Virgin Active South Africamembership fees deducted for incorrect contract that was not agreed to

N Aug 06, 2018

I inquired about contracts with Virgin Active Kloof Durban. I made an appointment with the sales consultant on the 27th of July, we met and agreed to go onto the Discovery Vitality option for myself and my daughter. It was R700.00 once off as it was on special and then monthly R150.00 for me and R170.00 for my daughter. We started the application and then realized that we are not linked to my husbands Discovery Vitality. I mentioned several times that we have to be on the Vitality. I was told to sort it out and come back on 1 August. I dealt with Discovery and they explained the process that I have to follow to be a vitality member. I phoned Busisiwe and said that I am having a problem and to ensure that money does not go off my account until it is sorted out. In the mean time, I sorted my Daughter out, Busisiwe cancelled her contract and changed it to another contract under her boyfriends profile. I then asked for mine to be cancelled until I sort my Vitality out. The next day, I saw and amount of R1030.00 deducted from my account. I phoned to ask about it and I was told that she cannot cancel it as I will then have to pay a cancellation fee.
I went in on Thursday the 2nd and asked again to sort this out. I was told that I will be contacted on Friday - that did not happen. On Monday the 6th of August, I phoned twice and she phoned me back saying again that I can go on Vitality and the more I explain to her that it is a process and it will affect the Vitality premium, once I have sorted it, I will get back to her. I asked about the money again and she explained that it is normal gym membership fees that was deducted.
I explained that I did not ask for a normal contract and also my daughters was cancelled before the deduction. The point is that Virgin active does not want to refund my money and they are asking me a cancellation fee for something I did not ask and did not agree to.
This entire deal was based on Vitality and I mentioned that several times and requested several times to ensure funds are not deducted from me until the Vitality is resolved.
I logged a call with the Virgin Active Head office an hour ago where they said that they will send an email to the Depot Manager "Blake", also advised that I will be copied in. Still no email received?
I would like my money to be refunded and will not pay a cancellation fee for something I did not ask and agreed to.

The sales consultant at the Kloof Depot is Busisiwe.

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