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I am glad I don't have fios bundle from verizon. Friends and family members who switched to fios are very frustrated with customer service provided and response from representative (If you can get to them). I am glad that I don't have fios and now even more determined not to have fios after a terrible customer service experience that I lately had to resolve one issue with my dsl slowness. I am writing this out of sheer frustration and disappointment that I had lately. I fell sorry for those who got fio and are now in trouble for not getting what they were told : (


  • Ri
    Richard Dec 09, 2008

    I am writing this to complain about a commercial I just saw. Verizon Wireless has a commercial on tv that two females are sitting at a table and one asked the other 'Worst case senerio. If there was only one phone left who would get it?" The other girl replied that she would and the first girl uses a blowgun to shoot a poison dart into her friend's neck.

    My 10 year old son asked why would someone do that over a phone? I'd like to ask you that too?

    I am VERY disturbed at someone's sick sense of humor.

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  • Ia
    Ian Jan 15, 2009

    I have tried for 2 months and at least a dozen calls to Verizon to get them to cancel the "additional" webspace I purchased. Each month they promise it's handled and nothing happens. No refund but the charge stays. It's amazing how easy it is to add the additional webspace but impossible to get it removed. To date it still isn't removed and their "on-line" idiots keep sending me to billing who sends me to Customer service who sends me to tech support who sends me to billing who sends me to CS and on and on. I really hate Verizon.

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  • No
    None Apr 29, 2009

    Beware of Verizon, they have poor service and lack communication. I recently signed up for Verizon Fios, I had Comcast before, honestly I notice no difference. The only reason I got Verizon was because of the fast internet and clear HDTV, and its not all that great. Well I'm regreting it now! I'm stuck in a one year contract and they get to charge my credit card (if you don't get a home phone with them they won't send you a paperbill and the only way you can pay is with automatic recurring payments). All of this they neglected to tell me. So finally I called "customer service" and when I finally got through their automated customer service, their customer service agents are rude and useless. And FYI installment takes about half a day so if you're ready to change service just to try out Verizon Fios, be ready to endure a year of poor service.

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  • Ab
    Abdel Khan May 07, 2009

    Verizon Complaints
    Trenton NJ

    Complain and query: [protected] 06Y
    To whom it may concern.

    On Oct. 08 I called Verizon for information about the triple- bundle package after receiving a flyer by mail about, Direct TV, phone and internet service for $79.99.
    I package for $99.99 was selected. Bills from, Direct TV, Verizon phone and internet began coming. I made numerous calls to Verizon about the charges and the different bills.
    I spoke to many agents, I was always assured that after a couple months all charges would eventually come on one bill. Also I was told that it was not Verizon problem, I need to contact Direct TV. When I spoke to Direct TV I was told to contact Verizon.
    I began to step up on my calls to Verizon when my international long distance rates was high, knowing I had the 300 min calling plan. No agent was able to give an accurate time period during which these charged are calculated. The general term was the 1st of one month to the 30th / 31st. Of the next month. That was inaccurate and “I paid for it.” After many calls this matter resolved.
    As my bills continue to increase more and more than I had budgeted, the issue with Direct TV took over the forefront, regarding the NFL package, which I can’t recall agreeing to. Calls between Verizon and Direct TV continued. I eventually wrote a letter to Direct TV and the NFL package was replaced.
    After many attempts to clarify these matters, one of your associates realized that after all this time of going back and forth that I was not placed into the triple bundle. At present my Direct TV service have been disconnected, I am to pay a huge bill, which was as a result of an error by your agent.
    I need all the assistance that can be afforded to me. I gave up my Comcast service because I couldn’t afford it. Why would I want to take up another high cost. I should not have to pay these high rates knowingly that is not what I desired in the first instance. I paid a higher than expected rate for all three services individually.
    There must be a way for us to solve this matter amicably. One of the reason I switched my mobile account to T-mobile was because I had numerous encounters with Verizon for charges not planned for.
    I am requesting a rate that I should have paid from the initial transmission. I am trusting in your department to rectify these charges which was as a result of being placed in the incorrect bundle.

    Thank you for your kind consideration and concern so that my service can be continued and these charges can be re-immersed.

