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I Nov 29, 2018
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Complaint regarding flight VA 141 22nd November 2018

I travelled on flight VA 141 Sydney to Auckland on 22nd November 2018 seat number 21C - see attached boarding pass. On the printed ticket it states a departure time of 1000 and an arrival time in Auckland of 1510. I chose this flight so I could achieve a business dinner appointment at 6pm NZ time.

Waiting at the gate prior to boarding passengers were advised that the flight is 30 minutes late and won't be departing till 1045 due to late arrival. We didn't board at 1045. We waited. A further announcement said that the planes interior was overheated and that they had requested a separate air conditioning unit. We waited. We saw the unit arrive. We waited. About 20 minutes later there was a movement to board passengers. After 1130 we closed the cabin door. We taxied out to the runway and stopped! We waited. Then the Captain made an announcement ‘we had a RED light in the cockpit - an engineering issue' and that we would be returning to the gate. We waited. The Captain made another announcement that we would have to wait on the tarmac till a gate became free. We waited. After a lengthy period we started to move back to a gate. We waited. Various announcements were made. We waited. The front cabin door was open and engineering staff, I presume coming and going. We waited. It was getting very hot inside the plane which the crew announced, stating the obvious! We waited. We were brought water. It was a bit like being in jail but without the bread. On your website it states that every 2 hours passengers would be given food vouchers - none arrived. No food or beverages were given out. We weren't allowed to leave the plane even though the cabin door was open. Allowing us to leave the plane, move around and have some free refreshments would have been the smart thing to do in consideration to the welfare of your passengers but no. We waited. It was getting even hotter in the plane around 30 degrees when the cabin staff announced they had requested an air conditioning unit - Wow, that was a bit late. Obviously no planning had been made for the welfare of your passengers. We waited. We waited in crowded conditions, a bit like being a sardine in a hot tin. Some passengers said they were getting concerned about being on a plane that is fully loaded with fuel - a bit like being in a ticking time bomb. We waited. Other irrelevant announcements were made, like ‘we have no updates at the moment'. We waited. Finally it seems that the problem had been fixed as the second pull-back started at 1435. We took off from Sydney at 1500, about the time we should have been arriving in Auckland! During the flight we had some turbulence so the food and beverage service was cut short. We landed in Auckland at 1940 Australian time - being 2140 NZ time. So work it out - four and a half hours late! Only one redeeming feature at the end of the flight was that the head steward said that we needed to complain and gave us the contact details.
And yes, I missed my business appointment and wasted my whole day on your plane - thanks for that.
So what compensation are you going to offer me for this fiasco!
A couple of free food vouchers?
I don't think so...

Yours sincerely

Ian Kingsford-Smith


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