Viatorberchtesgaden and eagle's nest (booking reference br-[protected])

L Aug 14, 2018

Dear Sir/Madam

I booked the Berchtesgaden and Eagles Nest tour through Viator for Friday, 10 August (Booking Reference BR-[protected]). I don't know whether anyone else attending this tour will go to the trouble of writing to you but there were a lot of dissatisfied people on this tour.

Firstly, when I arrived at the meeting place outside the Karstadt Department Store, the guide, Arnoud, was annoyed with two customers in front of me who had electronic vouchers even though Viator indicated that either a paper or electronic voucher would be acceptable.

He was extremely unprofessional and on the bus he spent most of the time talking to the driver WHILST SMOKING AN E-CIGARETTE AND PUFFING SMOKE ALL OVER THE PASSENGERS. Surely smoking is not permitted on a tour bus. I would not have booked this tour had I known I would be exposed to smoking as I am extremely allergic to smoke and have ended up with a very sore throat as a result.

When we arrived at the venue, he was vague about what there was to see there and told everyone we could not see the bunkers as they were closed for renovation. However, this was not true and, as a guide, he should have known there was a bunker under the Hotel Zum Turken which was open for viewing. I only found this out after being told by another customer who had gone for a walk and discovered it was open.

We all paid €20.00 which we knew was required for the tour. He did not tell us there was a fee to visit the Dokumentation Museum. He made us aware that the red buses take you up to the Eagles Nest and told us to be back at the meeting area at precisely 1.44 pm. I was led to believe we needed to see everything before meeting him at 1.44. I, therefore, purchased a return ticket for the red bus which was €16.60, visited the Eagles Nest quickly and returned to the allotted meeting place at 1.44 whereupon Arnoud proceeded to blow e-cigarette smoke in our faces again after gathering everybody together in a group. This is not only a health hazard but it is extremely rude.

I paid €16.60 for the bus ticket only to discover at 1.44 pm when we met that he had purchased the tickets and was taking us up on the red bus. He refused to attempt to get my money back so now the company has been paid twice for the ticket and I am unnecessarily out of pocket. I chose to walk to the Bunker at the Hotel Zum Turken rather than take the bus for a second time.

I think at the very least I should be compensated for the bus ticket (ticket attached). I have done Viator tours in the past which I enjoyed but I certainly will not be posting any favourable reviews of this tour or its guide.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Lynne Anderson


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