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WOW! [Wide Open West] / Knology reviews & complaints

WOW! [Wide Open West] / Knology complaints 26

WOW! [Wide Open West] / Knology - WOW won't give refund

Acct# [protected] - WOW owes me an $2.24 refund, which I asked for at the end of August 2021 and I was told by the Customer Service that I would have my refund in 30 days. Well, it's has be 60 days and counting. Called back in Sept 13, 2021 and was told to wait for another 30 days, but no refund. When I called Oct 20, 2021, I was told that I should have gotten an email from North Lane telling me how to get my refund. When I told WOW I got no email, I was told to call North Lane. But, North Lane stated that they have no information on me and to call WOW back. When I call WOW, they claim my refund was processed on Oct 14, 2021 and I will have to wait another 30 days, which is will 90 days and counting to get an email from North Lane to get information on how to get my refund. When I explain to WOW that North Lane claim not to have any information about me, WOW claim that they can't help me and to wait 30 days for an email from North Lane. I have no doubt that this is how WOW boost its profit margin, because most people give up on a low refund and they should be held accountable for their unethical business practice.

Desired outcome: My refund

WOW! [Wide Open West] / Knology - iPhone

Between my husband and me, we have spent over 20 hours on the phone with WOW in an attempt to correct a problem with my iPhone sending emails from WOW. One day, for no reason that I can imagine, my...

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Jun 15, 2021

WOW! [Wide Open West] / Knology - Trying to cancel cable/get a box to return your, router, company refuses to honor our multiple requests

We were loyal WOW customers for about 11 years. Over the past year, the quality of customer service went into the toilet when they outsourced all their customer service reps overseas, who do nothing but read scripts/never help anyone. The cable/internet itself also degraded to the point where we had no service at all for weeks with no resolution despite constant calls for repairs/techs coming out who never fixed it. After 2 weeks with no Internet, we got fed up and cancelled the service. Now the company will not actually honor our cancellation or send us the FedEx box for us to return our router despite us requesting it 5 times now. The company never recognized our cancellation and keeps trying to charge us/never sends us the box to return our router. We will file a complaint with FCC as well. Total garbage company that used to be great!

Jill Hughes
410 E Hackberry Drive
Arlington Heights IL 60004

Desired outcome: Get our FedEx box to ship our router back AT NO CHARGE, stop charging us for services we cancelled because they didn't work!


WOW! [Wide Open West] / Knology - unprofessional behavior of company techs

How does my internet route me to several different locations in my area and today its Chicago? I did a traceroute to find out. It also shows me routing to a cloud storage and thats with business accounts. I think this problem has to do with the techs and compliance. So my problem started when another internet providers tech was connecting to my work computer and doing I dont know what. I complained and it got worse. But what Im seeing is that the cable tech buddy network or he maybe reprograming the modem. The reason I know this is because two weeks ago it was routing me to an address across town. After investigating, it was the cousin of the the tech Im talking about. Also that weekend, I showed me being routed to a web hosting and video production company. I called them and there reply was they bought ip address's from you. It sounded like Wow didnt wash the ip address before they reissued it. That didnt explain anything to me. How can all this go on behind the scenes?

WOW! [Wide Open West] / Knology - On-going internet, phone and cable service outages to acct. [protected].

After a year of great service, the incoming signal comes and goes many times each day. This problem started seven weeks ago during the last week of January, 2021. Every time I call customer service...

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WOW! [Wide Open West] / Knology - Whole Service

It all started in July when we had service transferred to a new house. The cable/internet hook up went great but the phone was another issue. The number they gave us would dial out but when someone dialed in the call was answered in a different household. Now we finally sold the house I own and wanted to transfer my e-mail to the new houses account. I was old they could not do that even though both house had WOW. So on Jan 12, 2021 I had service stopped at the new house and the other service transferred over. Almost two weeks (Jan 25, 2021) later they totally shut off service to the new house while leaving the service active at a vacant house. I called and was told a technician would be out Jan 26, 2021 from 8 am to 11 am. At 1pm I called and was told no technician was coming out. It is now the 4th day of no service, I have called over six times and spent almost 6 hours on the phone and was told they would be out Sunday- that would be 7 days. I told them that was not acceptable and after being on hold for 30 minutes was told Friday which still is 5 days. account number [protected] My 93 yr old dad said he saw a technician just before the service went down outside the house. I have tried to tell the call center he had to do something to the cable box but nobody will listen.

Desired outcome: Cable fixed today 1/28/2021

Jan 22, 2019

WOW! [Wide Open West] / Knology - customer service - internet

Please note a one star rating is too high, but the site won't let you submit unless there is a least one star. I am one who does not normally take the time to write any comments and/or review...

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WOW! [Wide Open West] / Knology - cable/internet services

I would like to speak to someone in regards to VERY unprofessional customer service! First, I had an appointment scheduled for a transfer & the guy over the phone input my appointment incorrectly! I...

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WOW! [Wide Open West] / Knology - slow internet speed. false advertising

Since we've had the service we've continued to complain about the Internet speed. We've had several technicians come out some don't even know how to fix the problem or the products that we have in...

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Nov 08, 2017

WOW! [Wide Open West] / Knology - horrible connection

Looks like I will have to switch to a different provider that's more expensive, but at least they provide a normal connection. Speaking of the WowWay I can only say that it's terrible and works like...

