Virgin Active South Africaclub v

T Nov 02, 2018

I moved my gym contract and 2 of my childrens contracts to Virgin active menlyn from Groenkloof because they have more children for my child to play with at the time we go to gym and they told us they revamping club v at menlyn so we moved and enrolled our twins with them also.

Today at club v the attendant told us we must rember the 2hour rule and we must not be late again and she would not have said anything but this is something we do a lot.
When I asked her what is alot because I only know of 1 other time before today she said o yes it was only once but still. The first time I was late it was 3min and today was between 10-13min and she made quite a big deal of it. Then when I went to get my baby's her cellphone was lying next to them where she was sitting, so If we have to obey the 2hour rule should the staff do the same and not be on their cellphone during work and especially if you are looking after small children.

Now I want to move my contract to groenkloof but who is going to pay for the contract move because I dont want the staff at club v menlyn to look after my children after the big fight we had today.

We payed to move everything and now I have to pay to move everything back to groenkloof again.

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