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My complaint is detailed in this letter to the company:

To whom it may concern,

I don’t know if this is the proper channel to address my complaint and if it isn’t please pass it along because I will seek other channels until I’m heard. I’m one of those many people through loss of job, finding new job at lower pay, losing home and now having to file bankruptcy that you have heard about all across America right now. My financial situation is the worst that I have ever been in right now. I’m not stating this to draw sympathy but merely stating facts. I have tried to maintain some aspects of my life like keeping me and my son’s cell phone on because like my life my car is not the most reliable. I have tried to communicate with Verizon over this past year whenever I couldn’t pay my bill on time and sometimes that hasn’t helped (ex: last month my month was turned off because it took me 3 payments to pay my bill). In a world that people are losing their jobs and homes you expect to find some compassion and understanding. I have communicated my situation to Verizon on numerous occasions and find that no one takes the time to notate my account so I won’t have to keep repeating myself over and over about an already painful situation and embarrassing one. Now I find yet another issue with Verizon. My July due bill is twice as much as I normally pay and for a person in my position that is not just a drop in the bucket and I can add it easily to my growing mound of bills I’m responsible for. I called Verizon twice on 07/01/09(call dropped while I was talking to a rep) to find out why my bill was so high. I was told that Verizon failed to bill me access charges last month so I’m being billed for them this month. What an outrage!!! I would rather go with a prepaid service then continue to deal with a company that has no morals or compassion for it’s customers to think that it would be okay because Verizon made a mistake that it will be costly for me. I can barely afford to pay my regular bill every month. And the only thing I’m told is we are sorry for the inconvenience (What a joke!!!) I’m the one that if I don’t pay my bill my phone will be turned off and if I cancel I will be charged a cancellation charge yet right now that’s what I’m contemplating because I’m tired of companies that continue to get over and have no meaning of customer service and what it really means. Whether this changes anything I will be filing complaints with whomever I can against this company so that everyone will know what type of company you really are. I will use the internet to reach thousands because I’m sure I’m not the only one that has experienced such poor customer service with no attempts at making it right!

Dionne Lowery


  • R
      Feb 04, 2009

    I was billed an additional data charge of $ 7.95 for an already billed $ 2.99 ringtone download. Verizon Wireless stated "This is the charge for downloading the software and browsing", for which I would not have paid. I was basically told that I would incur the data charge every time I did a download. I didn't mind that $ 2.99, as I was prompted to approve it, but they don't tell you about the additional data-usage charges in addition to this. They should inform you of this charge, but they do not. I learned a lesson, as I will definitely not download anything again!

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  • M
      Apr 14, 2009

    uhm...try reading your entire contract next time...

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      Jun 19, 2009

    Yes, the usage charges were agreed to in your contract, or, if you are a long time custyomer, when the change of megabite usage billing from minutes of use was implemented, around January 2008. That was when America's Choice was replaced with Nation Wide calling plans. You agreed to it, you just didn't read and/or understand exactly what you were agreeing to.

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  • J
      Jul 07, 2009

    verizon gives you up to 90 days to make a bill current or the lines may be disconnected. it is stated in your contract. i do understand your issues and sorry this has happened to you. if you ever have any issues with bill paying please contact us at [protected] and work out a payment plan . as long as we see that you are making an effort to pay the service will remain on.

    verizon corperate team

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  • S
      Jul 07, 2009

    Verizon is a scam and they know it. My bill used to be anywhere from $150 to $280 a month with no difference in service. They never once billed me for what my contract stated. Fee, tax, blah blah blah. Other cell companies get it right, why can't they? Because they don't need to. I dropped them like a hot rock and haven't regreted it once. Having your bill be the same each month is just shocking to me after dealing with these clowns for years.

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  • C
      Jul 31, 2009

    Verizon offers the customer many different ways to view and pay their bill. You not getting charged one month should have set off a red flag in your head before you got the second bill. Did you honestly think you were just going to get forgotten about for a month and hopefully you would receive free service? It is ultimately the consumers responsibility to pay their bill. As far as the payment plan goes, Verizon works with customers not to get shut off, however that does not mean you just can pay what you want when you want. They still have a business to run and as unfortunate as your situation is, you however are not doing everything you can to help your situation either. I know for a fact that Verizon has $20 a month plans you can utilize so if you need to get a hold of someone "just in case", you can. The real problem is that, that type of calling plan which only affords you 50 minutes per month, doesn't allow for you to utilize your cell phone the way you want, so you would rather have a higher bill and let the company deal with your non-payment. I find it really hard to believe anyone in this country right now is hard up for $20. Homeless people on the street can make that in a day asking for change in any major city. When it all comes down to it, responsible consumerism in this country is almost non-existent. Pay your bills! If you can't afford that item, I guess you don't need it. Cellular phone service is still a LUXURY, many people in this country do not have it still and function very well.

