Verizon Communications / liars & cheats

United States

I've been a verizon customer for over 15 years, same phone number. This company has horrible customer service and their in store reps outright lie. I went into a local verizon store to see about getting wireless internet access. The guy at the counter says to me, "we can provide you with internet access for $20.00 per month".

They actually charged me $150 for the supposedly $20.00 per month for 15 days usage a month. The store employee flat out lied to me, he must work on commission. Other companies have much better and honest representatives. Stay away from verizon.

The sales rep assured me that the amount he quoted was all I would have to pay: no hidden fees. I told him my bottom line, and he stated that I would not be charged more than the $20.00 per month that he quoted me. Then january rolled around, and my bill was over four times it was supposed to be. Hours of trying to "review my bill" wasn't helpful and trying to find anyone at verizon to help me was a waste of time, so I went down to my local verizon wireless store and spoke to the "store manager, justin".

When you call to complain and or go to one of their store locations, these idiots can't seem to do anything. How is that for "service". When I told him to cancel my service and account, he said that he couldn't. How is that for customer service, the store manager can't cancel your account and or service.

Feb 28, 2019

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