    Abdel Khan

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  • Su
    Summit May 15, 2009

    In March 2009, we were moving our business location from one city to another about 10 miles away. In order to do that we had to cancel phone and internet at the old location and have the services moved to the new location. This required two new phone numbers, one for the regular phone, the other for fax/DSL. When I called to complain that the internet portion had not been completed satisfactorily (failed to work), I was assured all would be done correctly the next day. Next day came and went. So I called again. I was assured again that the next day it would be. I asked for a supervisor. The supervisor gave me her assurances that all would be completed the next day. Next day came and went and still no internet. I called again, and this time the agent said that no request for internet services was on our record. She puts in the request and says it would be 7-10 days before we could get hooked up. I again asked to speak to a supervisor and this time a supervisor agreed with the other agent that there was no such request for internet for our phone lines. She agreed that it would be 7-10 business days etc., but that she would make an exception and put as on for the next day. Next day came and went. No service. This was now Friday and the service was supposed to have been working on Monday.

    On Monday I called again and I immediately asked to speak to a supervisor. I gave her the name of the supervisor I had spoken the week before who had assured me all would be operating the next day and that it was now a week and still no DSL. She said that the name of the supervisor I gave was her own name and that she did not recall any such conversation. I got pissed.

    And all this was after I had had a similar experience with trying to get Verizon DSL hooked up at my home, dealing with tech agents from Pakistan and India at night. After several phone calls the next day, I eventually told them to refund my money and forget the whole thing.

    I didn't have that option for the business. If there had been any real options for the business, I would have booted Verizon after the second phone call. As it is, it finally required 14 phone calls to get it right.

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  • De
    dee54321 May 24, 2010
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I was a Verizon cell phone customer over 12 years...I just added $10 a month for unlimited texting...they sent me a bill for $1200...that's right ONE THOUSAND TWO HUNDRED DOLLARS...(for texting)...I called customer service...spent HOURS on the phone...they told me they could not find out where I added texting ( I did it in one of their official service centers)...after several hours of talking to several people...they told me they would KNOCK off $87... (= a $1113 bill) ...that's all they could do...for $10 texting...5 minutes later...they STOPPED MY PHONE from calling out...I'm signing up with someone else...

    if you think this is a rare event...3 years ago...AND ALSO 6 years ago, when I upgraded my service...they charge me 45 cents a minute to call my wive...and 45 cents for her to talk to me...BOTH times I had phone bills well OVER $1000...but after spending HOURS on the phone...both times they fixed it...

    This time they say they can't do anything...

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  • Ka
    Kathrin Jun 23, 2010
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    Verified customer

    My intrnet went down 2 days prior to my grand opening and the customer service rep said that the tech would be working on it the next day which was a Friday and also the first day of my grand opening at my store which is pet grooming and retail. I had events planed and was told it would be fixed before the afternoon. So when it was not fixed I called Verizon and the customer service rep said that they made a mistake on the ticket and had to resubmit the ticket. I was then told that I would have to wait until Monday and that there was nothing they could do. I explained that I needed this fixed and that it was my grand opening and that I would be unable to process credit cards with out internet service. I asked if I could talk to a supervisor to see if something could be done. I was put on hold for a long time then when the rep came back he said they are busy and are just passing the message along that it would be Monday before anything could be done. I was told that business have top priority and that they should have fixed it asap business have top priority and this was on Monday after my internet was fixed. Also the managers that stoped by said if the tech is doing his job you should receive a follow up never came. This is a horrible way to treat customers not to mention the lost of sales.

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  • Go
    golder2 Sep 13, 2010
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Verizon has extremely poor customer support services. They shut down my company's internet and email service stranding 30 people from working for a mistake that they made in coding payments. I was on the telephone for over one hour trying to get this resolved so my staff could go back to work. I suspect that it cost my company a couple thousand dollars in lost billing time for a $350 bill. I then wanted a hard copy receipt for the payment that I made using my personal atm card. I was literally transferred to at least 6 people and was put on hold everytime for 10 mintues each. The incompetence was simply amazing. Finally, I was told that they could not provide a receipt or any documentation of being paid. Again, very poor customer service and very incompetent phone messaging systems for a "phone company". It is a really sad statement of corporate behavior.

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  • Ha
    handy30 Dec 24, 2010

    Verizon sucks for customer service. The guy service kids do not care about even making a sale.