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WOW! [Wide Open West] / Knology - Billing and executive response

I have had WOW since January, 2007. In 2015 they billed me twice each month from August, 2015 through January, 2016 through my debit card and one to my checking account... which was an unknown account. I called and emailed a number of times with no explanation and told to take it to my bank. After numerous months, I had to cancel by debit card and checking account and WOW was still trying to take money out for the "fake" account. Then, my email was cut off in December, 2015. I have had it. I called to cancel on July 11, 2016 and because of the two phone calls that I made over 20 minutes long I did not speak to a representative to cancel my service and have been billed ever since. Previously they would call to say that the payment was late (because I had to change my banking information). I was sent bills but ignored them because I was so fed up but it was my mistake because I am now being taken to collections. I chose to ignore the bills because I felt this whole ordeal was unorganized and ridiculous. Why am I rehashing the billing issue, because the money went somewhere and I had to fix the problem without wowways' help. I did not take the money out of my own account and use it for...
That is why this whole situation is frustrating. So many mistakes on your end as well as my end without any resolve or answers.


"If you are referring to the billing issue that was resolved in May, I am showing that credits totaling $147.20 were issued to close that matter. I am not certain what rehashing that matter will resolve now.

You did not cancel your account. You called twice on 7/11/16 and – by your own admission – hung up while on hold, before our representative could answer the phone. That does not constitute a request to cancel service, regardless of how long you were on hold that day. When you continued to receive billing statements from us, you could have called at that time to clear up this matter. Instead, you chose to ignore the statements and notices and let your account be disconnected for non-payment, only contacting us when you received a collections notice."

" I understand that you were frustrated, however, that does not exempt you from the responsibility of notifying us if you wanted to close the account and stop the billing. Unfortunately, ignoring the account does not make it go away."

Leslie - C6463
Auntie, K-Pop Fan, Trekkie
Executive Response Team
WOW! Internet, Cable and Phone


Jul 29, 2016

WOW! [Wide Open West] / Knology - Cable bill

on Jul 29, 2016 SIGNED UP FOR A 12 month contract, but decided to cancel on 7/5. So I called on 7/5 and took equipment down on the 7/6. Well I received a bill for $ 111.87. So I called told them that...

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Jul 29, 2016

WOW! [Wide Open West] / Knology - Cable special

SIGNED UP FOR A 12 month contract, but decided to cancel on 7/5. So I called on 7/5 and took equipment down on the 7/6. Well I received a bill for $ 111.87. So I called told them that I canceled my services before the 30 days were up. They had the days mixed up. So they fill out a form to dispute the charges. Call back nothing been done talked to a really nice gentle men name Larry. He filed another dispute. Called back today 7/28/16 fine out that they don't give money back to perexting customers that have to sign up for contract. Which I was told different. And that's a bunch of BS.

WOW! [Wide Open West] / Knology - Deducted 2 payments from account

July 18, went online to make payment. I did not receive a confirmation number. I tried again. I received a confirmation number the second time. July 19, I noticed WOW had taken out both amounts. One...

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Feb 17, 2016

WOW! [Wide Open West] / Knology - Cable Service - padding their bill

I have been with WOW for a little over a year now. During that year the cable service was so bad that to date I have had 6 technicians out to work on it. Every month, even if I pay my bill on the day service is to be interrupted, they tack on an additional $22 reconnect fee. They do this even if the service HAS NOT BEEN INTERUPTED! Additionally they add a $10 late fee making sure that paying the full balance is never attainable!


WOW! [Wide Open West] / Knology - Customer Service

Today I was having some problems with the video from my cable provider (WOW) so I called their customer service 866 number. To my amazement I was connected to a Spanish speaking female in Nicaragua, Central America. Not only was her English horrid, her knowledge of/or ability to address my problem was non-existence. I do live in the United States of American and we speak English here. And this from a company who advertises great customer service. If I called from Central American would I get a customer service rep in the States who spoke English?

Sep 19, 2015

I think that there is a lot to be said and done with corporations whose employee's do not reflect the proportionate diversity of their customers.

The companies are paying roughly the same labor/expense for the sake of third partying out call center work. Corporations are in the business of employment and they do a darn better job than some of these operators seeking to skirt minimum wage laws and local building and health code ordinances. I am reading about the deplorable conditions in some of these call centers and the way the employees are treated. Poor lighting, unsanitary and overcrowded work stations.

By the way, did you get the issue resolved?

WOW! [Wide Open West] / Knology - over billing and charging after disconnection

My service was disconnected by Wide Open West on 4/16/ 15. I already had another company Time Warner coming out to install services for cable internet and phone. More channels, better internet and...

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Nov 09, 2014

WOW! [Wide Open West] / Knology - They ignore you and provide the worst service ever

Don’t trust to the company I called them and hired the engineer from this company. We spoke and he promised to provide the best services and ASAP. Everything was lie, ‘coz the seller needed only money and he didn’t care about the customer services. I tried to contact them, but all the time machine replied. Stay away from this company and be aware that they are dishonest.

Feb 27, 2014

WOW! [Wide Open West] / Knology - Rude staff, scam, stolen money

I received the bill from the company Wide Open West Cable Internet Services. I paid all bills on time and was surprised, when I received the note from the company that my bill wasn’t settled. I called the customer services rep and asked why they didn’t get my payment. The representative was rude and started to pay it today. She was really useless, and I have no idea what to do now. I wonder if there are other people, who had the same experience. Can you provide any good piece of advice?

Dec 25, 2013

WOW! [Wide Open West] / Knology - Refused to refund my money

I ordered Internet package from the website The package and installation cost me about $50 and monthly fee was about $35. However, I wasn't satisfied with the speed of the Internet...

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