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On Tuesday 1 October at approximately 3.35pm the woman manning the Virgin priority (staff) baggage check at Brisbane airport was difficult, rude and patronising to the three people directly in front of me. I'm sorry I didn't get her name as I was being pushed through a busy baggage check area.

The first person was a little slow when we were directed to the priority (staff) baggage check area, and she loudly said 'oh we have new flyer here' or something similar. She was brusque and showed no understanding that we had literally just been directed to this check in less than 15 seconds previously (away from the one for normal customers).

The second person's first language was clearly not english and she exaggerated and slowed down her speech in a comical fashion to 'pretend' to help her understand. She demonstrated no cultural sensitivity what so ever.

The final person in front of me had failed to remove their laptop from the case and again she (loudly, so all people around could here) made a fuss that they didn't know the rules, and must be a 'new flyer'.

As a frequent flyer, someone who has only flown Virgin for 10+ years and member of the virgin lounge I am seriously reviewing my choice of airline. Her treatment of three customers in a row was quite unbelievable to me.

I would like to note the attendant was in no way rude to me, possibly because of the suit I had on, tag on my bag, or because I knew to take my laptop out.

Yours Sincerely


Oct 01, 2019

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