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  • Ny
    Nyc68 Feb 08, 2011
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    Verified customer

    My internet service has gotten worse with Verizon since a price increase some time ago. Half an hour wait for customer service has meant that, in months of trying, I have not been able to get through (I have a job.)

    Today, determined to get some resolution, I spent more than three hours, most of them on hold, to get service. I was hung up on during the first call when I refused to accept that a non-branded router was the problem, even after the technician had confirmed that the line was problematic. I called back and, after an interminable wait, the second technician says the same thing and tell me that a technician needs to come to my home.

    Great, except for losing a day's wages to wait and being told that if I miss the morning phone call, no one will show up (I guess going to the bathroom until I get that call is out of the question.) Further, I have no confidence in this, as yet, anonymous technician. When I put this service in at my current residence six years ago, I lost two days wages when no one showed, and another day when the technician came and could not resolve the problem. At that point I went out to the DMARC and fixed the issue myself. I am an IT professional and had spent hours trying to explain the issue to folks who insisted that I did not know what I was talking about before just doing Verizon's job.

    There are several good reasons I stick with DSL rather going to cable. I save $15 a month which, in this economy, is nothing to sneeze at. Most importantly is the difference in the technology between DSL and Cable. DSL is more secure than cable and it not a shared line. For that reason, the speed should be more stable; though in high customer areas, the line can saturate and slow things down (also an issue for Cable.) Cable companies have also taking to monitoring and limiting download capacity. Lastly while both the phone and cable industries support monopolies, the phone company is not trying to cannibalize (and control?) all media (at least not yet, not sure what the Google-Verizon deal will mean in the long term.)

    Having said all that, if Verizon can't right my ship, I will have to start looking elsewhere. Hopefully a small DSL provider or, as a last resort, Cable.

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  • Me
    Melindaa Feb 07, 2012

    So being a loyal customer of Verizon for over 7 Years, and spending more than $8, 000.00 a year on my plan(s), yes 1 main account with 5 lines and a sub-account with 2, you would think that when I called customer service to help me out - - they would actually help me out...But NOPE! Here is how my story goes and the latest of my irritation brought on by my relationship with Verizon.

    (I recently purchased an IPhone for my Aunt - just the 8gig).

    After receving the new IPhone, my aunt decided she would like to upgrade to the 4S 32 gig...I call up Verizon and here is how our conversation went:

    ME: Hi, I would like to send the Iphone I recently purchased back and exchange it for the 32gig.

    CSR: Sorry mam, we have a 14-day return policy and you are on day 16.

    ME: Well that is just 2 days, is there anything you can do?

    CSR: Nope.

    ME: Seriously?? I mean I am purchasing a more expensive phone.

    CSR: Nope.

    ME: Is there someone else I can talk to?

    CSR: Like who?

    ME: Like someone who can make a decision.

    CSR: Everyone here can make decisions. It doesn't change the fact that no one can edit the screen on our computers. Now that would be bending the rules wouldn't it?

    ME: *rolling eyes* Ummm, you realize I spend almost $600.00 a month on my bill, and have 5 smartphones attached to my account?

    CSR: What does that have to do with anything. Nothing can be done.

    ME: So you are saying I have to purchase the phone at $799.00?

    CSR: I am not saying you have to do anything...

    ME: How long have I been with Verizon?

    CSR: Let me look that up...(waiting...waiting...) - - 7 years.

    ME: And does that mean anything to you?

    CSR: Nope.

    ME: OK, tell me how much it will cost to cancel all my lines.

    CSR: (waiting...waiting...) that would be $1536.oo.

    ME: *gulp*...Alright, what is your name.

    CSR: (gives his fake name).

    ME: what's your id?

    CSR: (gives me probably some fake id).

    CSR: Anthing else?

    ME: Nope.

    And there you have it...What a rude customer service agent. I have always touted Verizon, even though I have had my run ins with rude agents every so often. But I have had it with them. I will be cancelling my service with them as soon as I can cough up the cancellation fees.

    They have no appreciation for longevity and or loyalty of their customers.

    So yeah, now I have just created a website strictly for verizon complaints. . Anyone feel free to complain there as well!!!

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  • Fr
    FRANCISCO GILKES Dec 17, 2012


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