Virgin Mobile USAemployee knowledge of policies at customer service hotline

A Sep 19, 2019

I have recently been looking into gettting the new iPhone, the website of Virgin Mobile advertises that customers can bring their own iPhone to their plan. I have called the customer service hotline TWICE, each time the representative KNEW I am a current Virgin Mobile account holder (they asked me for the phone number I was inquiring about and my account PIN). Eath call ended with the customer service representative telling me to go into the store to buy the new phone and check the IMEI number on the website to check compatability. While reading the commumity forums I found another current customer asking the same question as mine, "can I purchase/pre-order the new iPhone through Apple and bring the phone to my current Virgin Mobile plan"... the anser to this forum question was that current Virgin Mobile customer CANNOT purchase their phones anywhere outside of the Virgin Mobile website or stores, stating that the bring your own iPhone was exclusively for new Virgin Mobile customers. Why would the customer service representatives from the Virgin Mobile help line tell me to go to the Apple store to check the IMEI number of the new phone I was going to purchase through Apple when the bring your own iPhone does not apply to existing customers, and why is there not a disclaimer on the website that this program only applies to new customers. The proper resolution I would like to see is proper clarification on the website showing who can take advantage of the program AND training for the customer service representative to PROPERLY INFORM their customer on clauses surrounding this program.

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