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  • J
      Sep 21, 2009

    charges that you are agreeing to our stated in you customer agreement you can view this at also any time you start service or change a price plan and confrimation letter is sent stating the changes made and features listed on the account. w/o a data plan one of those features then is pay as you use mb charges. also listed on the side of you bill is what your plan includes and will state if there is no data package pay as you use megabytes. occassionly as well this message will appear when you access the get now or media center.

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  • R
      Jan 28, 2010

    on a 2yr contract had to call almost every month to fight over billing could give more examples of the way they rip you off but don't feel like typing that much... class auction lawsuit is needed

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  • J
      Mar 10, 2010

    I could not agree more a class action Suit should be filed against Verizon Wireless and Verizon. Here is my story...I was a Verizon Customer since before they were Verizon...They were called Bell Atlantic, then Bell Atlantic nynex Mobil, and then Verizon Wireless. So, in 2005 I went to my local VW Retail store, explained that I wanted a second phone added to my plan (one for business and one for personal useage) have them in a family plan. The agent set me up with the "all new" LG9800" the envy before it was called the envy. Anyways..When I singed the nearly 32 inch long receipt the agent said i was all set up and taken care of. No issues until 2 months later...I was getting ready to make a call and it said forbidden...I called they said my bill wasn't I paid it over the phone not thinking about it..the following other phone stopped working same issue...I paid it as well...the 4th and 5th months...same problem...however this time I called and spoke to an agent if you need the name i can supply it...They explained the plans had been created seperately...and until the bills were current I could not modify or correct the bill was supposed to be $98.00 per month for BOTH phones...When I went back into my records over the course of the 6 months I paid in nearly $800 to this company. Here is the best part. When I said why not fix the bill and if there is anything left to pay or refunded lets sort it out pay first...that was an additional 245 dollars..So now..for something that was supposed to be in the 600 dollars is now at over $1000. Fine I paid it..supposedly got it corrected...2 months later my phone shut off again...this time I refused to pay...I went to the VWS I got the phone demanded the store manager fix this now, or I would immediately drop the phones and move to ATT...well he fixed it, they refused to refund the remaining 364 dollars so they gave me a credit...well what i thought was a credit...Phones worked fine for about 6 more months...Then I got a letter from a collection agency requesting that i pay $364 plus a fee of $75 or risk being sued. I took the letter and receipt back to the store demanding what this is...he said it was for something else...non related...hmmm even amount...I called the collection agency...I finally got a number from the person at verizon wireless that submitted it...called them and they said it was from the phone that was added to the family plan which included a $175 early termination fee...I'm like are you kidding me...she said yes because me terminating the plan prior to it's date caused the term fee to be assessed...and the remaining bills that were not paid...So...I disputed the charges from the collection agency and demanded to Verizon that they get this resolved. Well a billing manager I can supply names if you need them...that a letter was sent to the agency to remove the collection notice...When I got 4 more collection notices in consecutive months, I sent a letter to Verizon Wireless Corporate, informing them I would be dropping my cell phones and moving to AT&T..This I can't make up...Mark Williams at the time was Head of Customer Care Division actually told me he didn't really care that I was just one in 6 million customers, if I did drop they would attach the term fees on both lines and then if it weren't paid I'd be sued for the remainder...Well I actually recorded that conversation...Sent it to an attorney for customer advocacy but I recorded without his concent and was not admissable. So I dropped Verizon and went with AT&T and even kept my existing phone numbers!! I didnt hear anything back until last year..Verizon Wireless placed a bad cancelled debt gaarnishment on my credit report in the amount of $798...I found this out trying to obtain a car loan...I got hit an additional 7% interest due to this complete BS...from these incompetant goons...But in the end...I still refuse to pay that bill and will continue to do so...I even have a drafted letter to dispute any collection attempts...The Credit Beureaus are investigating the Bad Debt and I hope to have it resolved soon. Here is what i say...Thanks Verizon for your awesome Customer Care.

    Remember, I am just one of 6 million...

