Virgin Active South Africacontract

Cl Oct 01, 2019

I'm from the Uk working in SA for 10 weeks. I walked into virgin active foreshore on 27th August 2019 and asked what would be my cheapest option to join for the period of time I'm here. I was advise if I paid for 2 months 1st September and 1st October and called to cancel at the end of the September then they will do my cancellation fee at a reduced rate of 400 rand. I called to cancel yesterday to be told this wasn't the case and I would need to pay another 1900 rand? I contacted the person I signed the contract with by email who advise he doesn't recall telling me that even though I confirmed back to him what we agreed and asked if he would put this in the contract which he hasn't. I leave SA in 5 weeks and I would like this resolving but I go. I have no intentions of using the gym now I don't even have a copy of my contract and I feel like I have been missold!

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