrong.
I told them I wanted a refund, as I couldn't send the cards are they were not a standard size that I could just buy envelopes... I am still waiting for my refund.

  • De
    denise edwards Feb 22, 2012
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    i think vistaprint are rubbish and dont no even how to print the lables they printed for me were all wrong and they printed over my address with another word so i cant even use the 140 lables i got i am binning the crap lables and never useing vistaprint ever again

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  • Yo
    YouareIdiots Feb 22, 2012

    Dispute the charges with your bank. The people working for Vista Prints are obviously idiots.

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cancelling website

I have a business website with vista print and we have closed our business so I called vista print last friday to cancel the website. I made six calls, I was able to get their ordering department every time but when they transferred me to the cancellation department I got cut off. On my sixth call I got operator extension 5253 and told her I wanted my website canceled now, she wanted to send me to the department that kept cutting me off, I said no, she needed to take care of it and explained why. She said it would be taken care of that day, well it is till up and running. This company is doing bad business. I will be filling a complaint with the bbb and my credit card company.

  • De
    denizcaroll Jan 27, 2011

    May I ask why you signed up for a free or $5 website with vista print? If I told you I would sell you a brand new mercedes for $5, 000, would you buy that too?

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Do not, I repeat do not order anyhting from vista print online! They charge different amounts to your credit card (for their accounting conveniences, they charged the wrong amount first and changed the amount, cancelled the first one, so it looks like my card has been charged 3 times.) they don't even have a 800# listed on their website. They trick you with wordage by saying if you add this much shipping is free and still charge the shipping. Omg, what a waste of time and money. I can't believe this people stay in business.

  • Hb
    HBchilln Dec 11, 2010

    VISTA PRINT in the news: BOSTON -- "A company is accused of running one of the largest unauthorized consumer billing operations in the country." (Watch the news clip)


    0 Votes
  • Ca
    Catherine Nagy Aug 18, 2014

    I have never used Vistaprint but they have been charging my American Express account $9.99 every week, now 6 times. American express is "looking into it" but I still have them on my current bill. Total scam

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customer service

It's impossible to get through to vistaprint!!! Called the 1800 number on friday 2pm - old me that "the department was closed, please call back during business hours mon-fri 8am-10pm." if friday 2pm is not within business hours, then what time is???
Emailed them too - "will reply within 48 hours". It's been 1 week!!!
Obviously vistaprint doesn't have any business hours!
Very, very poor customer service!

writing on business cards too small, especially on phone #s

I ordered buisness cards from vistaprint and the printing is barely legible and extremely small. I need these fixed thank god I didnt order what I usally do, cant seem to find a live person to talk to. I need to fix these cards any help you could offer would be greatly appreciated.

free business cards

Vista print advertises free business cards which are not free at all. After you spend countless time trying...

customer service

Vistaprint has the worst customer service in the world! The phone number is just a run around of automated options with no human help at all. I had ordered business cards in march and its may and I still have yet to receive my order. I had to spend 1 hour on the phone calling different numbers to get a human to help me. I will not purchase anything from this company again and suggest that if you do, don't mess up because you will not get any help from the company

bad product & unavailable customer services

I've been had and I get it. Ordered checks thinking I could pick something better and cheaper than from my...

no customer support after order

I ordered a "free" printed t-shirt from vistaprint with printing on front and back. After all the upgrades to the free offer I ended up paying $14.38 for the shirt. This was not the problem, I agreed to the $14.38 charge and paid though paypal. I received the shirt, but the printing on the back was missing. I tried for about an hour to find any way of contacting the company only to be led in an unendless loop of links without ever finding a link to contact anyone or report the problem. They even have a "satisfaction guaranteed" which takes you back into the endless useless loop.


I am livid that vistaprint overcharged me several times over and I am really hoping they correct this as I will go to the better business buerau. What is lori holt's email in customer relations???

  • Ir
    Irishdragonles Sep 30, 2010

    I wanted to order something from them when I recieved an email saying "Everything $0!Free Shipping!". So I went to place an order and well to my surprise they wanted me TO pay for shipping. I called them told them about their website, what it said and they said "Sorry we will not honor their promotion". So I will no longer buy from them again. I am reporting them to the Federal Bureau of Fraud though. Not fair. Still have the link to that website too. Took pictures of the screen saying "Everything $0!Free Shipping!". Now let them say they never put that up, I have pictures. LOL!

    0 Votes
  • Fi
    fizzyrose Mar 20, 2012
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    YES: I have also been asking the same question: what are Lori Holt's contact details? Does anyone know? I have been ripped off too.

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  • Dd
    ddttrh Jul 14, 2016

    I had placed an order with Vistaprint online during a promotion period. At the end of my order, for 15 male t-shirts, I was asked if I wanted additional products. I chose a 'Ladies T-shirt' and went through the screen till payment. My invoice at the end said I ordered 15 'T-shirts' (male style) and 6 'Ladies T-shirts'. When I received my order, I received all mens t-shirts. When I called to ask how to distinguish them, a lady told me I had actually orderd 21 Males style t-shirts and did notice that it said Ladies--and was confused why that was. We argued a bit back and forth and she hung up on me, basically making me feel like I was wrong to question them. I called back and talked to a gentleman and he said I ordered 15 T-shirts and 6 'males T- shirt'. The title of the shirts had changed! I could only assume that the agent who hung up on me changed it! Mens T-shirts on their sites are labled 'T-shirts' too, which made it more obvious they had changed the title. So I talked to a manager and she as well saw the order the way it was and I felt she did not believe me. I told her to listen to the recorded conversations and she basically promised she would look into the matter and see why this 'very rare technical problem' ever happened. She replied back in an email that I had actually ordered the males t-shirt. Throughout this company has not listened and treated me badly. It was my first and last experience with them.

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cheap material and blurred print of cards

Dear lori holt, I don't want to be rude but you are educated women and having business to way to succe...

rewards partners were stealing my money

I ordered address labels and one month later, appeared two charges in my debit card for "entrtnment values" and "mnth svc-shopping pg". It seems these are two rewards partners of vistaprint and they were charging my debit card for 5 months with 14.95 dollars. I called chase-visa card. They are refunding with the last 60 days. I found this scam everywhere since 2004... How visa or mastercard can make them still eligible to credit card payment as merchant?

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