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  • K
      Jul 21, 2011


    In mid July 2009, I walked up to the Verizon kiosk at a local mall and inquired about their “Friends & Family” plan. My youngest son was born totally deaf after my Vietnam combat exposure to Agent Orange and unlimited text messaging was a God send in opening his world of communication. My ex-wife is one of my best friends and my oldest son lives in Vegas. I felt the Verizon package to be beneficial communication with my family. We purchased 4 phones, one upgraded with a keyboard for my deaf son and skipped off into the sunset thrilled with our new service and tools.
    My glee ceased when I received my first bill estimated at the time of subscription to be $248; it was over $700 and included all the phones I had already paid for, insurance on 4 phones which I had declined in writing, excess minutes and a host of other things too numerous to mention. I returned to the mall kiosk and found that the attitudes of Verizon employees change to customer contempt when they are confronted with legitimate questions. I was told they would get it straightened out and get back to me with a properly credited bill and was instructed to sit down and shut up. Their next step was to shut off my service for not paying the erroneous $700 bill. Now my deaf son who had just started a new job (the likes of which depended on his ability to communicate via text messaging) was left without communication. After several more confrontations with each side questioning the others competency to qualify as humans; several of the overcharges were removed, I paid the remainder and our service was reinstated. However, now they added a $60 charge to reconnect the 4 lines which dramatically involved the gaggle of technicians they show on television as backup and it took one of them damn near 7 minutes to reinstate all 4 lines for the $60.
    From that day forward for two years now every monthly billing has become a personal time consuming nightmare.
    1 They advertise that there is no charge for calls between Verizon customers and “off-peak” calls; true statement however the call minutes on all of these categories are deducted from the specified monthly amount of minutes contracted for which of course runs you out of minutes and overage charges accrue each month after that contracted plateau is reached. I have repeatedly requested of Verizon employees both verbally with witnesses and in writing that I be shown where those minutes in question are deducted from my contracted allotment prior to billing as I was told in every instance, however to date they have refused to show me.
    2. My calling plan has changed 3 times in two years, clearly shown on the billings and I am now told in writing that it is all the same plan, only the name has changed 3 times in a year.
    3. I added another phone to the “contract” and was told it would not change the terms of the “contract” whatever they may be and this presented a whole new series of events which I will not go into now. My 2 years of aggravation and servitude under some sort of adhesion “contract” ended on the 26th of July 2011 and I switched 3 lines to another service. I went directly to a Verizon store and cancelled the remaining two lines and was told it would be an additional $60 unless I waited until July 24th. I swallowed the heartfelt comment almost uttered but the drone behind the counter sensed he had fallen into bad water and called a manager who quickly approached from my left and displayed the stereotype image of a fat slob with nickel sized objects inserted into his pierced ear lobe holes and shaking in time to his belly fat which had also un-tucked his shirt in various places around his belt overlapping middle. The irony of the whole employee scenario directly linked to Verizon caused me to laugh out loud. I asked for and got a receipt and left the premises. Today Verizon called on one of our original Verizon numbers now transferred to a new service and said I have a $550. bill and threatened to “interrupt“ my service. This time they will be required to justify this present amount along with every penny charged over the past two years under the scrutiny of a microscope manned by many previous Verizon customers who have figured out their deceptive billing practices. I personally have kept every communication, billing and have printed out call details monthly as have others. The call records are available monthly on the Verizon Website for their customers but are displayed in headache provoking 4 pt type.
    4. Feeling as though I had become a whiner and complainer and was just a victim of a serious run of mistakes I googled specifically “Verizon Complaints” (restricted to that exact phrase only) and got a whopping 18, 000 websites and contacts ranging from a few people to 5, 000 people each and after reading several of the websites found my situation repeated ad naseum by thousands of other people. While it did give me a warm fuzzy to know that I was not alone, it also disgusted me that such a situation exists in America.
    5. My small investigation led me to the fact that Verizon Wireless has a contract providing cell phone service to Federal government employees. As a courtesy to Verizon I informed them via email that I was preparing FOIA requests to the appropriate government accounting offices for a copy of said contract. I received a call stating that such was a private contract to which I replied to with the fact that it was a contract between Verizon and approximately 160 million taxpayers who are paying the bills. It will be interesting to see what Verizon is charging us along with whom and how often our government servants are calling on our nickel in these economically challenging times..
    All I ever wanted on July 26, 2009 was to subscribe to a service for a specified monthly amount in order to make and receive a few phone calls and provide my deaf son with a means of communication. It turned out to be a hideous marriage in the beginning and went downhill from there. I requested Verizon to honor the fact that I went into mortal combat in Vietnam, raised a deaf son as a result, and it was all done to protect their right to treat me like garbage. They did not respond to this request either. My service including that of my deaf son has been interrupted six times over the past two years when I have questioned a bloated bill; contrary to specific guidelines in the Americans With Disabilities Act and incurred $60 to &75 dollar reconnect fees on each occasion with nothing but road apple and meadow muffin explanations from Verizon employees.
    I have spoken with several attorney’s who agreed to take the case and felt certain a victory would be the end result; they humorously responded however that I should be advised to do the math. If a large company overcharged a million of their customers $50 a month while only a few complained and even filed charges that settlement refund of 2 or 3 or even 5 million dollars was nothing compared to their monthly 50 million dollar profit. They advised me that I had little chance of stopping a large corporation. I don’t want to stop them; all I ever wanted is my overcharges refunded. The only bonus to me would be to see people stop subscribing to their service. I will post the complete details of my ordeal on numerous websites for anyone interested. I will also post the results of our investigation into the marriage of Verizon and the Federal government. Right now I mainly feel a sense of relief being free of monthly horror of receiving a Verizon phone bill.
    Dennis Grover, American

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