Viking River Cruises3 nights in tuscany, florence & sienna

Booking #5134934 September 11-13.

We were very disappointed in our stay at Resort Villa La Veronica. We do not feel that this was up to par with our expectations from Viking. We've stayed in villas in Spain, Mexico, and Portugal that made La Veronica look like an old farm house. First of all, it was so far our it required a small 24 passenger bus to get us there on a dirt road. 6+hours on a bus that small was very uncomfortable. We were in room #3 and experienced a hot water shortage the first day. There was only enough water for one person to shower. I reported the problem and they assured me it was fine, but it wasn't. The next morning there was enough hot water again for only one person so we ended up showering one of us in the morning and one of us in the evening to solve the problem. The room was dark and dingy. We needed adapters to charge our electronic devices and were given one. We gladly would have brought our own if we knew that the villa couldn't provide 2. The stairs leading up to our room had ropes not actual rails to hold on to. Considering the average age of people traveling with Viking this could be very dangerous. We also wondered what would happen if there was a medical emergency because there is not easy access to this villa. The night we arrived our main entree at dinner was a salad with chicken on top. Way below our expectations being in Italy. We were also told that we were each allowed only one glass of wine with dinner. Really? Some people didn't even drink wine but this was pretty insulting considering what we paid for this excursion. The tours were fantastic the next 2 days again with the exception of being told that each person was only allowed one bottle of water. This again is a ridiculous policy. I guess the hardest part of this is our traveling companions did the same extension, rode in a nice large comfortable bus, and loved their sleeping accommodations. I'm pretty sure we paid the same amount of money for this excursion but we do not feel like the experience we had was worth the money we spend. We've already booked our next Viking cruise but I will definitely investigate the pre and post excursions before I decide to spend the money. Thanks for your time and consideration. Barb Burris.

Sep 27, 2019

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